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Hawkeye: 10 Things You Need To Know About The Tracksuit Mafia

The Hawkeye trailers confirmed that The Tracksuit Mafia will be making their presence felt in the latest Disney+ series. While they may not appear to be the most intimidating of gangs, they are actually extremely dangerous and pose a real threat to Clint and Kate.

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The characters have already been pitched against the duo of Hawkeyes in the comics and while the world's greatest archers are able to dispatch of them, fans certainly want to find out more about their origins and how they might play into the show itself. At least one thing is for sure, they're still wearing their trademark 'uniforms.'

10 Their Origins

It's never been made completely clear how The Tracksuit Mafia began. The group's origins may be traced back to Russia and Eastern Europe as the majority of their members find their heritage from that region of the world. Comic book fans will know Kate Bishop did some research on the group referring to them as "titushskis." (who are known to be mercenary agents that support the Ukranian government and police force).

It's unclear whether Hawkeye will give the group the same origins at this stage, but it would be compelling to see them as agents of a corrupt police force in the US.

9 Their Comic Book Appearances

The Hawkeye TV show appears to be largely inspired by the Matt Fraction and David Aja solo run in the comics - from the partnership of the two archers to the visual style and even the font used for the logo. The narrative of the Hawkeye seems to be pulling from the iconic comic title as well.

Indeed, The Tracksuit Mafia made their debut in Hawkeye Issue 1 and reappeared eight times throughout the series. They have never made an appearance outside of the title, meaning that they really are a set of antagonists designed for the Hawkeyes to counter. It's a refreshing change of pace to see a vigilante get to face off against their unique set of rogues on screen rather than borrowing from another hero.

8 Hawkeye's Hilarious Nickname

Hawkeye is known for having quite the sense of humor and the MCU's iteration of Clint Barton has been allowed to flex his comedic muscles more and more. With Kate Bishop as his foil, Clint might actually get some of his funniest material yet in the show. In the comics, he is at his best with his partner by his side.

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With the Avenger cracking all sorts of jokes in the comics he comes to nickname The Tracksuit Mafia as "Tracksuit Draculas." It's a name that stuck with the majority of people now referring to the group in this way. The series is sure to riff on that famous name, much to the gang's annoyance no doubt.

7 The MCU's Crime Scene

There's plenty of other MCU-based storylines Hawkeye can and perhaps will explore. Most notably, many of the recent projects from the house of ideas have failed to put the focus on the crime scene found in the major cities. It's a topic that the Netflix Marvel shows dealt with a lot better.

With rumors that Kingpin could be returning to screen in the show, it will be interesting to see how The Tracksuit Mafia fit into all of this. In the comics, they are one of many gangs in New York, all of whom are vying for territory and control. The Mafia themselves even own the building that Hawkeye lives in. Perhaps they will operate in the same powerful circles in the show.

6 Their Costumes

Of course, the reason the mafia have their names in the first place is because of the trademark costumes they wear into battle. Probably much cheaper than fitting the group with a bulletproof uniform, The Tracksuit Mafia are famous for their red tracksuits.

The trailer for Hawkeye shows that the group will be wearing their most famous look, which makes sense considering the name of the group would probably have to change otherwise. The colors of the tracksuits can change based on the hierarchy of the team, with those with more power wearing a black tracksuit instead.

5 Who Is Their Leader?

The leadership of The Tracksuit Mafia isn't completely clear in the comics, with them perhaps having some ties to much more powerful criminals. Although the show could spin this in their favor, perhaps utilizing Kingpin or some other figure, the comics do feature a leader on the ground for the group.

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Decked out in his black tracksuit, Ivan Banionis is the man who owns Clint's building and leads the mafia in his attack on the Hawkeyes. Set photos from Hawkeye seemingly reveal that Banionis will appear marking yet another link to the source material.

4 Clashing With Hawkeye

Hawkeye becomes a problem for the mafia when he began defending the citizens of his apartment building from their cruelty. Banionis ordered the attack on Hawkeye in the comics, without realizing that Kate Bishop would also be there to back him up.

The trailers for the show reveal that something quite similar may take place, although Clint likely won't be living in their apartments so the source of the conflict currently hasn't been revealed. They are not exactly Hawkeye's most dangerous villains but they are a genuine threat to people on the streets. Both Clint and Kate dispatch of them with relative ease.

3 Partnership With The Clown

The Tracksuit Mafia have been known to form strange alliances to bolster their ranks and in the comics, they use the skills of the hitman, known as The Clown. This street-level thug has several kills to his name but isn't quite as talented as the upper-echelon of the business, like Bullseye or Taskmaster.

Real name Kazimierz Kazimierczak, after growing up in a circus and experiencing severe personal trauma, The Clown worked with some heavy hitters in the comics, like Kingpin. However, he ended up being subdued by Kate Bishop when he attacked the apartments. The mercenary is rumored to be making an appearance in Hawkeyealongside the mafia.

2 Threatening Lucky

One of the most despicable things that the mafia did during their attack on the Hawkeyes and Clint's apartment is that they threatened Lucky, the dog. This didn't turn out too well for them, with Kate's best friend attacking The Clown in the midst of his violence.

Lucky appears to be getting a starring role in Hawkeye alongside the two best versions of the purple archer. This is a conflict fans really want to see, with the dastardly villains getting bested by the heroic canine.

1 Role In Hawkeye

There's so much still up in the air about the role The Tracksuit Mafia will play in the show. So many elements from the source material are clearly making their way into the live-action version that the narrative may play out in a very similar fashion.

But, there are other elements to consider, including how this gang interacts with the other villains of the show( including the likes of The Swordsman and the rumored Kingpin). The most predictable outcome is that the group serves as side antagonists for Kate and Clint to develop their bond and partnership with one another.

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