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How To Earn SP In Lost Judgment (The Fast Way) | Screen Rant

In Lost Judgment, earning SP is necessary for unlocking new skills. SP in the Judgment games, is one of the most important things to grind, so players who don’t want to spend time grinding are going to want to know how to earn it quickly.

A trick in Lost Judgment allows players to earn plenty of SP at the very beginning of the game, saving plenty of time later for players to do activities more exciting than grinding. SP is an earnable form of XP in Judgment that allows players to purchase new skills, abilities, and power boosts for Takayuki Yagami.

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Players can earn SP through consuming food, selecting the right dialogue choices, and winning fights. SP is essential for letting Yagami unlock new moves in battle, as well as new general abilities that make the game easier. Thus, the more SP players have earlier on, the easier time they’ll have during the more difficult sections of Lost Judgment later on.

In Lost Judgment, Yagami will be approached on the street frequently to engage in street fights. Usually, the amount of SP earned by these fights is not significant, however, this rate can be increased. One of the Judgement Combat abilities available to be unlocked is an SP boost for SP earned in combat. Players should unlock this ability as soon as possible, ensuring they’re earning as much SP as possible early on. During the first free-roam period of the game, enemies will also reward significantly more SP, and faster. Unlocking the SP boost ability immediately, and then farming enemies as soon as possible, can result in some lopsided returns.

By doing this, players will be able to rank in a significant amount of SP pretty early on. Doing this means players won’t have to worry about grinding for SP to unlock more abilities during mid-game, with an exception of some of the more expensive skills. With all the saved SP, players can invest in abilities that increase Yagami’s Max Health as well as his Damage Power, making these early game fights even easier. Investing in these skills will allow players to grind even faster, creating a scenario in which players won’t have to worry about SP for a while.

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Lost Judgment releases on September 24 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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