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How to Unlock The Sepulchra Breteira Sniper Rifle in Deathloop

Deathloop contains multiple weapons for players to collect, including the coveted, legendary Sepulchra Breteira Sniper Rifle. There are plenty of other rifles in the game, including rapier rifles, but the Sepulchra Breteira is one of the most powerful. The Sepulchra Breteira is a golden weapon, meaning it is legendary, with extra powerful perks.

Golden weapons in Deathloop are one-off items found in specific areas of the game. Certain enemies will drop these golden weapons upon defeat. The Sepulchra Breteira is just one of the golden weapons in Deathloop. Other golden weapons include the Constancy Automatic, Strelak Verso, and Heritage Gun. Since these weapons are so rare, it may be a good idea to turn off the invasion mechanic while hunting them down so players don't lose their focus (and Colt's life).

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Players must trigger a particular event to unlock the Sepulchra Breteira. First, they will need to travel to the Updaam region during the afternoon. Julianna will contact Colt, saying she left a present on the street in front of Dorsey Manor. Players must travel to the end of the level toward the library. Once at the library, they can keep right along the edge of the map, bypassing any necessary obstacles and exploring any buildings along the way. The Dorsey Manor is adjacent to the bakery with the yellow and black storefront.

Once players make it to the Dorsey Manor and Bakery, there will be a box outside. This box is adorned with a bow, indicating it is Julianna’s gift. This gift box is a trap; there are several enemies in the bakery waiting to pounce on an approaching player. Players should leave the gift box alone for the time being and head around the ground floor of the bakery.

Staying low and out of sight, players must make their way up the stairs and open the door. This gives players a view from behind the soldiers waiting to ambush. They can use this angle as an advantage for the upcoming fight. Using abilities like Nexus, Colt can take out all the soldiers in just a few blows.

After players have taken care of the hidden soldiers, one of them will have dropped the Sepulchra Beteira Sniper Rifle. The Sepulchra Breteira has two perks: Deep Lungs, which allows players to hold breath for steadier aim, and Unique, which allows players to zoom into the scope further. Mods like Mobile Marksman, Crack Shot, and Speedloader make the Sepulchra Breteira easier to handle and kill enemies with. In addition, a headshot with the Sepulchra Breteira makes the enemy’s head explode. Players should make sure to infuse the Sepulchra Beteira with Residuum as soon as possible to keep it for another, time-bending loop run in Deathloop.

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Deathloop is available for PlayStation 5 and PC.

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