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Darkseid Reveals the Villains Who Will Define DC’s New Era

Spoilers ahead for Infinite Frontier #6!

Beyond the DC Universe lies… something, and Darkseid seeks to control, but he's going to need help so he brings together some of the most fearsome and powerful villains in the DC Universe to assist. In Infinite Frontier #6, on sale now in print and digital, Darkseid moves one step closer to dominating the multiverse, and now he is seeking allies, reaching out to some of the multiverse’s foulest.

At the beginning of Infinite Frontier, Darkseid was reborn in his ultimate form. No longer pursuing the Anti-Life Equation, Darkseid now seeks total control of the multiverse. He captures the Flash, and with the help of the Psycho Pirate, imprisons him on Earth-Omega, forcing him to run at super speeds. His hope is that the Flash will break the wall in the Omniverse, allowing Darkseid to control what lies beyond. However, an assortment of heroes from across the Multiverse, including members of the Justice Society and the Justice Incarnate, foil Darkseid’s plan, freeing the Flash. However, their victory is temporary at best, as Darkseid reveals Earth-Omega is just the first step, that something much bigger is coming. Whatever it is, Darkseid is seeking aid from the multiverse’s worst. Infinite Frontier #6 is written by Joshua Willamson, with art by Xermanico, colors by Romulo Fajardo and letters by Tom Napolitano.

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At the edge of the multiverse lies the Great Darkness, and Darkseid wants it for himself. He has brought together four of the worst villains from across, and beyond, existence: the Empty Hand, the leader of the Gentry who consume dead universes; the Upside Down Man, the lord of dark magic; Eclipso, the dark god of vengeance; and Nekron, leader of the Black Lanterns and the architect of the Blackest Night. Darkseid tells them that many seek this power, but only he will possess it, gesturing to the Great Darkness beyond. Meanwhile, the Flash is transported to Multiverse-1, where he meets Pariah, a survivor of the Crisis on Infinite Earths. Pariah tells Flash that all who tried to control and shape the multiverse before were going about it the wrong way; he then sends the Flash to a new parallel Earth, watching from afar, claiming “we’ll all be happy. No matter what.”

The issue ends there, promising resolution for the various storylines in 2022. Right now, however, it appears there are multiple parties at play here. First is Darkseid and his allies, who are after the Great Darkness. No explanation as to what the Great Darkness is exactly, but if Darkseid wants it, it must be powerful. And will the other members of his goon squad play nice? Or try to take the Great Darkness for themselves? And what of Pariah? What is his role in all of this? Watching the multiverse die seems to have driven Pariah mad, his eyes hollowed out and his face sunken. Will Pariah be the ultimate villain?

2022 promises to be one of the biggest years in DC’s history, and the publisher's ultimate bad guy, Darkseid, is bringing together the multiverse’s worse to control the ultimate power.

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