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Black Adam's New Form Makes Him More Like Shazam Than Ever

Spoilers ahead for Shazam #3!

During the recently concluded Future State event, Black Adam found peace 80,000 years in the future, only to lose it in the blink of an eye thanks to Shazam. Adam was then sent back in time to 2021, leaving fans to speculate on what was next for Teth-Adam. Now, in Shazam! #3, on sale now in print and digital, they get their answer—and see that Black Adam is now more like Shazam than ever before.

Black Adam is one of Shazam’s oldest adversaries, first appearing during comics' Golden Age. Once selected by the wizard Shazam to be his champion, Teth-Adam rebelled and was exiled to deep space, later returning to seek vengeance on Shazam and his allies. Starting with Jerry Ordway’s seminal Power of Shazam run in the 1990s, Adam began to be depicted in a more sympathetic light, ultimately shifting to a brutal anti-hero with a moral code all his own. 80,000 years in the future, however, Black Adam had found peace and contentment, only to have it ripped away by the Unkindness, who killed his wife and took his child. Adam asked for Shazam to lend him his powers, and the wizard did—but it sent Adam back to the year 2021 and imprisoned him in the Rock of Eternity. His fate after that has been up in the air, but now Adam’s fate has been revealed in Shazam! #3, written by Tim Sheridan, with art by Clayton Henry, colors by Marcelo Maiolo and letters by Rob Leigh.

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Shazam, with his new ally Nevermore, have traveled to Hell. After fighting off the demon Neron, with a timely assist from Raven, Shazam is left there and stumbles upon the Rock of Eternity—which is also trapped in Hell. Shazam enters and finds himself facing a young boy wearing Black Adam’s outfit. The young man greets Shazam by name and tells him they have “a lot of catching up to do.”

When Adam was sent back to 2021 from the far future, the spell turned him back into a child—which makes him a mirror of Shazam. Shazam is a child in an adult’s body, and now Black Adam is a grown man in a child’s body. The question is: how does Black Adam feel about this? Might he see this as a humiliation foisted upon him by the wizard Shazam? If this is the case, this could fuel Black Adam’s rage, which returned in full force during Future State.

Black Adam has returned to prominence in the DC Universe, thanks to appearances in Future State and Justice League, as well as an impending live-action movie. Black Adam is also renewing his relationship with Shazam and is now more like his old adversary than ever before.

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