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Fortnite: Where To Collect A Harpoon Gun (Season 8) | Screen Rant

Players will need to find a Harpoon Gun to complete a Fortnite Season 8 challenge. This competitive season of Fortnite is changing how it handles its challenges. In the past, new challenges would be made available every week for players to complete for tons of XP for their Battle Pass. This time around, no new challenges are made weekly but rather, players can complete Punchcards that have their own XP value. While tons of these Punchcards reward players with XP, others like the Balenciaga Punchcard in Fortnite rewarded players with sprays. A quick way to clear these out is by completing the new Character Quests, missions provided by NPCs on the map. In the case of the Harpoon Gun, players will need to collect one for Grim Fable.

She was added to the game as a new Character Quest as the season progressed. In order to unlock her questline, players will need to speak with her first. She can be found wandering around Weeping Woods. Once players speak with her, she will give them a new challenge to complete. These are all five quests:

  • Hide in a haystack at Corny Crops: 30K XP.
  • Destroy three beds in Holly Hedges or Pleasant Park: 30K XP.
  • Collect a harpoon gun: 30K XP.
  • Hunt a wolf: 30K XP.
  • Emote within 10m of wildlife: 30K XP.

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Completing these quests in Fornite is easily the fastest way to level up in Season 8. The third challenge requires players to find a Harpoon Gun. The thing that makes this challenge so difficult is that the Harpoon Gun can be incredibly difficult to come across. For those looking for the Harpoon Gun location in Fortnite, here's where to find it.

The best place to land to complete this Fortnite challenge will be Craggy Cliffs. This entire location is nautical-themed with tons of different fish shops and located right on the beach. One location in particular within this area is called Cap'n Carp. There will be a big blue sign with an orange fish on the cover. Players can start to loot this location for the best chance of finding a Harpoon Gun. Since this is a fishing shop, players will notice tons of Fishing Rods in the area as well.

They are incredibly common, but players may need to keep looking on both floors until they find a Harpoon Gun. If it doesn't spawn, they can try again in a different round and repeat the process. Completing this challenge will give players 30K XP and unlock the fourth challenge in Grim Fable's questline. It's completely luck-based if players can find a Harpoon Gun in Fortnite but Cap'n Carp is the best place to look.

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Fortnite is available now on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch, and Android.

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