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Days Gone: 10 Best Quotes | ScreenRant

Days Gone’s post-apocalyptic world overrun by cannibalistic Freakers gave players some unforgettable characters and powerful lines. These quotes stay with players long after they’ve defeated the Rippers and put down their controllers.

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The best lines from the game are often surprisingly inspiring – they’re a testament to the strength and resilience of the characters who strive for survival against all odds. The bonds that develop between the people in the game are strong and unique, making even the darkest moments tolerable, even a little bit hopeful at times.

10 “You Ever Wonder What It Would Be Like If Just Everywhere, All At Once, The Lights Went Out And Everyone Could Just See The World, Just Like This?” – Sarah

As Sarah Whitaker and Deacon St. John go on a romantic trek through the hills away from the city, the scientist makes this comment about how beautiful the moonlit scene is. Little does she know, her wish will come true in a twisted way when the lights do go out and the Freakers take over.

The relationship between Sarah and Deacon is a focal point of the post-apocalyptic game’s compelling narrative, as the two struggle to come to terms with the presumed death of their partner. The way they find each other in the midst of the chaos is nothing short of a miracle.

9 “This Is Mark Copeland For Radio Free Oregon. Don’t Believe The Lies.” – Copeland

Mark Copeland doesn’t make a good first impression on Deacon and the players, as he’s first introduced as an irrational conspiracy theorist who runs a radio station called Radio Free Oregon. He begins every broadcast by saying “the truth shall set you free” and ends his monologues by reminding listeners to never believe the lies.

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Deacon and Iron Mike are wary of the survivalist and conspiracy theorist, who has amassed a loyal following and runs his own camp. Copeland’s wild claims about the government causing the virus and NERO’s hidden motives sound foolish at first, until players realize he is actually telling the truth whether he knows it or not.

8 “We Make The World What It Is, By What We Do. All Of Us.” – Iron Mike

In one of the bleakest video game worlds, Iron Mike’s Lost Lake encampment serves as a symbol of hope and peace. The old man’s traumatic past experiences caused by anger and violence have convinced him that the only way forward is pacifism.

This line is emblematic of his belief that each person is responsible for bringing about a new era of peace. His attempts at steering clear of aggressive methods are admirable but somewhat naive. Iron Mike sticks to his values despite facing unreasonable enemies like the Rippers and traitors like Skizzo – his kindness and optimism sadly cause his downfall.

7 “So Get Up. Dust Yourself Off. Try Again.” – Deacon

When Deacon finally finds Sarah working with a militia, he’s initially confused by her refusal to escape the dangerous camp. He eventually realizes that Sarah isn’t actually following the Colonel’s ridiculous plan of eliminating large groups of Freakers, she’s finding ways to cure them.

At one point, Sarah says this quote when she gets overwhelmed and feels like giving up hope, stating that she “can’t save them” and “nothing’s gonna be able to bring them back.” Deacon points out that if anyone can do it, it’s her. She’s still able to see and treat the Freakers as humans, after all, unlike Deacon and his friends who see them as wild animals.

6 “Will I Be Able To Play Piano After All This Is Over?” – Boozer

Days Gone is a game that makes zombies scary again, but it also highlights how terrifying humans can become in a post-apocalyptic environment. This is especially evident when Deacon’s loyal friend, Boozer, is attacked by the cultist Rippers who injure his arm badly enough that it needs to get looked at by a professional.

When Deacon and Boozer finally get help from the doctor, Addy Walker, they learn that Boozer’s arm needs to be amputated. The mercenary’s humor and optimism really shine through in this line, which he says while he’s in recovery after losing his arm. He even makes another dark joke about trying to use chopsticks again to comfort Deacon, who Boozer knows feels guilty about the situation.

5 “Everyone I Ever Cared About Is Dead.” – Lisa

Lisa Jackson’s story arc is a heartbreaking one, and like Deacon, players likely find themselves feeling bad for the young teen who was separated from her parents during the outbreak. She survived on her own for two years in her family’s home, hoping that her parents would one day return.

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Deacon becomes attached to the young character, who he believes is too weak to fend for herself. He thinks he’s helping her by sending her off to different encampments, but it only causes her more pain. Lisa’s fate is for her to decide, and Deacon thankfully learns that she has experienced her own kinds of trauma and needs to deal with it her own way.

4 “Doesn't Matter When You Hit The Road, Where You're Headin' Out To — But You Damn Well Better Know Where You're Comin' Home To.” – Boozer Quoting Jack

Boozer and Deacon reminisce about their lives before the Freakers showed up in a moving moment in the game where they talk about the Mongrels Motorcycle Club. Deacon asks why they even wear their jackets with the club’s emblems.

The two realize that they continue to wear “the colors” to remind them of the important lessons they learned from Jack, who was their mentor and the leader of the club. Boozer quotes the most crucial lesson of them all, which all members know by heart. It still applies to the unforgiving world they live in now, as they always remember to come home to the people they trust and value the most.

3 “Rivers Do Not Drink Their Own Water. Trees Do Not Eat Their Own Fruit. And Clouds Do Not Swallow Their Own Rain. What Great Ones Have Is Always For The Benefit Of Others.” – Rikki

As Deacon and a few of the members of Iron Mike’s encampment somberly stand in front of his grave, the protagonist asks Addy what the symbols on his tombstone mean. Rikki Patil, who gave Addy the pattern, explains that it’s an old Hindu proverb her mom taught her.

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The line is perfect to celebrate Iron Mike’s life and ideals. His vision was always to restore the world through pacifism, generosity, and kindness. The Lost Lake encampment serves as a haven for those lucky enough to find it and Iron Mike will always be remembered as the man who gave Deacon and his friends a place they could call home.

2 “They're Coming. I'm Sorry. There's Nothing You Can Do To Stop Them. There's Nothing Anyone Can Do.” – O’Brian

In the most shocking twist during one of the best video game secret endings of all time, players are summoned by the NERO researcher, James O’Brian. After working alongside him throughout Deacon’s journey, players likely expect the cutscene to show the researcher thanking the protagonist or wrapping things up.

However, things take a dark turn when O’Brian removes the mask that he has been wearing throughout the game. He reveals that he has been a Freaker all this time, albeit a more advanced and highly intelligent one. He leaves players with an epic cliffhanger, which is mostly a vague warning about NERO’s true intentions and a mysterious, imminent danger.

1 “Do You Know Why We Keep Going? Because What The Hell Else Are We Gonna Do?” – Deacon

Boozer and Deacon’s friendship always gets them through the tough times, but it’s not always enough. When Boozer has a bit too much to drink one night, he starts contemplating about ending it all and he probably would have if Deacon wasn’t there to stop him.

Things are becoming too unbearable for Boozer who tragically lost his wife in the chaos of the outbreak. He tells Deacon that he hears the pounding of the Freakers in his head from the first day they came for his family. Instead of lying and assuring him that everything will be okay, Deacon knows firsthand exactly what he means and says this powerful line about why they have to keep going anyway.

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