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10 Quotes From The Twilight Book Series We Wish Were In The Movies

If there's one thing the Twilight film franchise does well, it's having some iconic quotes that the cult-like following recognize immediately. Some of the dialogue has even transformed into hilarious Twilight memes and TikToks.

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However, for those fans who've read the books, there are quite a few great lines that would have made the movie series even better, whether that's by adding a layer of depth to a character, or even just inserting a much-needed bit of comedy.

10 "So, did you stab Edward Cullen with a pencil or what? I've never seen him act like that." - Mike Newton, Twilight

Bella's interactions with her friends are few and far between in the movie saga. The films put a lot of effort into making Mike a bit more pathetic than he comes off in the books - so much so he became one of the most hated Twilight supporting characters. While his infatuation with Bella is a little strong at the beginning, he does crack a good joke here and there and is generally friendly to her.

This quote comes after Bella's first encounter with Edward in biology. Instead of coming off jealous or unconfident, the line paints Mike as sympathetic, poking fun at Edward to try and make Bella feel better. He reassures her that Edward's "a weird guy" and addresses his "pained" expression that everyone in the movies seems to ignore.

9 "It's twilight. It's the safest time of day for us. The easiest time. But also the saddest, in a way... the end of another day, the return of the night. Darkness is so predictable, don't you think?" - Edward Cullen, Twilight

Everyone loves a "They said the title!" moment, but it is helpful to see where the inspiration came from for the title of the series. This dialogue shows off Edward's brooding, pessimistic side that's much more subtle in the movies, in addition to making a valid point about the significance of the title of the book.

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Twilight is literally when the vampires come out. Additionally, their chemistry is more developed here when Bella cheers Edward up saying, "I like the night. Without the dark, we'd never see the stars."

8 "You are utterly indecent. No one should look so tempting, it's not fair." - Edward Cullen, Twilight


With the revival of interest in the saga, people have taken a closer look at passages---and noticed something pretty hilarious. At first glance, this line seems like a romantic (if not a little steamy) interaction between a teenager and her vampire boyfriend.

With proper context for the scene, fans can't help but laugh. When getting ready for her introductory dinner with the Cullens, Bella dresses in a long, khaki skirt, and navy button-up shirt. Everyone has their taste, but nothing about this outfit says "utterly indecent." If anything, it's a little too decent. Fans would have loved a comical nod to this literary scene in the book, but it makes sense why they went with a different outfit.

7 "I thought of Carlisle, the centuries upon centuries that he had struggled to teach himself to ignore blood, so that he could save lives and be a doctor. Nothing could be harder than that." - Bella Swan, New Moon

Doctor Carlisle has a pretty dedicated fan following, and he's one of the most likable Cullens. For good reason, too - the man looks after other vampires who had no one, doesn't hunt humans, is incredibly kind, and spends his days saving lives and doing the hardest thing a vampire can do.

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The movies paint him in a well-enough light, but the man is a king, and for the films to acknowledge that in the way the books did would be better. This quote also pulls Bella away from the self-pitying she does for almost the entirety of New Moon and gives her some necessary perspective.

6 "You smell just exactly the same as always...so maybe this is Hell. I don't care. I'll take it." - Edward Cullen, New Moon

Edward took a lot longer to realize that his nonsensical plan to kill himself had been stopped in the books. Furthermore, in the films, he immediately thinks that he's gone to Heaven when Bella crashes against him and tries to stop him from revealing himself.

Throughout the entirety of the series, Edward is convinced that vampires are destined to be damned for eternity in Hell and he's relentlessly negative about his after-death prospects. For him to think he's being punished by Bella's presence in Hell is a lot more fitting for his character.

5 "You really, honestly don't mind that I morph into a giant dog?" - Jacob Black, New Moon

Jacob has a reputation as a hot-headed guy, and Jake's anger issues haven't aged well. The difference between that interpretation of his character and the one from the books can be seen through the way that the movie handled Bella's confrontation with Jacob about being a werewolf.

In the books, during this scene, they have a peaceful conversation on the beach, and when they're finally on the same page, he's all smiles and wraps her in a big hug. He listens to her and is much more playful and kind. In the films, this scene is combined with Jacob fighting another werewolf and the talk has a much more negative tone.

4 "I was just wondering why you stabbed him. Not that I object." - Edward Cullen, Eclipse


When Jacob accidentally cuts himself in Bella's kitchen before Edward comes over, Bella remembers to clean up everything except the bloodied knife. Edward uses the opportunity to make an off-hand joke about Jake, and when Bella tells him what happened, he even follows it up with, "that's not nearly as fun as the way I imagined it."

Edward is a much more nuanced character in the books. Yes, he can be very self-loathing and overly serious at times, but he also cracks quite a few light-hearted jokes. His somber attitude toward Jacob gets worse and worse in the movies but has more humor in it in his literary persona. This joke would have been a welcome addition to his film character.

3 "I've never been to veterinarian school." - Carlisle Cullen, Eclipse

Jacob's attacked by a vampire in the books, and Carlisle tends to his wounds, but wait's for Sam Uley to get Jake to return to human form first because he's more familiar with the anatomy. In the movie, this is a very serious scene, as most scenes in the films are, and viewers don't see Sam and Carlisle interact.

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Fans wouldn't be surprised if he had spent some of his many years as an immortal in veterinary school, as Carlisle is one of the strongest and most dedicated characters. They'd also love this bit of humor and characterization for him, as his presence in the films is limited in both lines and scenes as opposed to the books.

2 "Life sucks and then you die. Yeah, I should be so lucky." - Jacob Black, Breaking Dawn

A key aspect of the Twilight book series was Stephanie Meyer's shift back and forth between Bella's and Jacob's narration. The narrative voice was broken into "books" and "chapters" between the two of them, and the readers were given an inside look at Jacob's thoughts and what was happening in his world.

This insight into Jacob's inner monologue would have been a welcome change of pace from Bella's more serious speeches and added some humor to the traumatic events in Breaking Dawn Part 1. Jacob's sections have funny titles like "Sure As Hell Didn't See That One Coming" and "The Two Things At The Top Of My Things-I-Never-Want-To-Do-List" and his narrative voice would have been a cool addition to the storytelling.

1 "I'm not dangerous at all. I never hurt Grandpa or Sue or Billy. I love humans. And wolf-people, like my Jacob." - Renesmee, Breaking Dawn

Renesmee says little to nothing in the movie series, which is a shame because her character in the books begins talking sooner than any other normal child, and the film even changed Renesmee's growth rate from the book series to be faster.

Renesmee's had CGI'ed face in most of her scenes. It's more time and money to make a CGI face move and speak, so she was rendered silent. Having a more verbal role in the movie would have really cemented her character and made her existence a little less shocking for audiences.

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