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BOTW Player Encounters Glitched Horse That Moves Through The Ground

A recently discovered glitch in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild sees a horse casually walking through the ground. The 2017 Game of the Year remains popular on the Nintendo Switch four years post launch, and a sequel has officially been announced that currently has an unspecified release date sometime in 2022.

Over its lifespan, there have been many glitches discovered throughout the massive open-world version of Hyrule. Sometimes these bugs can actually be used to a player's advantage, such as the BOTW bomb glitch that lets Link fly without using the paraglider. Then there are glitches that are just plain odd, and can actually be more amusing than frustrating, depending on what aspect of the game they corrupt, and to what degree.

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Reddit user torresmoss recently showcased a bug they found by the Riverside Stable in which one of the horses somehow glitched underground. It then proceeds to casually move through the earth as though it were not there, while only the top of its head remains visible to the player. According to one of the comments on the post, this is glitch is not specific to horses, as it can happen to enemies as well, making things far more difficult for the player as they cannot inflict damage while their foes still can.

Many glitches beyond the one torresmoss demonstrated still exist in Breath of the Wild long after its release, but a large portion of that is by design. In an age where many developers patch out most bugs via updates, the BOTW team left in many fun glitches on purpose, adding to the sheer amount of possibilities of what can happen throughout the open world. Though some of the more frustrating glitches have slipped through alongside the fun ones, the pros of keeping them seem to outweigh the cons.

Glitches, to an extent, have become part of the identity of Breath of the Wild, but not in a harmful way like with Cyberpunk 2077. Exploits add to the gameplay variety and allow players to come up with unique solutions that the developers never intended on putting into the title. Nintendo recognized that not all bugs in Breath of the Wild were necessarily bad, and instead the development team chose to embrace some of the unplanned elements in the game. Hopefully the team keeps that mentality for the upcoming sequel, as amusing glitches like this underground horse have become a part of what makes The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild so great and enduring.

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Source: torresmoss/Reddit

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