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Bob's Burgers: One Quote From Each Character That Perfectly Sums Up Their Personality

Each character from Bob's Burgers has a personality that helps them shine over other adult animated series. These characters stand out with their dynamic attitudes and hilarious moments, and even have quotes that further solidify their characteristics and define them for viewers.

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Many of the most memorable quotes from the characters embody their passions, quirks, and moments of vulnerability. However, there is one quote from each character that perfectly sums up their personalities and resonates within fans' minds when they think of them. These quotes are some of the best from the series and perfectly represent the character that said them.

10 "I Can Help. I Am A Self-Certified Counselor After All." - Mr. Frond

Fans realize quickly that Mr. Frond is over-the-top and quirky. Mr. Frond has a passion for his job and his constant pushing for Lousie to be a better student shows this. Mr. Frond has never shied away from his counseling position and goes above and beyond to be the best counselor by knitting his therapy dolls himself.

Mr. Frond always boasts about his successes as a counselor, and this quote perfectly embodies that. He also likes to seem more independent and confident in his abilities than he actually is, which makes this quote even more hilarious. Mr. Frond is one of the most memorable faculty members from Bob's Burgers' Wagstaff, and this quote shows his can-do personality.

9 "My Cat Was Right About You." - Gayle

Bob's Burgers' Gayle is eccentric, emotionally fragile, and a stereotypical cat lady. She is also very artistic and comes up with scenarios in her head to feel safe. Even though Gayle seems quirky, she also loves her family and proves with every episode she stars in that she is loyal to them.

This quote perfectly sums up Gayle's personality because it shows how much she loves and trusts her cats' opinions. Gayle is one of the more spiritual characters, and the fact that she values her cats so highly encapsulates her character. She also is very naive when it comes to other characters wronging her, so her trust in her cats is very believable.

8 "Don't Be Such A Boob Punch." - Tammy

Since she first appeared, Tammy has been outgoing, loud, and brash. She knows what she wants and has no problem manipulating others in order to achieve that. Tammy has always stood out as a character that is bossy, and this quote is the perfect embodiment of her attitude.

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Tammy has a knack for bending others' will to get what she wants, and this quote embodies that. When Tina first meets Tammy, she is pushed into being someone she isn't to impress her. Tammy continues this during her time on the series, which shows that she likes to be the boss of any setting she is in and that she is willing to put others down to maintain that spot.

7 "We Could All Put On Some Boyz II Men And I Could Slow Dance." - Jimmy Jr.

Jimmy Jr. is one of the quieter characters in the series, but he has a passion for dance. Being an awkward character, Jimmy Jr. expresses himself best through dancing, and everyone applauds him on his moves. Because of Jimmy Jr.'s entire personality being centered on his dancing, this quote really embodies his character.

This quote represents Jimmy Jr.'s personality, as it shows how he only thinks of dancing and how dancing is something that he is extremely passionate about. Furthermore, Jimmy Jr. relies on his dancing ability to solve all of his problems, so it's no surprise that he would use dancing as a way to help someone else.

6 "Don't Feed A Guy A Sponge, Bobby!" - Teddy

Teddy is a regular at the restaurant, a handyman and babysitter whenever Bob and Linda require, and he deserves to be part of the Bob's Burgers Belcher family more than any other side character. Teddy has a trusting nature and he relies on Bob to make good choices for him, which is what makes this quote so hilarious.

Teddy is a lovable character, and this quote embodies his trust in the Belcher family. Teddy refers to Bob as his best friend, so trusting Bob to feed him something and being tricked shows how much he relies on the Belcher family. This quote also shows Teddy's naive side, as he was able to be fooled so easily.

5 "Mommy Doesn't Get Drunk, She Just Has Fun!" - Linda Belcher

Linda is bold, confident, and unafraid to speak her mind. She is also a loving character, and she tries to go out of her way to make friends with anyone she meets. Linda also stands out as a passionate mother throughout the entire series, and this quote shows both sides of her personality.

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This quote shows how Linda balances her fun side and her maternal instincts. Linda loves to put her family first, but she also likes to enjoy herself, as well. The quote also proves that Linda is one of the most outgoing Belchers and that she isn't afraid to go out of her way to have a good time.

4 "Hey, I Don't Appreciate Your Lack Of Sarcasm!" - Lousie Belcher

Bob's Burgers Louise is by far one of the most dynamic characters in the series. She has villainous tendencies and has some of the most memorable outbursts among the other characters. Louise also is constantly coming up with schemes for her and her siblings to unleash on others around them.

Because Lousie is known for her outbursts, this quote embodies her personality well. She is bossy and can easily go off on others, and this is one of those moments where she overtakes those around her to get her way. Lousie is also the most cunning member of the Belcher family, and her combatitive instinct can often overtake her entire persona.

3 "We're Belchers, From The Womb To The Tomb!" - Gene Belcher

Gene is the middle child of the Belcher siblings, he is often tagging along with either Tina or Louise as they push to get what they want. Gene's main passion, however, centers around music, and he often shows how talented he is when he writes his own original pieces.

Despite Gene being a fantastic musician, he centers on his family and is most comfortable with them. Tina and Louise truly care for Gene and the three of them share some of the best sibling moments on TV. This quote from Gene definitely centers on his love for his family, especially his sisters, and the fact that he is willing to stand by them no matter what.

2 "You're My Family And I Love You, But You're All Terrible. You're All Terrible." - Bob Belcher

Bob shows his passion for making burgers throughout every episode. He is the quietest member of the Belcher family, but he still supports his often outlandish family no matter what. However, Bob also acknowledges each of the flaws that his family has, and this quote shows how Bob loves his family despite their craziness.

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This quote is Bob's most memorable line from the series and sets the tone for the entire show. It solidifies his personality and sums up his exact emotions about his family while also showing viewers how the show will progress. Furthermore, this quote shows how Bob may not be a perfect dad, but he is bluntly honest.

1 "I Don't Need A Boy To Pay Attention To Me, I'll Pay Attention To Myself" - Tina Belcher

Tina is one of the most memorable characters. Despite going through her awkward teenage phase, she is confident in her hobbies and her flirting ability. Even though Tina is boy crazy, she also knows when to stand up for herself. Tina is often treated as the main character, and this quote embodies that role.

This quote embodies Tina's personality and shows how she wants boys to like her, but she won't sacrifice who she is. Tina is often chasing after Jimmy Jr., but she still stands firm in her quirky personality. This quote also paints Tina as the main character, as it shows that she is unafraid of being herself no matter what.

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