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Every Season 1 Episode Of Invincible, Ranked According To IMDb

In today’s day and age, audiences can’t get enough of their favorite superheroes. Established superheroes dominate the television, box office, and social media feeds alike. So when a relative newcomer like Invincible breaks onto the scene, there’s probably a good reason for it.

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While the cast of Image Comics has not reached the mainstream appeal of Marvel or DC, fans were thrilled upon hearing Invincible would be getting its own animated series. However, nobody expected the final product to be arguably better than the source material itself. So far, the series has embraced a darker tone for mature audiences which ultimately help tell the story of the Grayson family to its fullest extent.

8 Episode 6: “You Look Kinda Dead” - 7.7

As the lowest-rated episode of the season, it’s easy to understand why some fans weren’t pleased by a detour to college. After taking on a team of supervillains and the Battle Beast himself, Mark is now seen in “You Look Kinda Dead” struggling to defeat a single zombified cyborg.

This episode is also plagued by an excess of relationship drama between Mark and Amber, which is particularly hard to watch when their relationship hasn’t been incredibly enticing thus far anyways. That being said, the mad genius that is D.A. Sinclair redeems this episode with his plots and will have more in store for fans sooner than expected.

7 Episode 4: “Neil Armstrong, Eat Your Heart Out” - 7.9

While Mark has been getting progressively more familiar with his powers up to this point, he hadn’t really undertaken a mission that was fully his responsibility. Mark is tasked with defending a team of astronauts bound for Mars, which unbeknownst to them, is under siege by an alien race known as the Sequids.

Barely escaping with their lives, the astronauts accidentally leave one of their team behind, giving the Sequids a perfect host for their future invasion plans of Earth. Cecil also discovers that Omni-Man is responsible for the deaths of the Guardians, escalating tensions leading up to the inevitable conflict with Earth’s greatest hero.

6 Episode 3: “Who You Calling Ugly?” - 8.3

As a reward for the way he handled the Flaxan invasion, Teen Team leader Robot is tasked with putting together a new version of the Guardians of the Globe. Many heroes try out for the team, and Robot merges the Teen Team with new members Black Samson, Monster Girl, and Shrinking Rae.

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This episode marks the start of Robot’s devious master plan, as he also releases the Mauler Twins from prison in hopes of obtaining a new biological body. With Robot’s schemes, Damien Darkblood on Omni-Man’s trail, and Amber confused by Mark’s flaky attitude, this was one of the most mysterious episodes of the first season.

5 Episode 2: “Here Goes Nothing” - 8.6

With the Guardians of the Globe killed in action and Omni-Man currently indisposed, Cecil is forced to call upon the younger Grayson to defend an alien invasion from the species known as the Flaxans. Mark joins the Teen Team in the fight and gets acquainted with each member’s skill sets.

The Teen Team proves to be a significant step down from the Guardians, and countless innocent lives are lost in the fray. This episode forces Mark to come to grips with the grim reality of the superhero life, as well as grants him an opportunity to grow closer with his classmate and fellow Teen Team member Atom Eve.

4 Episode 1: “It’s About Time” - 9.0

As a season opener, “It’s About Time” does more than enough to build up what’s in store for the series. Invincible kicks off by introducing Mark Grayson, the son of the most powerful superhero on the planet, Omni-Man. While his home life seems ideal, Mark struggles with the fact his powers still haven’t surfaced.

Meanwhile, viewers are treated to a montage of the Guardians of the Globe - intended to be a parodied spin-off of the Justice League - saving the day and living their everyday lives. Those lives would soon be cut short though, as the episode concludes in a shocking twist ending where Omni-Man brutally murders the world’s strongest protectors. This conclusion absolutely stunned fans online and left them wanting more.

3 Episode 5: “That Actually Hurt” - 9.2

Leading up to this point, the show has followed Mark and the progression of his powers while he beats up on lesser villains. When confronting the crime lord Machine Head, however, Mark quickly learns that there’s bigger fish in this pond.

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Mark relies on his superior strength as usual, but quickly realizes the one known as Battle Beast is clearly out of his league, and ihe s brutalized by the villain. The Guardians show up to help, but the confrontation ends with Battle Beast nearly killing Monster Girl and Black Samson as well. Battle Beast decides these heroes are no longer worth his time, and fans have been clamoring to see more of him ever since.

2 Episode 7: “We Need To Talk” - 9.6

While episode 6 was a slog to get through for some, it set the table perfectly for episode 7 to be pure nonstop entertainment. As Robot executes his plan and dies so that his newly created clone can live, he’s absent for the biggest emergency the new Guardians of the Globe could ever possibly face.

Meanwhile, Omni-Man massacres Donald and a team of GDA agents once he discovers they’ve taken Debbie. Sinclair’s Reanimen, an enormous satellite weapon, and a monstrous kaiju are all employed in a frenzied attempt to stop Omni-Man at any cost. Nothing seems to stop Nolan until The Immortal himself returns from the dead, just to be murdered yet again by Omni-Man on live television in what makes for the best cliffhanger in the show’s short history.

1 Episode 8: “Where I Really Come From” - 9.7

Following the havoc his father wrought in episode 7, Mark can no longer ignore the grim reality of what his father has done. Choosing to side with humanity, Mark takes up arms against his father in what just might be humanity’s last hope against a potential Viltrumite invasion.

The audience can’t help but root for Mark even as he’s outclassed and brutally beaten in every exchange with Nolan, resulting in pure carnage as their duel causes the deaths of hundreds of civilians. While this battle would go on to spawn one of Invincible's most iconic memes, there was nothing funny about watching Mark beaten within an inch of his life by his own father. “Where I Really Come From” proved to be a masterpiece and played a big role in getting the series fast-tracked for the second and third seasons.

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