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How To Block Someone On Facebook (Both Ways) | Screen Rant

Unwanted messages and spam posts on Facebook can be annoying, but users can easily block anyone on the platform using either the mobile app or the website. Facebook can be a great way to keep in touch with friends and family, but the torrent of unsolicited messages and posts from family members, clingy friends, and creepy strangers can often become a problem. Blocking any type of direct interactions with these accounts can give someone their peace of mind back.

Blocking is in addition to the "Unfollow", "Unlike", and "Unfriend" options that Facebook offers. Once a user blocks someone on Facebook, the blocked account can no longer interact with the blocker's posts, nor can they like or reply to the blocker's comments. If the person being blocked is a Facebook friend, blocking will also unfriend them so that they won't be able to see what the blocker posts on their profile or tag them in posts, comments, or photos. They will also not be able to invite the blocker to events or groups.

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There are two ways to block someone, and both methods are fairly similar on Android and iOS. The easiest way to block someone on Facebook is to open the app and navigate to the profile of the person to be blocked. Then tap on the three-dot menu button under their profile picture. On the next page, select Block and then confirm the action by tapping on Block once again in the pop-up menu. This should block that person for good.

The second method of blocking someone on Facebook is equally simple. For that, open the app and tap on the hamburger menu (three parallel lines). This will be in the top-right corner on Android and the bottom-right on iOS. On the next page, scroll down to the bottom and select Settings and Privacy followed by Settings in both cases. On the Settings page, scroll down a little and select Blocking under Audience and Visibility, and then tap on Add to Blocked List. To complete the blocking, search for the name of the person and go through the list of names that Facebook suggests based on the search query. Once the right profile has been identified, hit the Block button next to the name. Finally, confirm the selection by hitting Block on the pop-up.

To unblock someone, just retrace the steps by going to Settings and Privacy > Settings > Blocking as described earlier. Now, hit Unblock next to the name of that person and confirm the selection with the pop-up menu. Facebook users are not notified when they're blocked or unblocked, so users can block or unblock as many people they want, as often as they want. Facebook may be a controversy magnet, but it still remains a popular social platform for millions, and not having to deal with annoying profiles only makes the experience more enjoyable.

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