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How to Beat Panic Attack in Psychonauts 2 (Boss Fight)

Panic Attack is one of the many bosses Raz will face in Psychonauts 2. In Psychonauts 2, Raz will enter the mind of Helmut. Towards the end of this level, players will face the physical embodiment of a Panic Attack and must defeat it to help Helmut calm down. Helmut experiences Panic Attack due to sensory overload, and Raz needs to use some of his new abilities to defeat it.

Similar to real-life mental health concerns, Panic Attack appears in Psychonauts 2 as Helmut's body enters fight-or-flight mode. The entire boss arena is covered in rainbow colors, while the Panic Attack is a black monster with a dragon skull for a head. It has two large claws and is one of the more frightening enemies in the game, acting like a wild animal in its movements and tactics. Panic Attack will appear more than once, so players must be prepared each time.

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When fighting Panic Attack in Psychonauts 2, players will need to use Raz's Time Bubble power. Players earn this ability somewhere in the Mote of Light's Mind. It allows players to slow time in a specific area. Because Panic Attack moves quickly, this power will be an important part of stopping it.

The first time Raz encounters it, Panic Attack will be too fast to deal with, and players will need to fight as best they can until it disappears. Once Raz has the Time Bubble ability and the Panic Attack reappears, players will be able to slow it down enough to attack and will have a better chance to keep their distance from the boss. Players should make sure to equip the Time Bubble ability as soon as possible and leave it equipped ahead of this second battle.

Panic Attack's abilities allow it to shoot projectiles and dive toward Raz. Players can counter these attacks by running to the left consistently and jumping when Panic Attack is about to charge. They can use the Time Bubble against both the boss itself and its projectiles.

The best strategy against Panic Attack is to keep a safe distance away and use the PSI Blaster to do some damage. It might take a bit to learn its pattern, but, after a few tries, players can put this Panic Attack to an end. Psychonauts 2 is all about helping people get through moments of crisis and improving their mental health, and fighting the embodiment of a panic attack is just one of the many things Raz can do to help.

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Psychonauts 2 is available now on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, and PC.

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