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Are You The One?: 10 Unpopular Opinions About The Show, According To Reddit

Are You The One? is one of MTV's most unique reality TV concepts. The basic format is that a collection of contestants compete to discover who their "perfect match" in the house is so the entire cast can win a million dollars. And while fans of the show have come to a general consensus about many things, there are always some unpopular opinions that they want to share.

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It comes as no surprise that Reddit is one of the biggest fan hubs for Are You The One?, and plenty of viewers have gone there to discuss their unpopular opinions.

10 Gianna's Drama-Starting Was Fun

Gianna was one of the players who appeared on season 5, and she developed a bit of a reputation for stirring the pot and creating issues between other cast members. She was torn between two guys, and a lot of fans thought she came across as immature.

However u/kombuchaaddictEnp actually liked the entertainment she provided. They argue that her eavesdropping on Tyler and sharing what she heard with Shannon was actually a great move (for viewers to watch at least).

9 Gio Was Hilarious

Redditor u/DeBrate shared a few different unpopular opinions about the show, but one highlight that seems to definitely go against the grain is that they thought that Gio was actually really funny.

Giovanni was on season 4 of Are You The One?, and he had a very fast-moving romance with Kaylen. But then he abruptly dumped her, became weirdly fixated on Julia, caused an enormous amount of drama in the house, and was generally disrespectful towards everyone.

8 Nutsa Was Overrated

Season 7 of Are You The One? was better than some other seasons of the series, however, its significant downfall was that a lot of its cast members weren't compelling or were downright unlikable. The notable exception to that rule was memorable AYTO cast member Nutsa Sikharulidze.

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Nutsa's sense of humor and sunny disposition won over most fans of the show, and she was arguably the most beloved castmate on her season. But a few different Redditors disagree and actually think Nutsa is overrated.

7 The Criticism Towards Cali Was Too Much

Quite a few Redditors actually brought this up in an unpopular opinion thread, but a lot of fans apparently agree that the hate that Cali from season 7 got was too much.

She caught a lot of flack for moving on from Brett to Tomas too quickly, as well as dancing with Daniel despite his burgeoning romance with Sam. Some also make the point that it was entirely unfair that everyone critiqued Cali without putting any blame on Daniel.

6 Cameron Was Overrated

Cameron and Mikala's confirmed perfect match in season 4 was a game-changer for their season. But, putting them in the truth booth was largely driven by the fact that apparently a lot of the girls in the house were interested in Cam and not much else.

However, u/MyLittleDarling didn't understand what all the hype was about, and apparently, a few other users agreed. Maybe the appeal just didn't translate from reality into the TV screen.

5 Alivia And Kareem Were Okay Together

It comes as no great surprise that in a show about finding a perfect love match, a lot of issues in romantic relationships can arise. But some of the drama is entertaining, while some comes across as downright toxic.

One couple that definitely leaned on the more toxic side of the spectrum was season 6's Kareem and Alivia, with Kareem's outbursts being particularly hard to watch. But one Redditor didn't feel quite as strongly as the rest of the fans and doesn't hate them together, also making the point that viewers have no idea what happens offscreen.

4 Uche And Clinton Were Cringy

Are You The One? has been home to plenty of really intense relationships, but one love connection that everyone was surprised to see was a no-match is Clinton and Uche. They didn't end their romance after the truth booth though, nor did they end it after the show, as Clinton and Uche very recently got married.

However, one user thought that their on-screen behavior was a bit embarrassing and had a particular problem with the way Uche treated Jada when she tried to get to know Clinton.

3 Season 2 Was Actually Good

It's hard to pick a season of AYTO that's the worst, but among fans, season 2 is definitely not a big favorite. It's not a particularly thrilling season, and the addition of an extra girl seemed unfair and completely pointless in the end.

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But u/spookydiamond disagrees. They said that they loved the cast more than any other season of the series (with the exception of Layton) and the hate towards the season is totally unjustified.

2 Season 7 Was Actually Good

Season 7 was definitely heavy on the drama, which theoretically should have pleased any fan of reality TV. However, the overall reaction towards it wasn't great, largely because a few unlikable stars really spoiled the whole season.

But Redditor u/minaabahh actually enjoyed the season, specifically because of all the drama that the most intense competitors brought to the table. While they agree that a few of them were "irredeemable," but they still think the good outweighed the bad.

1 Season 3 Was The Worst Season

Season 3 of AYTO was indisputably one of the most dramatic and action-packed of the entire series. It was also the first appearance of current Challenge favorites like Devin Walker, Nelson Thomas, Hunter Barfield, and Amanda Garcia, as well as Teen Mom star Cheyenne Floyd.

And those are just a few of the many reasons why u/wilthia's opinion is such a surprise. Among other critiques, they point out that most of the guys treated the women horribly, and the drama between Devin and his no-match Kiki focused on way too much.

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