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10 Saddest Moments In Netflix's Midnight Mass | ScreenRant

Content Warning: The following article contains heavy plot spoilers for the Netflix show Midnight Mass.

In all of his works on Netflix to date, Mike Flanagan has created a unique blend of horror and tragedy. Midnight Mass is no exception to this rule. The characters of Crockett Island all carry their own distinct burdens and traumas, whether from abuse endured in childhood or drunken acts they have committed and can never take back.

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As with most of Flanagan's work, the series is steeped in feelings of dread. But the existential nature of many characters' crises leads to one terrifying, heartbreaking moment after another, nearly from the moment the series begins and all the way until Midnight Mass's fiery end.

10 Pike's Death

It's always difficult to watch animals die in any work of horror, which sadly occurs all too often. But the death of Pike, Joe Collie's beloved dog, is one of the most devastating moments in Midnight Mass.

Joe Collie is a man with no friends on Crockett Island, and Pike is the only real companion he has left. Pike is poisoned during the Crock Pot Luck by the wretched Bev Keane, who has had it out for Joe Collie and his dog all along. Pike's horrific, graphic death leads to an absolute powerhouse of a devastating performance from Robert Longstreet, one of the Haunting anthology's best performers.

9 Sheriff Hassan Watches Ali Die

Midnight Mass joins a long line of horror that offers profound social commentary. In particular, the series analyzes the prejudice that Muslims often face at the hands of the most strident of Christians, such as those members of St. Patrick's who abuse Sheriff Hassan.

When Sheriff Hassan's questioning son Ali is welcomed into the congregation, they could never have expected the tragic consequences his curiosity would have. But during the fatal events at the end of "Book VI: Acts of the Apostles," the sheriff is savagely held down by parishioners and forced to watch as his son poisons himself to death in order to take part in the congregation's conversion.

8 Paul Asks Millie's Forgiveness

It's one of the more shocking reveals in Midnight Mass, when Father Paul admits that the entire reason he brought the vampire home to Crockett Island is that he did not want to watch Millie die. Their secret relationship produced their daughter, Sarah, who never knew the truth of her parentage. Paul admits that he feels as though he has wasted his life by not being with them.

His desire for a second chance at the life he feels they deserved to have has led to mass destruction, bringing an end to the population of the island they call home. In their final moments on Earth, as the sun rises and brings about their certain death, Paul tearfully asks Millie's forgiveness, to which she wordlessly responds with a kiss.

7 Sheriff Hassan Tells His Story

Midnight Mass is absolutely packed with monologues, but few of them are as weighty, as heartbreaking, and as filled with social commentary as Sheriff Hassan's speech in the sixth episode. In a discussion with Sarah Gunning, the sheriff reveals the tragic backstory that has led him and his son to Crockett Island in the first place.

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Sheriff Hassan describes his experiences in the police force following 9/11, how he rose higher up within the ranks, but began to rankle at the growing islamophobia and general bigotry that became obvious once he reached a certain rank. Crockett Island offered a remote enough location to try and get a new lease on life but little did Hassan know, the island would be just as bigoted, just as hateful, and even more fatal.

6 Leeza Forgives Joe Collie

In a series full of incredible characters, young Leeza Scarborough is one of Midnight Mass's most heroic. After being paralyzed by Joe Collie during a hunting accident, Leeza suddenly finds herself with a new lease on life when Father Paul seemingly returns her ability to walk. Following this miraculous occurrence, Leeza finally visits Joe.

After she tells Joe that she hates him, Leeza nevertheless finds the absolute grace and immeasurable strength to forgive him. She tearfully explains that she forgives him for everything and that the only thing standing in his way now is himself. She may be one of the series' youngest characters, but she is easily one of Midnight Mass's smartest, and perhaps even more emotionally intelligent than most characters in Bly Manor and Hill House, too.

5 Erin Loses Her Baby

Erin Greene is a woman who has endured incredible suffering at the hands of her abusive mother and husband. Now pregnant and back home on Crockett Island, she credits her unborn daughter with saving her life. She has worked hard to make a life for herself, and eagerly awaits the arrival of the child she calls Littlefoot.

But pain and suffering continue to follow Erin, no matter how hard she tries to escape. After unwittingly ingesting the vampire blood-laced communion wine, Erin loses her baby, as the infected blood within her body forces the pregnancy to reverse course completely. Her body no longer even registers that she was ever pregnant, which is devastating and horrific in equal measure.

4 The Island Burns

Midnight Mass is, without question, a slow burn. The series takes its time introducing viewers to the residents of Crockett Island. For all its many flaws and its vacant landscape, Crockett Island endears itself to the audience as a living, breathing, close-knit community.

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When the population of the island succumbs to the vampiric infection, only Leeza and Warren survive the horrific events. As they watch from a distance in a rowboat, the island burns away to nothing. Crockett Island, once the Crock Pot filled with neighbors who loved one another, is gone forever, as much a casualty of vampires as it is of the dangers of blind faith.

3 Sarah Dies In Her Parents' Arms

Father Paul constructed his entire elaborate plan of turning the residents of Crockett Island through "angelic" intervention in the hopes of having time with the family he never experienced. So it comes as a tragic surprise when his daughter Sarah is savagely killed within St. Patrick's.

In sheer desperation, Millie looks to Paul for guidance, and Paul attempts to feed Sarah of his own blood to cause her to turn. But Sarah, a woman of medicine and reason, knows what to do: she spits the blood out, ensuring that she will never be reborn. She will never turn and she will never burn. In the process of creating this mass chaos, Father Paul fails in his most simple original goal.

2 Riley's Sacrifice

Riley Flynn is one of the most damaged characters in Midnight Mass. Unable to forgive himself for killing a young woman while driving drunk, Riley is never capable of seeing a future, not even in his dreams. His death, therefore, does not come as much of a surprise. But the manner in which it occurs is beyond devastating.

After Riley has told Erin the terrible story of how he was turned into a vampire, he tearfully professes that he has spent his whole life loving Erin, in a moment that shows that horror and love can often go hand in hand. And then, in a moment so ghastly it can never be unseen, Riley burns alive right in front of Erin on their rowboat, returning to the dust from which he came.

1 Erin's Death

Erin isn't Midnight Mass's first protagonist, but she does wind up becoming the series' true hero. It is Erin who is able to overpower the vampire once and for all. When the monster attacks her, she lets it feed on her long enough for her to be able to slice through its wings with her concealed knife.

The only reason Erin is able to do this tragically stems from an episode of childhood trauma, in which her abusive mother forced her to clip the wings of birds. Erin learns from her trauma, develops into a better woman than her mother ever was, and saves the day. But even that isn't enough to save her, no matter all she has been through.

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