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Gilmore Girls: 10 Of The Nicest Things Jess Ever Did | ScreenRant

It's true that Jess Mariano makes some big mistakes on Gilmore GirlsWhen he's in high school, he skips classes and works a retail job full-time, and he's not very kind to Luke until he finally realizes how much his uncle has done for him. Jess isn't always a flawless partner for Rory, either, as they fight a lot once they finally begin dating in season 3.

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But despite Jess's wrong moves and rebel behavior, he cares about Rory, Luke, and the people of Stars Hollow, at least once he gets used to living in this quirky place. As Jess keeps returning on Gilmore Girls, fans learn that Jess is, at his core, a sweet person who makes some good choices.

10 Jess Warns Rory About Logan

Rory and Logan's relationship isn't completely positive, especially not when he seems fine that she has dropped out of Yale and that she's not on the same journey that she always was on. When Rory, Logan, and Jess go out to dinner, Jess doesn't like Logan at all, and he tells Rory later that he doesn't believe they should be together.

While Rory thinks that Jess is overstepping his boundaries, fans can appreciate what Jess has to say, and it's nice that he wants to give Rory some advice. She might not listen, but she does start to realize that Logan might not be as perfect as she thought that he was.

9 Jess Tells Rory She Motivated Him To Change His Life

Season 6 of Gilmore Girls is funny and tragic, and one unexpected moment is when Jess comes to see Rory, who's living at Emily and Richard's. He shows her that he has written and published a novel, and he says that she definitely inspired him to start living a better life.

This is not only a sweet scene that involves these two beloved characters reconnecting, but it also allows Jess to help Rory see that she impacted him in a powerful and meaningful way. Rory is so lost here and thinks that she has ruined her life, since she has left Yale, but Jess makes her see herself differently.

8 Jess Helps Luke See That He Loves Lorelai

Luke is just as lost as Rory and Lorelai in the Netflix revival A Year In The Life. Luke and Jess share a heartwarming scene in the diner and Luke says that he doesn't want Lorelai to leave forever, as she is off on her Wild-inspired journey.

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In one of the nicest things that he has ever done, Jess helps Luke see that he truly loves Lorelai and that they're going to be fine. This is an incredible display of kindness and maturity, especially since he appears to be single and fans don't know if he has dated anyone since his relationship with Rory fell apart. Jess tells his uncle just what he needs to hear.

7 Jess Thinks That Rory Should Write A Book Based On Her Life Story

When comparing Rory's season 1 and revival storylines, the most significant change is that now, Rory is working on a book based on her life growing up with the fun and caring Lorelai. But Rory doesn't come to this on her own, as Jess tells her that it's only logical for her to tell this inspiring and moving story.

Jess is much wiser and sweeter in the revival than when he's a teenager, as the years have been good to him, and viewers love when he gives this helpful and smart advice. It really proves that he gets Rory deep down and that he can tell what she has to do next.

6 Jess Convinces Rory To Finish Yale

Lorelai is worried sick about Rory dropping out of college, but it's actually Jess who lets Rory know that she's acting completely strange and that she should head back to campus as soon as possible.

Jess might not realize it at the time, but this is one of the most caring actions that he could ever take. Rory really needs to hear this and it's even better that it comes from someone who she has seen through some tough moments.

5 Jess Tells Luke That Luke Is In Love With Lorelai

Fans love Luke and Lorelai romantic moments, but when watching the early seasons of the show, it feels like it will take them forever to admit how they feel. In a funny and moving season 3 scene, Luke tells Jess that Lorelai said he hid Shane in a closet. Jess can see right through Luke and says that Luke is obviously in love with Lorelai.

When Jess tells his uncle, "Unlike some other people I know, I'm not going to sit around hoping that they change their minds and suddenly notice me," he might hurt his feelings, but his words are coming from a good place. Jess and Luke might not be friendly yet, but Jess can tell that Luke needs to share his love for Lorelai before it's too late.

4 Jess Wants Dean To Be Out Of The Picture

While Jess and Rory clearly have chemistry before they begin seeing each other in season 3, and they do kiss at Sookie and Jackson's wedding, Jess does wait to make a move. He wants to make sure that Rory and Dean have officially broken up and he really doesn't want to get in the way or make things too complicated.

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Even though Jess is heartbroken that Rory is already in a serious relationship when he meets her and realizes that he has feelings for her, he does respect Rory and Dean and try his best to wait and see if things will fall apart.

3 Jess Wants Luke To See His Publishing House

In season 6, Jess asks Luke and Rory to attend an event that he's helping host for the publishing company that he's gotten a job at.

It's incredibly kind that Jess extends an invitation to Luke as he's basically asking him to be more involved in his life. He even meets April, and while they only chat briefly, it means a lot to Luke that he and Jess can have a relationship at this point in their lives, after all of the drama of Jess's high school years.

2 Jess Helps Rory Feel More Understood And Seen

Fans think Rory and Jess belong together because when they first meet as teenagers in Stars Hollow, they realize that they both love literature and enjoy the same books.

While this is often cited as a reason that they should end up as a couple, it's also proof that Jess sees Rory for who she is and totally understands her. Rory can be shy, quiet, and insecure at times, and Jess does a nice deed by showing her that he likes her personality and intelligence. This helps build her self-esteem.

1 Jess Thanks Luke For Being There For Him

While Gilmore Girls fans would love for Jess to appreciate Luke's time, care, and effort earlier on, at least he finally thanks his uncle for taking care of him in season 4.

Luke may say that he already knows how Jess feels and that thanks aren't necessary, viewers can tell that this is incredibly meaningful for Luke and that it would be really tragic if he never heard these kind words from his nephew.

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