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Buffy The Vampire Slayer: One Quote From Each Main Character That Goes Against Their Personality

Buffy the Vampire Slayer features several characters that are first introduced already seemingly fully-fledged individuals with their personalities set in stone. Buffy herself is a badass slayer with a purpose, while Willow is an apprehensive yet helpful sidekick, and the remaining characters have their obvious qualities, too.

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Despite the seemingly unchanging qualities of the ten main characters in Buffy, each one has at least one moment that reveals another facet to their personalities. Everyone from Anya to Buffy provided these moments throughout the course of the show, altering audiences' perceptions of them.

Following the death of Buffy's mother, Anya asks her fellow Scoobies a series of inappropriate questions about Joyce's body. These questions anger Willow, leading her to shout at Anya. Anya exclaims in response that she doesn't understand what is happening.

Anya's inappropriate comments are no rare occurrence throughout Buffy, what is rare is her acknowledgment of why she makes said comments. Anya was a thousand-year-old demon before she suddenly became human, a fact that those around her have forgotten. It is conceivable that she wouldn't understand human death, and it is this rare instance that reveals another side to Anya's personality, one that is frustrated by the complexities of her newfound mortal life.

Buffy's little sister was a key between dimensions. Dawn's entire existence was fabricated to place her in the bodily form of the Slayer's sister to be hidden from the villainous God, Glory. Once Dawn bec0mes self-aware, she is suddenly conflicted about her purpose.

Dawn is a character who is arguably morally uncorrupted. Throughout the show, she tries to help Buffy and her friends at any opportunity. This scene is one of a few instances where Dawn suffers a crisis of confidence and begins to wonder if she is not as good as she once thought.

Throughout the first three seasons of Buffy, Cordelia reluctantly becomes a part of the Scooby gang, whilst also being the popular girl at Sunnydale High. Despite this, one moment reveals that there is more to Cordelia than meets the eye.

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Cordelia rarely comes across as more than just the 'cool girl' who pokes fun at Buffy and her friends, whilst sometimes helping them in their fight against evil (if she's not busy that day). This scene, near the end of season one, sees Cordelia opening up to Buffy about her inner turmoil, adding depth to her character.

Faith's story arc in Buffy sees her going from hero to villain and back to hero again. At the beginning of her five-season long journey, she is introduced as the new slayer, and she soon becomes more and more unhinged, until she sides with the villains.

It's a story arc that saw her committing numerous crimes, making any chance of redemption seem impossible. However, in season four, after Faith switches bodies with Buffy, she begins to see the error of her ways, until she realizes that what she has done is wrong. It's one of the most effective reveals in all of Buffy, as it becomes apparent that Faith is not wholly evil.

Spike's journey throughout the show sees him and Buffy going from mortal enemies to lovers. Despite this, Spike spends the majority of the six seasons that he is featured as a villain who causes many issues for the Scooby gang.

In season five, Spike claims that he has always been this way, as the following flashback reveals that he used to be a poet who was bullied by his peers. This is the first time in Buffy that it is revealed that Spike was not always a villainous vampire, he used to be good, which suggests that his personality is more ambiguous than first thought.

Angel and Buffy's love story can be best described as tumultuous. They fall in love throughout seasons one and two, and once they decide to consummate their relationship, a previously unknown curse that was placed on Angel is lifted, and he loses his soul.

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Angel defaults to his original vampire state, Angelus, and begins to torture Buffy and her friends. In this state, Angelus expresses his hatred for Buffy as she made him feel like something that is unlike his nature. It's one of the biggest twists in Buffy, and it alters audiences' perceptions of the once-good vampire with a soul.

Giles is arguably the parental figure of the Scooby gang. Throughout all seven seasons, he cares for Buffy, Willow, and Xander, helping them through all of their issues and disciplining them when necessary. However, once Willow begins abusing magic, Giles becomes incensed.

Whenever Giles typically scolds a member of the Scooby gang, he does it with his trademark reserved attitude. However, in such dire circumstances, Giles refuses to hold himself back against an increasingly unstable Willow. This scene reveals another facet of Giles' character, he is not always the calm, collected librarian, he can also be vicious with his approach to discipline.

Xander's role in the Scooby gang is the joker, the one who desperately tries to make everyone around him laugh, particularly during dangerous situations. While many viewers may see Xander as nothing more than the comic relief, it is clear from this scene that there is more to him,

As he comforts Dawn during an existential crisis, in a rare vulnerable moment, Xander reveals that he does not consider himself an integral member of the group. Instead, he believes that his perceived lack of importance is what allows him to 'see' more than people think. It's a moment that sees him straying from his usual goofy self to someone with emotional depth.

Despite being an incredibly powerful witch, Willow is a timid, caring, and thoughtful friend to every member of the Scooby gang, particularly Buffy. After the sudden death of her girlfriend, Tara, Willow becomes furious and seeks out her murderer, Warren, to enact revenge. Buffy attempts to stop Willow from abusing her magical ability, but Willow stops at nothing to get what she wants.

The 'Dark Willow' subplot of Buffy is an entire season in the making, as Willow becomes more and more unhinged with her usage of dark magic. The confrontation between Buffy and Dark Willow is emotionally effective given the six seasons that display Buffy and Willow's friendship, and it reveals an aspect of Willow's personality that was previously unknown. Willow possesses darkness within her, and a lack of willingness to reject this darkness and accept Buffy's help.

There is a throughline in Buffy that sees the titular character going from an inexperienced slayer to a battle-hardened leader of tens of slayers. In the first few seasons, Buffy makes it clear that she doesn't want to die, she has an overwhelming purpose in life to protect the world against the scourge of the underworld and wants to fulfill her purpose.

Buffy's infatuation with Angel causes unspeakable pain and hurt to her throughout the show as the pair experience numerous obstacles in their relationship. In season two, in an iconic line, Buffy reveals to Angel that the two of them being in love makes her wish for death. It juxtaposes entirely with her character arc, as Buffy as a person is headstrong, and has openly said she does not want to die. This reveals just how detrimental Buffy and Angel's relationship troubles are to her wellbeing, as her personality becomes altered.

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