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Daniel Craig Celebrated James Bond Casting With Vodka Martinis

Daniel Craig celebrated his James Bond casting over vodka martinis in true 007 fashion. Craig is the seventh actor to play the iconic British secret agent based on the character in Ian Fleming's novels. He first took on the role in 2006's Casino Royale after a widespread search for a new Bond following Pierce Brosnan's departure. The movie, which focused on the beginning of Bond's career, was pivotal to the franchise. Craig's portrayal redefined the role and gave the character more emotional depth.

After Casino Royale, Craig starred in three more Bond films: Quantum of Solace, Skyfall, and Spectre. He is set to play the role for the fifth and final time in the upcoming No Time to Diethe 25th film in the Bond franchise. The movie is slated to premiere in the UK on Sept. 30 and will hit US theaters on Oct. 8. Because Craig's Bond films are all connected to tell a wider story, No Time to Die is expected to give fans a fitting ending to Craig's journey as the legendary spy.

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Before Craig makes his final bow, the actor is revealing details from his tenure as 007 in the Apple TV documentary Being James Bond: The Daniel Craig StoryIn the film, the 53-year-old actor recalled the life-changing phone call with producer Barbara Broccoli in 2005, when he received the news that he had been cast as Bond in Casino Royale. According to Craig, he celebrated in style by drinking Bond's signature drink: a vodka martini, shaken, not stirred. Apparently, the actor didn't just have one glass as he shared that his first official act as the newly appointed Bond resulted in a hangover that lasted for three days. Read his comments below:

I went, 'Yes?’ She just went, 'Over to you, kiddo.' So I went and I just grabbed a bottle of vodka, and some vermouth, and bought a cocktail shaker, and went back to my apartment, and started mixing myself vodka martinis.

Interestingly, Craig's casting as the new Bond initially drew flak from fans who didn't think the actor fit the bill. He was certainly a departure from the dark-haired, debonnaire leading men who previously played the famous spy. Craig spent a long time considering it before deciding to accept the role. Ultimately, Craig's casting proved to be worth the gamble as Casino Royale went on to reinvent the Bond cinematic franchise. It started a story arc that continued in each of Craig's succeeding Bond films, tying the movies together and allowing the character to reveal more of his personal journey.

No Time to Die concludes Craig's time as James Bond with a total of five films. It is clear that the movie marks the end of a glorious era. Whoever will be tapped as the next Bond will certainly have big shoes to fill. When the movie premieres in a few weeks, it isn't hard to imagine that Craig will exit the role the same way he dove into it—by drinking vodka martinis as a toast to his brilliant run as 007.

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Source: Being James Bond/Apple TV

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