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10 Things Only Comic Fans Know About Doom Patrol | ScreenRant

DC's Doom Patrol is heading towards season 3 and fans are eagerly anticipating the return to this wacky world of superheroes. Of course, audiences will be aware that the team finds their origins in comic books, but there's still lots of information they may not know about this group of misfits.

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It could be their links to other superheroes and teams, some of the comic book narratives that have been left out of the show thus far, or even the future of the characters on the page in comparison to the screen. These facts will perhaps shift the way that audiences perceive the show or at the very least hint towards what might be to come.

10 The New 52 Brought About Several Deaths

The Doom Patrol, much like the Teen Titans, a DC show and team in the same continuity, has had a diverse range of rosters throughout its time in the comics. One of the most recent iterations fell foul of The Crime Syndicate, during the Forever Evil storyline in the New 52.

The group gets disbanded thanks to the deaths of members like Karma and Negative Woman, as well as the disappearance of family members like Celsius. As the show potentially races towards its conclusion, fans are likely hoping that a similar fate does not await the Doom Patrol of the screen considering the level of the threats they have faced off against thus far.

9 The Chief's Role In Creating A New Team

Fans of the TV show will know that Niles Caulder, also known as The Chief, is responsible for the creation and leadership of the Doom Patrol. While the series played around with how heroic he really is, leading to a Season 1 twist, the comics have seen Caulder return to the top spot time and time again.

After the destruction of the team in the comics, The Chief actually forms a brand new version of the Doom Patrol featuring a variety of members some of which will be familiar to TV fans. The key point of interest here is not simply the changing roster though, but the role of The Chief in curating new groups despite changing realities and how this could come into play in season 3 if he wishes to create a new squad.

8 The  Forgotten Members

The Doom Patrol show has seen a number of notable members come and go, many of which have been hugely involved in the comic book iteration of the team. The likes of Cyborg and Beast Boy, Crazy Jane, and Elasti-Woman have all been featured on the show.

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The comics have seen the roster grow though with a number of forgotten members that only comic book fans would know about. Bumblee, Tempest, Ambush Bug, and Element Woman are all examples of characters that would fit well in the TV show but have only made their Doom debut in the source material.

7 The History Of The Brotherhood Of Evil

While Mr. Nobody has previously acted as the arch-nemesis of the Doom Patrol in the TV show, the new season of the show will be featuring The Brotherhood Of Evil instead, a group that has also been featured in the comics as a major threat to the team.

Comic book fans will know that the Brotherhood has a specific rivalry with the Chief but has also fought the Teen Titans. The team is also full of misfits, acting as an opposite to that of the Doom Patrol. Amongst their ranks are villains like The Brain, Monsieur Mallah, Madame Rouge, and Elephant Man.

6 Who General Immortus Is

Fans of the TV show might not be too familiar with General Immortus, but he is actually a member of the Brotherhood Of Evil. He also acts as the major foe of The Chief, ever since he worked out his secret identity in the comics. He's a character fans have hoped would appear on screen for a while.

The character is as the name suggests, immortal, drinking a serum that not only extends his life but also gives him abilities far beyond what is usually capable of a human. While not always the leader of the Brotherhood, if he is to make his way to the show it's likely for narrative purposes he will be the on-screen leader.

5 They Hunted For The Power Ring

The Doom Patrol often act as self-preservationists, defending themselves against attackers and trying to portray the hero. But sometimes they go on specific missions that could be assigned to them, such as the hunt for the Power Ring out in space.

Much like the Green Lantern rings, this was a ring of immense power, which Jessica Cruz had a hold of at the time. She was being controlled by its sheer will but the Justice League and Doom Patrol helped her overcome it. It's a narrative that could work on-screen with some actors even hoping for the role in the show.

4 The Team Was Disbanded In Rebirth

The casting of the show is near perfect considering the way in which the characters are portrayed in the comics. However, for the Rebirth reboot of Doom Patrol in the source material, everything was shifted once more. In the comics, the team actually starts out disbanded.

The group are found throughout the universe but are not their true selves. It takes Danny The Street to finally reunite the group, but it's plausible that Season 3 of the show could begin almost like Rebirth, with the group spread out after the consequences of Season 2.

3 Danny The Street's Transformations

Fans of the show know that Danny The Street is essentially a living entity that can move and transform, but comic book fans are aware of the full potential of Danny. He has largely been smaller objects like a brick and traditional street format for Doom Patrol. 

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The comics have seen him change into other inanimate objects like an ambulance though, but Danny's power is almost unstoppable. At one stage Danny becomes Danny The Planet, using his vast abilities to quite literally embody a whole globe!

2 Celsius Had A Team

One of the things that fans needed to know heading into Season 1 is that some of the characters wouldn't be directly adapted from the source material. While in the show Celsius is largely out of the picture as the previous lover of The Chief and potential superhero teacher, the comics see her step up further with Doom Patrol.

The Doom Patrol title actually saw her create her own team at one stage since her husband had supposedly perished. While the team might not have lasted long with The Chief resurfacing, the potential for The Chief's death on screen could mean Celsius would step up.

1 The Brain's Connections To The Doom Patrol

The Brain is yet another member of the Brotherhood who might make his debut on screen, but his links to the group are even more intriguing. The Brain has previously stated that his injuries were a result of working with The Chief.

Not only is his rage fuelled by this lust for revenge, but The Chief was supposed to give him the same suit as Robotman, before abandoning him and leaving his brain completely vulnerable to attack. This is a narrative the series could easily pick up as a personal vendetta against the Doom Patrol leader.

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