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America’s Next Top Model: The 10 Most Unfair Eliminations, According To Reddit

In terms of reality competition shows, few have succeeded in creating as legendary pop culture moments as America's Next Top Model. Perhaps the most well-known is Tyra Banks yelling, "We were rooting for you. We were all rooting for you."

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However, many fans of the show have found themselves yelling something similar at their TV screens, especially after the judges made questionable choices at the end of certain episodes. These choices have become the main topic of conversation in Reddit threads, where ANTM fans have discussed which particular choices led to truly unfair eliminations of these models.

10 Jenah, Cycle 9

Most ANTM fans on Reddit are in agreement: "Jenah was awesome, and her elimination was complete bull. Beyond robbed for the title!" as this Reddit user so succinctly put it.

Another user agreed, ranting, "Complete bull that [Jenah's] portfolio is so beyond stronger than the other 2 girls in the Final 3 and she did SO well in the Covergirl shoot/commercial, yet she got eliminated because the judges for whatever reason delude themselves into believing she is 'unlikable' and they kept bashing her for having a hard time looking 'presentable' even though they were the ones that gave her a pee yellow ramen weave."

9 Katarzyna, Cycle 10

Few eliminations continue to boil ANTM fans' blood like Katarzyna's elimination during Cycle 10. Many Redditers echoed a similar sentiment as this user, who said "an Anya and Kat F2 would’ve been the dream for me, with Fatima coming in third." Fatima, of course, went on to be one of the contestants with the most successful careers.

Another user admitted the one elimination they're most frustrated about is Katarzyna because she was an "AMAZING high fashion model, but was cut because of pErSoNaLiTy. Kat had by far the most interesting look in C10, and a final 3 of her, Fatima, & Anya would have been absolutely iconic!!"

8 Dominique, Cycle 17

Though enjoyable for many viewers, the All Stars cycle elimination order still offered up a couple of headscratchers. Fans were especially confused when Dominique went home instead of Angelea, with some Reddit users even suggesting Angelea lasted far longer than she should have.

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One Redditor said, "The fact that Dominique was randomly put in the cast but then blew everyone away. Like that is a GREAT storyline so pointless to boot her for no reason lol." Another user agreed, stating, "Definitely one of the most unfair ones, ever. There was literally NO obvious reason to justify her elimination so Tyra played the personality card with her."

7 Lisa, Cycle 5

Though Cycle 5's Lisa went on to become an America's Next Top Model A-lister, her elimination went down in ANTM history because, in many fans' opinion, it was one attempt to dull her star's shine.

One Reddit user claimed Lisa's was the "most unfair elimination in ANTM history probably." Another user echoed this sentiment, stating, "most bs elimination of all time." Yet another user pointed out Lisa's elimination was particularly unfair because she was "a significantly better model than Kim however you look at it"

6 AzMarie, Cycle 18

While ANTM fans typically take to Reddit to debate contestants' merit and ability as models, others have taken to Reddit to point out moments from the reality show that were truly absurd. AzMarie's elimination from Cycle 18 falls into the latter category.

This Reddit user noted AzMarie "should never have been eliminated when she was. Seriously Tyra? You’re going to eliminate a contestant for not wanting to wear your ridiculous buttpads. AzMarie was known for her androgynous look and she would never be expected to wear something like that as an androgynous model."

5 April, Cycle 2

While April didn't win every fan over during Cycle 2, other fans hold opinions similar to this Reddit user when they said April's elimination was the most frustrating because she "should've won the whole competition and I'm not even saying that because I'm a huge fan of her."

One user admitted, "It was hard to watch most of the panel turn on her the last few weeks of her run." And they weren't the only one to think so. This Redditor also noted how April's "elimination felt mean-spirited. Robotic? April?"

4 Leila, Cycle 19

The later seasons of shows don't always have the same vibe as the early iterations, which some Reddit users claim is the case for Leila's cycle, despite it including one of the best ANTM photoshoots. This user said, "There were many eliminations during the social media scores era (c19–21) that were utter nonsense. The worst offender, though, was Leila (both times)."

Another user agreed, stating, "I honestly don’t even count 19-21 as genuine seasons. Leila is one of the most amazing models to have come from the show and her first elimination was a joke."

3 Nicole, Cycle 3

Most Redditers in the threads don't need to explain why Nicole ranks as one of the most unfair eliminations, with some simply summing up her elimination as "the disrespecttttt" and "no explanation needed."

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Other users vented their feelings and stood up for Nicole, stating "for the bull way the [judges] went about it, pretending to forget she was there" and "lmao they crafted a storyline out of thin air to eliminate her so they could milk the pink positive drama."

2 Cory, Cycle 20

Quite a few Reddit users agreed with this person when they questioned the fairness of eliminating Cory "right before the final runway?? really?" Cory, of course, came in third after being booted late in Cycle 20.

A couple of fans agreed, even though they admitted to not being as caught up with the more recent cycles. For example, this user said Cory's elimination was unfair even though "I haven’t even seen much but this is obvious." Another user added, "Haven't watched beyond that yet, except I know enough about Cycle 20 to know Cory's elimination was also bull."

1 Rachel, Cycle 13

If Tyra Banks brings up an elimination on a talk show following the conclusion of that cycle, then fans know said elimination was probably unfair. This Reddit user pointed out that "Tyra even talked on her show how bs" Rachel's elimination was on Cycle 13, with another user arguing Rachel's "elimination was downright cruel."

This user added, "I also think some of the 'after-challenge' eliminations were wholly unfair like Rachel (C13) who was eliminated for essentially not singing for the agents. They pushed the idea that models should have amazing, confident personalities so much on the show and the working models we see now don’t have any personality."

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