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Which '90s/00s Cartoon Network Show Are You, Based On Your Zodiac?

Y2K fashion, gadgets, and media has been a huge trend over the past few years, especially for Millenials and Gen Z, who feel sentimental attachment to and nostalgia for the era of film and television that defined their childhood years. For many people who were kids during the '90s and early 2000s, plopping down in front of the television after school to watch cartoons was a daily ritual.

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Cartoon Network was a staple program for this after-school activity, and it had a lot of different shows, all of which had very different styles and energies, much like the twelve different zodiac signs.

12 Aries: Samurai Jack

Fixing problems by karate chopping them? That has "Aries" written all over it. Aries drive head first into their passions (or any activity really). They like fast-paced environments and are natural leaders, much like Samurai Jack on the show.

He leads a mission into the past to stop the evil wizard, Aku, and gets a group of others to fight alongside him on the way. Aries are exceptionally brave, and creative problem solvers - they would be very on board with traveling back in time to stop the destruction of a wizard overlord, defeating all opponents who stand in their way.

11 Taurus: Scooby-Doo

Tauruses are creatures of habit and routine. As a fixed sign, a Taurus is highly reliable and trustworthy, not unlike the Mystery Gang and the usual way their investigations play out. Every episode, the team works together to solve a mystery, Velma looses her glasses, Shaggy and Scoob get distracted by snacks, and they catch the ghost who wasn't really a ghost at all.

Tauruses would make great detectives - always finding the crook who says, "And I would have gotten away with it to, if it weren't for you meddling kids!" - as they're very thorough and like to do things to the letter. No clue left behind for them.

10 Gemini: What A Cartoon!

A variety show is the perfect cartoon for Geminis, who like to have their eggs in a few different exciting baskets. Because Geminis usually have a myriad of interests, What A Cartoon!, one of CN's best older shows gives them exactly what they need: a little bit of everything.

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The whimsical nature of the short and animated vignettes matches perfectly with the Gemini temperament, and if they're having trouble deciding what they're in the mood to watch, it'll give them a lot of different options.

9 Cancer: Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon herself happens to be a Cancer sign, so this pairing is perfect. Cancers are the emotionally sensitive sign, as they'll wear their heart on their sleeves. They're fiercely loyal to their family - blood or chosen - and will take care of them no matter the cost, but maintain a childlike joy for life while doing it.

Sailor Moon showcases a group of girls, bonded by their shared experiences and special powers, that have become sisters. While they deal with some heavy stuff (such as saving the world), they never lose their inner happiness. Plus, that theme song is incredible enough to get anyone in their feelings.

8 Leo: Pokémon

Ash Ketchum has no lack of self-confidence on Pokémon, like many Leos, although sometimes it gets him in over his head. The show teaches its viewers the Leo value of being generous with time and effort as the main characters often help out people in need along their journey.

Ash, Brock, and Misty never hesitate to locate a lost Pokémon or give what little food they have to someone who needs it more. Ash is also fiercely determined to reach his goal of becoming a Pokémon Master, and Leos will relate that to their own strong determination.

7 Virgo: Batman: The Animated Series

Batman is maybe the most Virgo Virgo there has ever been. Even though he has a reputation of being a wildly rich bachelor, his kind heart lead him to take in children and raise them as his own (and he has a lot of Virgo patience doing it).

He lives by a set of rules that he gives himself, which is something Virgos value. The Bat family rely on each other, and work hard to keep the city safe, like a little band of Virgos. They also come up with creative costumes and tools to fight crime, which Virgos appreciate.

6 Libra: Total Drama Island

Reality TV is a guilty pleasure for a lot of Libras, and TDI was basically reality television in animated kid form, complete with challenges and some Total Drama showmances - both good and bad. Libras love to be around a lot of people, so the eclectic group on the show and the Big Brother/Survivor dating show aspect is right up their alley.

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They're great listeners, so confessional-style shots work well for them (plus Libra's trustworthiness as a confidante gives them the perfect insight to the drama happening around them). Charming and imaginative, Libras watching the show probably wished that they could be on it themselves!

5 Scorpio: The Grim Adventures Of Billy And Mandy

Scorpios wish that they could be childhood best friends with the Grim Reaper - it would take a lot of bravery to do so, which Scorpios have plenty of, not to mention the often dark adventures they could go on.

The dry humor of The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy is exactly the kind of humor meant for the Scorpio sentiment, and the content was definitely a little more on the weird and edgy side of Cartoon Network. Mandy was the operative Scorpio, as she's very ambitious, and always knows exactly what she wanted. That and her cleverness is what landed Grim as her friend forever in the first place.

4 Sagittarius: Totally Spies

If all a Sagittarius had to do to travel the world was get sucked down a tunnel, they wouldn't have hesitated to become international spies. The three girls always seem to catch a lucky break or clue, which is a very Sagittarian gift.

Sagittarians are also incredibly honest, compassionate, and independent, which makes them very good covert justice seekers. The Totally Spies girls always want to help people and do the right thing, while also never forgetting to have fun and enjoy any adventure they might be on.

3 Capricorn: Dexter's Laboratory

An isolated secret and secure lab to do all of their work in peace? It's the dream of many a Capricorn. They are hard workers and big thinkers, so they can definitely relate to the visions that Dexter has for his experiments and creations that are featured in the best episodes of Dexter's Laboratory. Capricorns really value their privacy, so watching Dee Dee nose her way into Dexter's business was a very relatable problem.

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Capricorns have a lot of ambition, and Dexter has big plans for himself and his future (much like kid-sized Capricorns who have already picked out their college and re-written their admittance essay ten times).

2 Aquarius: Courage The Cowardly Dog

Aquarians are the wild cards of the zodiac; as air signs, they're easily fixed to any one personality or trait. Most of all though, they aren't afraid to think outside of the box and be forward thinking and original. Courage The Cowardly Dog was one of the most original shows that CN aired. It's also very unpredictable, and doesn't stick to a routine, which is also a common Aquarian trait.

Courage's world was always changing around him, and he had to adapt to save himself and his owners. Courage might be a little scary for a kids' show, but not for Aquarians. At the end, Courage's idealistic attitude, much like an Aquarius, kept him positive about the future and happy.

1 Pisces: The Powerpuff Girls

The babies of the zodiac, Pisceans have Bubbles energy: soft and sweet - the kind to cry at a particularly beautiful sunset, or if a puppy licks their cheek. But Pisces' empathy leads them to care deeply for other, like the Powerpuff girls do for each other and the citizens of Townsville on one of the favorite '90s CN original shows.

They're very creative people, most likely because they're made of sugar, spice and everything nice. The dreamers of the group, it wouldn't be surprising if a Pisces got lost in a daydream, dressing in brightly colored costumes and using their super powers to fight a tiny monkey super villain.

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