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Destiny 2: Morgeth Boss Guide (Last Wish Raid) | Screen Rant

Morgeth is the third boss of the Last Wish raid, and this boss fight is one of the easiest end-game encounters in Destiny 2Building up to the damage phase is the hardest part, but with proper team communication, this fight can be completed in no time at all. The fight with Morgeth will introduce new mechanics to the Destiny 2 Last Wish raid, and the team can easily be wiped out if they're not careful.

While Morgeth can be defeated from afar with Rocket Launchers and Sniper Rifles, it's going to be easier if close-range weapons are used underneath him. With the new Destiny 2 Season of the Lost weapon mod called Particle Deconstruction, Guardians can use Fusion Rifles, like Null Composure, and Liner Fusion Rifles to debuff Morgeth and decimate his health bar faster than almost any other raid boss in Destiny 2. Shotguns with the Vorpal Weapon perk are also a great choice, as they deal massive amounts of damage to bosses.

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After the encounter starts, divide the Fireteam up into two teams of three. One team will be on the right side of Morgeth, the other on the left. One person from the left team needs to grab the floating Taken Strength orb in front of Morgeth to officially start the encounter. Keep in mind that this encounter will have Destiny 2 common enemies, but any of the Season of the Lost weapons can help defeat them. Including the first Taken Strength orb, a total of 10 orbs will spawn throughout the battlefield over time. Five teammates need to be charged with picking up two orbs. Anyone who picks up more than two orbs will die, and if Morgeth picks up the orbs and reaches 100 percent strength, he will wipe the team.

Morgeth will target teammates that have Taken Strength and freeze them in place with a unique Last Wish raid debuff called Umbral Enervation. One teammate will have to grab an Eye of Riven in order to free them, but they'll take the Taken Strength effect away. So, if the trapped Guardian has Taken Strength x2, any teammate with Taken Strength x1 who tries to free them will have Taken Strength x3 and die shortly afterward. Teammates without Taken Strength should be the ones to free the trapped Guardians. For this reason, the teammate who grabs the first Taken Strength should not be the one to free any trapped teammate.

Furthermore, a single teammate should grab two Taken Strengths at a time, and whoever grabs the first Taken Strength should also grab the tenth orb that spawns by itself at the end. Aside from the first and last orbs, which spawn in the middle, two orbs on both the left and right sides spawn at the same time twice in this Destiny 2 raid encounter.

After all Taken Strength orbs are grabbed, have the Warlock teammate set up a Well of Radiance right behind Morgeth. Using Fusion Rifles and Shotguns, fire as many shots into Morgeth as possible. The amount of damage from all six Guardians should be enough to defeat him and end this Destiny 2 encounter, but if not, one Guardian must use the Eye of Riven's Super to stagger Morgeth. This will start the Taken Strength orbs phase again until Morgeth is defeated.

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Destiny 2 is available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S, and Google Stadia platforms.

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