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How to Beat Rusu's Shooting Challenges in Kena: Bridge of Spirits

Rusu's Shooting Challenge requires players to be fast in Kena: Bridge of Spirits. This is the newest big title to release on PlayStation platforms. As Kena makes her way to the mountain shrine, she is introduced to two children who are looking for their lost brother. Kena soon realizes his spirit hasn't passed on since his mask has yet to turn to dust, symbolizing the transition into the afterlife. She will then need to locate relics for their brother, so that he may peacefully pass. Along the way, players will meet Rusu in the Forgotten Forest, who acts as a spiritual guide to Kena and teaches her how to use her staff as a bow.

Once players learn the Bow Ability, they can press to L2 button to aim. After finding the target, just press R2 to shoot off an arrow. To make sure players are comfortable with the bow, Rusu creates a shooting challenge where players are tasked with hitting targets with their bow and arrow.

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During the practice segment, there is no time limit, allowing players to practice lining up their shots. Once practice is over, the true challenge begins as Ruse will task the player with shooting targets with a strict time limit. This is optional, but it will reward Kena with a prize. This is what it takes to clear out Rusu's Shooting Challenge.

The first challenge requires players to pull a wooden level with the Rot. Four targets will fall from the tree, and players need to hit them before the time runs out. This one is fairly simple since players don't have to move to complete it. Just line up the shots and Rusu will reward the player with currency.

The next challenge requires players to shoot another four targets. Only this time, they are suspended in mid-air. Do the same thing as the previous challenge. Players will be rewarded with the Whirly Bird Hat in the Hat Shop for completing this.

The last challenge requires players to take down 6 targets within 60 seconds. Although, the targets are spread apart from one another. Players will need to follow the path to reach them all. Upon hitting the first target, it will produce a light path to show where the next one is going to appear. Players can move faster by pressing L3 to sprint or by dodge-rolling forward. After learning where every target is, go through the challenge again and clear it before the time runs out. Upon completing these 3 and the tutorial, players will be rewarded with Rusu's Mask in the Hat Shop and 500 currency.

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Kena: Bridge of Spirits is available now on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4.

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