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Why Trunks and Goten Need To Return In Dragon Ball Super

Warning! Spoilers for Dragon Ball Super chapter 66!

Trunks and Goten have been noticeably absent from Dragon Ball Super especially after playing such a major role during Dragon Ball Z's Majin Buu saga. Some fans may actually prefer this, just on account of the seemingly irreparable damage they made to the series by somehow achieving Super Saiyan at such a young age and then Super Saiyan 3 when fused as Gotenks. It's still a major point of contention among fans, and the longer they don't appear, the easier it is to forget these plot points even happened. But their sudden appearance in the current Granolah the Survivor Saga or later could redeem them if mangaka Akira Toriyama reintroduces them the right way.

During the Tournament of Power arc, Supreme Kai had actually brings up the possibility of Goten and Trunks participating in the titular competition, but it's Goku who actually pulls the plug on that from transpiring, noting that they have been known to lunge into fights without thinking and would therefore become a liability for them. Meanwhile, Vegeta just thinks their presence would be a bother. In chapter 66 near the end of the Galactic Patrol Prisoner Saga, the two youngsters make their first appearance on Android 17's Monster Island where they have apparently been working the entire time and express their frustration when they realize they must be missing out on a fight they didn't even realize was happening. And although Trunks is seen more often during the Future Trunks Saga, his presence only serves as a juxtaposition of his future self.

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On a separate note, it's interesting that Akira Toriyama even keeps them out of the Galactic Patrol Prisoner Saga when escaped convicts invade Earth while Goku and Vegeta are off training. It's understandable why Goten and Trunks were hidden away while their fathers were home, but during the convict invasion, Earth's mightiest heroes would have needed all the help they could get.

Although the manga explains why Goten and Trunks haven't participated in any major battles in Dragon Ball Super, what truly matters is mangaka Akira Toriyama's reasoning for this. The fact that he's kept Goten and Trunks out of the spotlight for so long but still included them in random moments (especially during the Galactic Patrol Prisoner Saga) only serves to inflame speculation. Toriyama could have just ignored them, but didn't. So he definitely has something planned for them. And if he carries out that plan the right way, he can salvage the damage that their characters have already caused. He could make them weaker like what happened to Gohan when he gave up fighting. Or he could make it harder for them to get stronger or, better yet, have it so they have trouble achieving Super Saiyan even when they are fused.

This could be a major turning point for not only Dragon Ball Super, but the franchise as a whole to rectify what many fans deem as sacrilegious: Two snot-nosed Saiyans achieving a transformation that took Goku and Vegeta years to learn. And the only reason why Gohan did at such an early age is because the boy has been treated as a special case ever since the beginning of Dragon Ball Z. There's room for one wunderkind, but three? Although Toriyama brought up the concept of S-Cells on Twitter, the explanation sounds more like an excuse than anything else. Maybe Toriyama has just been hiding Trunks and Goten after receiving such fierce backlash from fans? It's possible. Since Goten and Trunks have been out of the picture for so long, there's a chance they could suffer from "Gohan syndrome," becoming exponentially weaker later in life despite having showed so much potential earlier on in life. Maybe that could appease Dragon Ball Super fans...for now.

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