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10 Best Armor Sets In The Demon's Souls Remake | ScreenRant

In 2009, developer FromSoftware began the legendary Dark Souls series with Demon's Souls -- a medieval Metroidvania characterized by its lore-driven story and punishing difficulty. In 2020, developer Bluepoint Games -- renowned for their 2018 remake of the console classic Shadow of the Colossus -- produced a wholly remade Demon's Souls, which features several changes and numerous improvements upon the original.

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As the first developed game in the Souls series, Demon's Souls doesn't have as many armor sets as the other titles in its franchise, and armor is arguably less important than other in-game equipment like rings and weapons. What garb the game does offer, however, is eminently memorable and includes several new sets unique to the 2020 remake. When warring through Boletaria, make sure to seek out and employ the help of these exceptional suits of armor.

10 Rogue Set

A stylish fan-favorite armor set from the original Demon's Souls, the Rogue Set returns in 2020's remake with a high-res redesign. This armor set is classified as Light Armor, which gives it basic defense properties and low impact on stamina regeneration.

The tunic, gloves, and leggings can all be obtained on the second floor of Upper Latria, but beware the many gargoyles and monsters that await along its lofted walkways. This armor's crown jewel -- the Gold Mask -- can only be obtained by killing Mephistopheles the assassin. Be prepared for a challenging skirmish, as the queen of rogues will not relinquish her mask without a fight to the death.

9 Ancient King's Set

This beautiful patinaed armor set belonged to Old King Doran -- an ancient hero who served as the first ruler of Boletaria and is one of the most dangerous NPCs in the Dark Souls series. Players can find the Old King locked within the Boletarian Mausoleum, where he guards his armor and the legendary blade Demonbrandt.

Here, Doran invites those seeking his power to challenge him, though he will not fight the player character until struck first. After losing half of his health, the Old King will relent and bestow the player with his blade, but those who would seek his armor must put Doran to rest. It's a difficult fight, even with the boss at half health, but the reward of his high-defense armor is well worth the trouble.

8 Dull Gold Set

Despite its name, the Dull Gold Set shines as one of the best suits of armor in the game with a solid balance of weight to defensive stats. It can be obtained either by defeating Selen Vinland or killing the lone Phosphorescent Slug within the Swamp of Sorrow. The latter route is recommended, as killing Selen prevents players from completing her side quest and receiving the Ring of Devout Prayer -- an essential item for magic-centered builds, which allows for the memorization of an additional Miracle.

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According to lore, the Dull Gold Set was worn by female knights and nobles from the highland, and it is one of few armor sets in Demon's Souls that can only be worn by female characters.

7 Penetrator Set

Fans of the original Demon's Souls will no doubt remember the ultra-challenging boss Penetrator. Countless gamers have fallen to the Penetrator's powerful attacks, which, as its name suggests, bypass standard shield resistances and always inflict damage on the player.

In 2020's remake, Bluepoint Games brings this armor to fans for the first time. In addition to being one of the most intricately detailed suits of armor in the game, it allows for increased efficacy against heavy armor and shields when paired with the Penetrator Sword.  Whether new to Dark Souls or a series veteran, gamers shouldn't pass up the opportunity to don this impressive suit of armor.

6 Brushwood Set

For players seeking high defense builds, the Brushwood Set is the best that Demon's Souls has to offer. Its design recalls the Havel Set of Dark Souls fame -- a suit of heavy armor hewn from solid stone and representative of some of the best armor in the Souls series.

The Brushwood Set features the highest defense of any armor in the game, but this perk comes with a hefty cost. The Brushwood Set has a staggering weight rating of 45, making it the heaviest of heavy armor in the game. As a result, it greatly delays stamina regeneration. For best results, players should make sure to invest in their character's endurance attribute before stepping into this intimidating armor.

5 Fluted Set

Despite the advent of the much-memed "fashion souls" movement, looks aren't everything. No armor exemplifies this better than Demon's Souls' Fluted Set. The lackluster design of the Fluted Set gives an unfair representation of the set's quality. Though it isn't the most durable armor in the game, it strikes a practical balance between defense and mobility as a Medium Armor Set.

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It is the starting armor for the Knight class of character and the only starting armor to make the list. For this reason, it is recommended for players who are new to the series and need all the help they can get against Demon's Souls' myriad challenges.

4 Blue/Red-Eyed Knight Set

This dynamic set of armor features a sleek design and a visor that glows icy blue, reminiscent of the Boreal Knights from Dark Souls 3. It must be pieced together in four parts, each scattered throughout the Boletarian Palace and made all the more challenging to find by incessant dragon attacks.

While it doesn't offer as much protection as other sets of heavy armor, it's very light and makes minimal demands of players' stamina. Its counterpart, featuring a glowing red visor and spikes along the crest of its helm, is only available for gamers who ordered the Digital Deluxe Version of Demon's Souls.

3 Binded Cross Set

With a design that looks like it was pulled from the Undead Village in Dark Souls 3, the Binded Cross set is one of the most unusual-looking and impressive sets of armor in the Demon's Souls remake. Players shouldn't be fooled by its flimsy appearance; its weight to defense ratio makes it a standout choice among the game's Medium Armor class.

This armor set is dropped by Execution Miralda at the Gates of Boletaria, and when paired with an endurance-based or mage character, the Binded Cross Set becomes a winning addition to the most effective and unconventional Dark Souls builds.

2 Gloom Set

One of the most striking armor designs in the game, the horned Gloom Set is dropped by Yurt the Silent. It features a dynamic black metal design that summons Skyrim and The Elder Scrolls series to mind while remaining uniquely Souls-like. Style aside, the Gloom Set's stats aren't impressive at first glance, comparing most closely to the Fluted Armor while having a greater impact on stamina regeneration.

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This armor's strength is its resistance to Poison and Plague status, which makes difficult dungeons like the toxic Swamp of Sorrow and Valley of Defilement much more manageable. For tank builds that need the extra edge of status-effect resistance, no other armor in Demon's Souls comes close to the Gloom Set.

1 Dark Silver Set

This striking armor set is dropped by Garl Vinland, a tandem boss with Maiden Astraea. It can be one of the most challenging fights in Demon's Souls, with the Garl Vinland portion reminiscent of the Capra Demon, one of the hardest bosses in the Dark Souls series.

Whether players fell Astraea's bodyguard or not, his armor and shield can be found the next time they enter the boss arena. The most notable components of this armor set are its pointed helm and featureless visor, which elegantly recalls the faceless giants of later Souls titles. This set's status as Heavy Armor makes it taxing on stamina, but the defense it offers is hard to beat.

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