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Where To Find (& Farm) Fae Iron in New World | Screen Rant

New World contains a slew of resources to farm, including the elusive Fae Iron. Fae Iron is used to craft eight powerful weapons that span across playstyles. Throughout the beta period for New World, players learned how useful Fae Iron can be for upgrading their loadouts. While Fae Iron is immensely useful, it is also incredibly rare to find while mining.

Mining resources like gold and iron is pretty straightforward, but rarer resources like Fae Iron are harder to come across. Fae Iron locations are not hard to find, but the resource is hard to get as a loot drop. Players must have the highest luck possible at the time to pick up Fae Iron. Luck can be boosted using several temporary and permanent methods.

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Fae Iron is gained through mining iron veins scattered throughout the fictional, American native island of Aeternum. Players will always get Iron when mining iron veins, but sometimes, players will also gain Fae Iron. Although players can just keep mining until they find Fae Iron, boosting luck increases the chances of this loot drop.

Using Azoth to craft a pickaxe in New World gives a chance for players to gain an increased mining luck trait with that item. Armor can also have an increased mining luck trait. Even though certain items give players a permanent mining luck buff, the most efficient way to increase mining luck is temporary. Players can cook several recipes to create food that temporarily boosts mining luck when eaten. When a player’s cooking level is at zero, they can only cook Roasted Potatoes to provide a small increase in mining luck. As players level up their cooking skill, more recipes will become available. Recipes for Herb-Roasted Potatoes, Boiled Potatoes, Poultry with Roasted Potatoes, and Salted Roasted Potatoes provide increasing levels of mining luck.

Once players have unlocked extra mining luck through cooking or equipping items, it is time to start mining iron veins. Simply equip the items, eat some of the crafted potato dishes, and set out on a mining spree. Fae Iron still has a fairly low chance of dropping from a mined iron vein, but players will end up getting some with high enough mining luck. After gathering Fae Iron, players can use the coveted material to craft the Sapling Brand, Sapling’s Fury, Earthen Smasher, Earth Battered Axe, Twig of Azoth Tree, Hunter’s Longshot, Dryad Walking Stick, and Shaman Initiate’s Staff. Each of these weapons compliments different playstyles, and can ultimately be used by any class build, from Rangers to Tanks.

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New World is available on PC.

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