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Can The Sims 4 Grim Reaper Be Romanced | Screen Rant

The Grim Reaper is one of the most commonly reoccurring characters in The Sims franchise, and The Sims 4 Grim Reaper is no exception, leading some to wonder if he can actually be romanced. Longtime Sims players may have noticed that, when he does appear, their Sims have the option to talk to, befriend, and even flirt with him, which makes romance seem like it wouldn't be out of the question. So can the Sims 4 Grim Reaper be romanced or even married? The answer is a resounding "sort of."

Similar to his role in many other games in the series, the Sims 4 Grim Reaper appears from a cloud of smoke whenever a Sim dies, to finalize the death and replace the body with an urn or gravestone. Although his visits are brief, Sims do have the option to talk with him while he's there. This enables players to plead for the life of their Sims or, perhaps, to attempt to befriend the Reaper before he vanishes again.

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Social interactions with the Grim Reaper function about the same as they do for any other Sim, though romantic interactions don't tend to go far. However, to initiate this kind of romance, players will likely need to devise a way to purposefully kill off a Sim. There are plenty of ways to do this, though the method that's selected will need to allow others easy access to the Grim Reaper once he appears in The Sims 4. This means players will want to try placing the sacrificed Sim outside or in the center of the household, with another Sim in close range, if they want to catch the Grim Reaper's eye.

From there, it's simply a matter of queueing up romantic interactions with the Sims 4 Grim Reaper until the friendship or romance bar fills up. Unfortunately, as Kotaku discovered, even completely filling up the romance meter won't present players with more serious options such as marrying or WooHooing the Reaper. Although he may flirt back with Sims, or even dance and accept roses, this will result in little more than an in-game achievement and perhaps a feeling of success. In order to go beyond that, players will need to enable cheats. This is because players looking to have their Sims WooHoo with the Grim Reaper will need to remove the Reaper trait from the character.

Alternatively, a potentially easier option is simply to use cheats to add him into the Sims household and go straight to marrying him. Certain mods will even allow Sims to get pregnant with the Sims 4 Grim Reaper, but nothing in the base game - cheats or no cheats - supports that feature just yet. Perhaps in the future, the franchise will allow players to more easily pursue a romantic relationship with the Reaper, but for now, Sims 4 players will have to resort to casual flirting and the help of cheats to accomplish this.

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Source: Kotaku

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