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Iron Man Just Gave Wolverine His Original Comic Book Weakness

Warning: contains spoilers for Avengers: Tech-On #2!

Marvel's Iron Man just inadvertently gave Wolverine his old comic book weakness after saving him from certain death. The Armored Avenger has a long and storied history in comics books, and has frequently eliminated his weaknesses by periodically upgrading his suit. But in Avengers Tech-On #2, written by Jim Zub with art by Jeffrey "Chamba" Cruz and lettering by VC's Travis Lanham, Tony Stark saves Logan's life at the cost of imprisoning him in a high-tech suit of armor.

In Avengers: Tech-On, the Avengers defeated Thanos and destroyed the Infinity Stones, but the pieces of the Stones have been repurposed by the Red Skull. Calling the collected remains "Infinity Mirror Shards", the Red Skull removes the powers of all Avengers and all superpowers of everyone on Earth. While some Avengers simply lose their strength or speed, Wolverine loses his healing factor and immediately collapses from acute adamantium poisoning. His metal skeleton is now killing him from the inside - but Iron Man has a solution in the form of advanced suits for his entire team.

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The high-tech, 3D-printed suits recreate 0r substitute the powers of each Avenger: Captain Marvel's suit can fly and fire energy beams, Captain America's suit comes equipped with a new shield (to replace the one the Red Skull destroyed), and Spider-Man has multiple arms (emulating the Iron Spider suit popularized in Avengers: Infinity War). But Wolverine's suit is somehow able to recreate his healing powers: "Tony's crazy tin can plan stabilized by healing factor, so I'm back in the fight" says Wolverine as he uses the new suit to great effect. Of course, this means that outside the suit, Wolverine loses his ability to heal once more.

Wolverine is thus entirely dependent on the suit to survive - not unlike Iron Man's first appearance in Tales of Suspense #39. Written by Stan Lee with art by Don Heck and Steve Ditko, Tony Stark's first suit was incredibly bulky but necessary to hold the electromagnet that prevented shrapnel from reaching his heart. Tony was forced to wear the large chestpiece of the suit under his clothes constantly - if it was ever removed or if the armor lost power, he could die. In this respect, Wolverine appears similarly locked in to wearing the armor - at least until Tony and his fellow Avengers find a way to reverse the Red Skull's Infinity Stone-powered actions.

As one of the most popular X-Men, Wolverine does not die (or rather stay dead) easily. Logan's healing factor allows him to take a tremendous amount of punishment that would easily kill any other human. Removing this healing factor allows Wolverine to be vulnerable; making him dependent on Iron Man's armor may even allow both characters to bond in a new way during the remaining issues of Avengers: Tech-On. 

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