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Alien Reveals Weyland-Yutani's True Use for Xenomorphs (Not as Weapons)

Warning! This article contains spoilers for Alien #6

Marvel's Alien reveals Weyland-Yutani’s true reason for acquiring Xenomorphs, and it's not to use them as weapons. Since the beginning of the franchise in Ridley Scott’s 1979 film Alien, the entity first referred to as "the company" has been after this perfect organism for its own mysterious purposes. Weyland-Yutani did everything it could to capture a Xenomorph, even going as far as putting one of its own crew in the line of fire to secure one. When the company’s motivations were revealed by the synthetic Ash, the android referred to the Xenomorph’s structure with regard to its physical capabilities, leading audiences to believe Weyland-Yutani was only interested in the alien for its capacity for carnage, but now Marvel has revealed that’s not necessarily the case. 

In Alien #6 by Phillip Kennedy Johnson with art by Salvador Larroca and Guru-eFX, the ex-operative for Weyland-Yutani Gabriel Cruz, his son Danny, and a Bishop synthetic are betrayed by one of their own while escaping Epsilon Station. Iris, who has been working with Danny to supposedly take down the in-orbit Xenomorph laboratory run by Weyland-Yutani, turns on the team after she discovers Danny has a Xenomorph growing inside of him. Once on an escape vessel, she incapacitates Bishop and Gabe and takes control of the ship. Bishop doesn’t stay down for long, however, and forcefully retakes control of the pod, revealing Iris to be a synthetic herself! Before Iris is shut down for good, though, she has one last revelation for the Xenomorph-fighting team

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Iris reveals that the cosmic human-Xenomorph hybrid woman Gabriel has been haunted by ever since surviving his own alien impregnation isn’t an otherworldly creature, but a vision of the future. Iris makes it clear that Weyland-Yutani’s goal with the Xenomorph isn’t to simply weaponize them, but to create human-Xenomorph hybrids just like the woman in Gabe’s visions. While the implications are that the company will create cross-species with aliens and people, it doesn’t necessarily mean it will stop there, which could give Marvel some free reign to get creative with biologically-flexible alien creatures, just as another comic series tackled in the past. 

The limited series that was only available with a Kenner Aliens action figure, Alien: Space Marines, was a 13-issue mini-comic series published by Dark Horse Comics. Unlike the publisher’s well known dark and gritty Alien adaptations, these comics were perfect for kids, allowing fans to see the full range of the Xenomorph’s biological imprint in creative and light-hearted ways. Among the all-new Xenomorph concepts were the Scorpion Alien, the Rhino Alien, and the Mantis Alien. In the issues, facehuggers were able to impregnate members of these other alien races creating the interesting hybrids presented in the comics. While assuredly the purpose was to sell all kinds of different toys while using the popular Alien brand, the result was still a fun and creative take on the Alien mythos that was by all counts entirely plausible based on the established Xenomorph biology. 

Weyland-Yutani’s shocking and twisted plans for the Xenomorphs and the inevitable human subjects it’ll use to conduct its experiments has just been revealed, but its plans have been presented to fans since the beginning of the series. In the first issue of Marvel’s Alien, Danny, Iris and the rest of their group first break into Epsilon Station where they uncover the company’s cross-breeding experiments. While a terrible outlook for human characters within the stories, Marvel can have a lot of fun with the wide-ranging possibilities presented in a limitless array of alien hybrids fans wouldn’t normally see, just as Kenner and Dark Horse did with their toy line. While it was initially a mystery, Alien fans now know what the goal of the experiments on Epsilon Station are after Weyland-Yutani’s true use for the Xenomorph was revealed.

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