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Destiny 2: Riven Boss Guide (Last Wish Raid) | Screen Rant

Riven is the final boss of the Last Wish raid, and fighting her is one of the most challenging experiences in all of the end-game content available in Destiny 2. Furthermore, defeating Riven is not the end of the raid itself. After she lays dead, Guardians will have to make one final stand bringing her heart from one location to the next, all while fighting off Taken enemies from the inside of the heart of Riven.

For this boss fight, the best weapons are going to be a mix of precision and heavy damaging weapons. Unlike the previous bosses in the Last Wish raid, there will be several times in the fight against Riven where Guardians will want to have pinpoint accuracy, and nothing more. Highly accurate Auto Rifles, like Destiny 2's Chroma Rush Override weapon from Season of the Splicer, are a great choice to bring. They'll serve multiple purposes, including defeating lesser enemies and damaging Riven. It is best to bring a Sniper Rifle and or a long-range Machine Gun, and, depending on which weapon is chosen, a Fusion Rifle or Linear Fusion Rifle.

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Start this Last Wish raid encounter by dividing into two teams of three, and have one team travel left and the other right. Standing on the three glowing plates on each side will start the encounter, dropping all Guardians down past Riven. Follow the pathway through the respective side's door until two new chambers are reached. One of two things will happen in these chambers, either Riven will show her head, or Taken enemies will have to be defeated. Riven will eventually pop her head into both chambers, but she does different things each time she shows herself. No Destiny 2 Champions are present during this fight.

For the chamber where Riven does not show her face first, a Taken Knight will spawn, and when it dies it will drop an Eye of Riven. One Guardian from the trio must pick up the and stand where the Knight spawned. They should see a symbol when they face the center of their Last Wish raid chamber, and call it out to their teammates. Another teammate is going to stand on the platform on the opposite side of the chamber from where the Knight spawned, and they'll many different symbols, some of which are from Destiny 2's Shattered Throne dungeon.

While continuously standing on the platform, direct the teammate with the Eye of Riven to the symbol they called out. While holding the Eye of Riven, this teammate must use their grenade ability to cleanse the symbol. Eventually, both sides will have to do this part, twice, and whoever picks up the Eye of Riven the first time cannot pick it up again in the Last Wish raid.

For the team that has Riven spawn in first, dodge her tentacle swing and fire breathing attacks. While dodging, shoot the tentacle and the inside of her mouth to get her to flinch. The Destiny 2's Xenophage Exotic Machine Gun is a great choice for making Riven flinch throughout the Last Wish raid. When Riven flinches, her outer shell will open up to reveal her eyes. Two of the ten eyes will be glowing, and it's up to this team to remember and call out which eyes are glowing for the other team. Calling Riven's eyes out is easier when they're each given a designation. For example, from left to right, a common way of referring to Riven's eyes are:

  • L1 (Furtherest Eye Left)
  • L2
  • L3
  • L4
  • L5 (The left eye in the center of Riven's face)
  • R1 (The right eye in the center of Riven's face)
  • R2
  • R3
  • R4
  • R5 (Furthest Eye Right)

After Riven flinches, she will leave the first chamber and head to the second. The team that just flinched her will have to complete the Eye of Riven taken puzzle, while the second team fighting her must damage her and shoot the appropriate eyes. Riven will open her mouth in preparation for an attack that will make the entire team start this Last Wish raid encounter over. Using a weapon that is easy to control, like one of Destiny 2's many Hand Cannons, shoot the Taken material forming in her mouth until she closes her mouth. Next, shoot the two eyes that the first team had called out originally. Shooting any other eye will result in the entire Fireteam wiping. Afterward, Riven will retreat again and both teams will turn around to a lift that brings them to the second floor. The entire process up to this point will be repeated on the second floor until both teams can go up the next lift to the original throne room where they all dropped down from.

Defeat all of the lesser taken enemies in the throne room, or as many as possible, before Riven shows up. She will once again use her tentacle and fire-breathing attacks, but using a weapon like the Null Composure Fusion Rifle will get her to stop quickly. Continue to attack her until she flinches and shows her two glowing eyes. Two at a time, Riven will eventually show six different glowing eyes in total. The Fireteam should split up each pair of eyes between two teammates at a time during this part of the Last Wish raid. For example:

  • Guardian One is responsible for L2
  • Guardian Two is responsible for R4
  • Guardian Three is responsible for R2
  • Guardian Four is responsible for L5
  • Guardian Five is responsible for L3
  • Guardian Six is responsible for R1

After the last pair of eyes is shown, Riven will move once more and return with the Taken material in her mouth. Shoot as much of it as possible, and she will take heavy damage. After she closes her mouth, Riven's outer shell will open again. All 10 eyes will be shown, but the six that were shown before have to be shot. If the wrong eye is shot then the team will wipe, and the encounter will start over (which is why it's best that one Guardian is only responsible for one eye). After all of her eyes are shot, Riven will retreat, and each player will have to return to the original plate that they started the encounter on.

Once each plate is stood on, the floor will drop down, and once more the Guardians will slowly fall. This time, Taken bubbles will be all over her body. Shoot them for some massive damage, hopefully bringing her down to the last bit of health separated on her health bar. If not, this Destiny 2 encounter just starts as it did in the beginning.

When the final portion of Riven's health bar is reached the whole Fireteam will be transported to a Taken Realm that damages each player slowly over time. Navigate through the pathway until the single orb of Taken Strength is reached. Grab the orb, and all six Fireteam members will be teleported back to the throne room, even the ones that may have died along the way. Riven will reappear in the throne room, and she needs to be shot in the mouth until she looks like she is dead (Destiny 2's Ascendancy Rocket Launcher will finisher her quickly). Travel inside her body through her mouth until her heart is reached. Destroy her heart, and this Last Wish raid encounter finally ends. Return Riven's heart to the Vault beginning to complete the Last Wish raid.

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Destiny 2 is available on PC, PlayStation4, PlayStation5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S, and Google Stadia platforms.

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