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Dynasty: Fallon Carrington's Best Quotes | ScreenRant

While The CW reboot series Dynasty is all about the wealthy Carrington family, some might argue that Fallon Carrington is the star on Dynasty. She has some of the best lines on the series and has also enjoyed one of the best character arcs.

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While Fallon is still a very career-oriented, self-serving person, she has softened in some ways, proving that she does care deeply about others, whether it's her friends Sam and Kirby, her husband Liam, or even her once estranged mother Alexis. Still, she is often the most entertaining when it comes to dialogue.

10 "How Many Men Do I Need To Say This To? I Don't Need Your Protection"

Along with being a fierce businesswoman, Fallon is also a feminist who is never afraid to speak her mind. Whether she's in a boardroom full of men or trying to get out from under her father's shadow, she always handles situations with poise, never seeming uncomfortable or like she feels out of place.

So, this line makes total sense coming from Fallon, who spent all her life trying to be someone other than Blake's daughter and being protected. What she truly wants is to prove that she has the business savvy to survive on her own.

9 "The Fantasy Where You're Smart, Funny, And Appealing To Women Only Exists On Your Laptop"

Fallon is quick-witted, even when delivering a retort to a man who is proving his egotistical nature. She somehow manages to come up with the perfect rebuttals when someone is trying to insult her or displaying their narcissism.

This quote is an insult but it's also a perfect way to put someone in their place and let them know they aren't everything they think they are, which is something Fallon does often to everyone, whether it's family, friends, or strangers.

8 "You Wanna Gaslight Me? I'll Set The Gasoline On Fire"

When it comes to gaslighting, Fallon is adamant that she will not be a victim, as evidenced by this quote. She will not let anyone inflict this type of psychological abuse and manipulation on her, making her question reality or whether she is making the right judgments, for the sake of serving their own self-interests.

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Along with having an Ivy League education, Fallon is also street smart and extremely resourceful. She sees right through any type of gaslighting, and won't just push back against it, she'll put an outright stop to it.

7 "I Don't Have Trust Issues, I Just Know Better"

It makes total sense for a person like Fallon to deliver a quote like this. Having grown up in a family where her father was always working, her mother seemingly abandoned her, and the butler basically raised her, Fallon doesn't really have faith in many people. Fallon has always been surrounded by the biggest villains from Dynasty.

What's more, because of her wealth and status, Fallon has to question peoples' true motives because she always fears someone wants something from her. While it's a negative way to view the world, it's understandable given everything she has been through, and been lied to about.

6 "Wealth-Shaming Is For The Working Class. And They're Not On The Guest List"

Fallon is a pro at delivering insensitive quotes in a way that also demonstrates her ignorance of how the other 99% of the world lives. She feels no guilt about her wealth and the fact that she can get anything money can buy. She's reckless sometimes with money and isn't afraid to go over-the-top with everything, simply because she can.

But, as this quote proves, she also doesn't feel guilty about it. She was born into the life she has and she plans to enjoy every minute of her success and access.

5 "You Know, There's A Thin Line Between True Love And Truly Psycho"

Fallon doesn't mince words, so she isn't afraid to let someone know if they are teetering on the line and behaving in a way that might turn heads. When it comes to love, it's true that someone who is truly in love will do anything for the person.

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However, as Fallon notes, once it's taken too far, the person might want to be careful as they can come across as though they are unhinged. And Fallon will be first in line to tell them that they're acting out of sorts and might actually scare the person away.

4 "I Love You Almost As Much As I Love My Trust Fund"

Fallon knows no other life than one full of excess, so it makes sense that she can't imagine ever living without all of the wealth she gets to enjoy. So, when she says something like this, it actually means she really does love the person deeply.

Of course, no person should ever be compared to money. But when it comes to Fallon, her trust fund is like her baby. It's what keeps her ticking and able to accomplish all of the successes she wants to accomplish in life. The trust fund is what helped Fallon have some great outfits on Dynasty, and always look so put together.

3 "I Don't Say Things I Don't Mean Unless It's 'Sorry'"

Fallon is not only witty, she is also quite funny, as evidenced from this quote. Fallon isn't one to apologize to anyone or for anything. Every move she makes is calculated and even if someone gets hurt in the process, it's just collateral damage.

Fallon has shown emotional growth through the seasons of Dynasty. But she won't apologize for anything unless there's truly a reason. Most of the time, if she does, it likely isn't sincere but simply a necessary means to an end. There were a lot of things Fallon from Dynasty did that were good, but plenty she did that was bad as well.

2 "Next Time, Get Him To Buy You A Soda And Popcorn First"

In a season 4 episode, Fallon caught her school rival Oliver with his personal assistant at a drive-in, kissing while he was married. After she decided not to blackmail him with the photos, Fallon made sure she got the last word before leaving the room.

The woman looked stunned and confused since she didn't know there was a stake-out and that they were caught on camera. Nonetheless, Fallon gave her something to think about, and showed her, even if in a subtle way, that she should value herself as a strong woman instead of the other woman.

1 "That Is The 'Daddy Did Something Very, Very Bad' Gift'"

When Fallon saw a piece of expensive jewelry Blake gifted to Cristal, she didn't hesitate to ask her mother-in-law what Blake did wrong. While Cristal seemed confused at the question, Fallon explained to her that she had seen this act before, and the gift was of the status and monetary caliber to suggest that it was an apology gift.

Indeed, Blake did buy the jewelry for his wife out of guilt. Only Fallon would happily tell Cristal what it was for, causing a rift between the two of them, and assuming that Cristal already knew and was happily accepting his lavish guilt gift.

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