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Breath of the Wild's Most Difficult Mini-Games | Screen Rant

While Link's main goal in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is to defeat Calamity Ganon, he can also compete in a number of minigames throughout Hyrule to pass the time. Various rewards can be gained from taking part in these activities, usually in the form of Rupees or other items. While some of these mini-games are straightforward in concept, others can end up being rather challenging.

Many of Breath of the Wild's mini-games test players' proficiency with the game's various core mechanics. There are challenges that test Link's ability to climb, his mobility with the paraglider, his aim with a bow, his skill on horseback, and many more. A great deal of these mini-games are timed, with better rewards available for quicker successful completions. Because of this, they can end up being not only good sources of Rupees, but helpful outlets to practice various skills.

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Of course, like many other challenges in Breath of the Wild, some players have found ways to exploit certain mini-games. For example, one player managed to complete BOTW's footrace mini-game in around 23 seconds by using an exploit. However, there are others that cannot be exploited, and as a result, they can prove quite difficult.

The Super Gut Check Challenge is a mini-game that tests Link's efficiency at climbing. It is a Goron training exercise administered at BOTW's Gut Check Rock and requires Link to climb a massive rock formation while collecting Rupees. After Link completes the initial challenge, he can attempt the Super Gut Check Challenge. To succeed, he has three minutes to scale the rocks, collect a total value of 300 or more Rupees, then reach the top. Successful completion of the task requires careful stamina management and decisive movement, and so it may take multiple attempts to overcome the trial.

To complete BOTW's Paraglider Course, Link must demonstrate his midair mobility with the paraglider. The mini-game involves Link gliding through rings on Eventide Island by utilizing air currents to propel him, finally ending when he touches the ground. While this challenge has no official timer, without a substantially upgraded stamina wheel or a multitude of stamina potions, Link can quickly run out of energy before the game is complete. Many of the rings are positioned high in the air, so moving incorrectly and losing altitude can throw off an entire attempt. Since the entire course is set in the air, players cannot rely on Revali's Gale to boost them, so they must have the skill to make quick, precise movements instead.

What makes the Gambling mini-game so difficult is that there is no real skill involved at all. The game is BOTW's iteration of a classic Zelda minigame previously featured in entries like A Link to the Past and Ocarina of Time. To play, Link bets Rupees, and then chooses one of three chests in the hopes of picking the one that can increase his money. The game is indeed gambling, as there is no indicator, ability, or exploit that can determine which chest to pick - it is merely chance. Despite the simplicity of the concept, having no way to influence the result makes it one of Breath of the Wild's more difficult mini-games.

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