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Halloween Kills Image Shows Strode Women After Michael Myers Fire

Halloween Kills hit theaters next month and star Jamie Lee Curtis is continuing to hype the film’s release by sharing a new image that previews the Strode women covered in blood. Since John Carpenter’s 1987 original movie Halloween, Curtis has played the leading heroine Laurie Strode who is hunted by Michael Myers, a deranged serial killer that cannot be stopped. Curtis recently hyped the film's upcoming release with a behind-the-scenes set photo that featured Strode cross-armed and cast in black and white lighting.

The 2018 Halloween revamp introduced audiences to Laurie's daughter Karen (Judy Greer) and granddaughter Allyson (Andi Matichak). Still haunted by the threat of Myers, Strode fell upon drinking heavily and rarely leaving her fortified house, which essentially led to the state taking away her daughter when Karen was 12-years-old. The movie reveals that while Laurie's alienated herself from her daughter in the present day, she still keeps in contact with Allyson. Throughout the events of the movie, Laurie eventually teams up with both Karen and Allyson to fend off Myers once he makes his comeback. The trio set Laurie's house ablaze at the end, trapping Myers inside. However, the post-credits scene, and recently released Halloween Kills trailer, makes it clear Myers is still alive and looking to take on the Strode women.

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Shared to her Instagram account, Curtis posted an image from Halloween Kills featuring the Strode women covered in blood after the Myers fire. Laurie, Karen, and Allyson, looking disheveled and worn down, set the mood for the upcoming movie. Curtis caption the photo, “HALLOWEEN CONTENT COLD. SCARED. STRODE STRONG,” and also tagged Greer and Matichak. View Curits’ photo of the bloody Strode women below:

The events of Halloween Kills will take place right after 2018’s Halloween ending, which picks up after the Strode women escape the house fire and hitchhike to the nearest hospital. The photo seems to be from their journey to the hospital, with the trio riding in the back of a pickup truck and looking back at the fire, covered in blood and bruises. While the women do appear worn down after the fight, recent Halloween Kills trailers enforce the idea that the Strode women are not defeated and ready to take on whatever horrors await them, which is also evidenced by Curtis’ use of the caption “STRODE STRONG.”

While the image doesn’t reveal any new information about the plot, it does set the mood for the upcoming movie. For nearly four decades, Strode has fought off her killer and stalker, Myers, and the previous movie made it clear that she’s had enough and is ready to fight back. Given that there is another movie in the works, Halloween Ends, it doesn’t seem like the Strode family will be able to kill Myers this time around. However, the Strode women look ready to put up a helluva fight in Halloween Kills and it seems like they might not make it out alive.

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