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Kate: Which Character Are You, Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

A year after her incredible portrayal of Huntress in Birds of Prey, Mary Elizabeth Winstead returns with force in Netflix’s new action film, Kate. Playing the aforementioned Kate, Winstead proves not only how capable she is in action roles, but in dramatic moments too.

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Kate displays a wide range of emotions of all the characters onscreen. An assassin for hire, Kate doesn’t expect the last job will end her life. But when she learns has been poisoned and has only 24 hours to live, Kate races to find her assailant and connects with all the different personality types of the Tokyo Underworld. From teenage Ani to Kate’s boss Varrick, no one is predictable. These characters are layered, but still have seeds of their Zodiac signs waiting to surface.

12 Aries: Renji

The symbol of the ram, Aries are quick to anger. Those born under this sign are fiery. They are stereotypically fans of brute force and don't back down. Though Renji’s scenes are few and far between, this describes him well.

Second in command of Kijima’s operation in Tokyo, Renji is ambitious. He has no qualms about what he does to get ahead. Even though Kijima is an honorable head of an organized crime unit, Renji does what it takes. He orders the hit on Kate after aligning himself with Varrick. He has no respect for Kijima’s authority and even goes so far as to challenge him to a duel. Renji is overconfident like any Aries, and loses easily.

11 Taurus: Kate

The titular character, Kate has all the characteristics found in Tauruses. Those born under this sign have a maternal side to them. They react against change and like familiar comforts.

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Kate wants to leave the assassin lifestyle for the possibility of starting a family, and she feels immense guilt over killing Ani’s father in front of her. Morals are important to a Taurus and Kate follows her moral code throughout the entire film. Taureans also desire simple comforts. Besides her revenge, all Kate wants is her coveted Boom Boom Lemon. The Japanese drink gives her safety and comfort.

10 Gemini: Varrick

Geminis are visually represented by the symbol of twins. Varrick has a dual nature, which is perfect for Gemini. Geminis are charismatic and manipulative, all traits that Varrick displays. Although he claims to love Kate more than anything, he loves himself more.

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Varrick retains his power through manipulation. He enlisted Kate as a young girl and put her in positions that would turn her into a killing machine. After Kate decides to leave, he makes sure that the person he loved could never leave him. To prove just how insidious he is, he tries to enlist another young and impressionable girl in the form of Ani.

9 Cancer: Kanako

Sensitive and caring, Cancers try to take care of their own as much as they can. One of their many weaknesses is that they try to take on other people’s problems. This is no truer than when Kanako attempts to help Kate.

Kate was poisoned after spending a night with Kanako’s boyfriend, Stephen. Convinced that Stephen had something to do with it, Kate breaks into their house. And even throughout Kate’s accusations, Kanako wants to help her. She has empathy since she and Stephen have been trying to escape the hold that Kijima’s organization has on them. Kanako tries to make Kate as comfortable as she can in her sickness, even though she can’t save Kate’s life.

8 Leo: Jojima

As soon as he is onscreen, Jojima steals the show, as any true Leo would. Leos exude confidence and are usually the bright light at the center of the room. They have large personalities and enjoy the finer things. He enjoys consuming media, an addition to the anime featured in the film.

Jojima stands out as a true Leo when Kate breaks into his apartment. Wearing a silk robe and watching television in his penthouse, there is no luxury Jojima is not afforded. His fashion makes him stand out and he is proud of it. His relationship with Renji affords him this lifestyle and has no remorse. He would kill to keep his status and almost did.

7 Virgo: Shinzo

Quick on the draw, Virgos are quick-witted and can be judgmental. They are perfectionists and if there is a problem, are looking for an efficient solution. A soldier in Kijima’s outfit and a close confidante of Renji, Shinzo fits the bill.

Shinzo does everything that Renji asks of him, including hunting and attempting to kill Ani, a teenage girl. He has no issues with doing this because he thinks that this will solve his problems. Renji yearns to move up in the world and Shinzo will help him do that. No matter what the cost.

6 Libra: Stephen

Libras are easygoing and don’t have issues with many people. They often look for the easiest way out and do not want to be alone. Stephen is hired to poison Kate, though at the time thought she would be non-fatally drugged. He is assured this will get him out of his debt.

Even when Kate bursts into his home and he understands that she is dying, he can’t feel remorse. This was the easiest way to save him and Kanako. Stephen’s desire to get him and his girlfriend out of this predicament is what is most important to him.

5 Scorpio: Kijima

Cunning like their sign the scorpion, Scorpios are often seen as off-putting. They are unpredictable even if they have principles they adhere to. One of the worst things to do to a Scorpio is betray them. That is what happened to Kijima.

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More than anything he cares about his family and his honor. Though Scorpios' motives are often hard to gauge, they are always revealed in the end. Kijima’s reasons for doing things were secret. But they came from a place of loyalty. He lamented the loss of his brother and blamed himself for his death. Even so, he didn’t wallow in it. Once he discovers who is responsible for his brother’s death, he goes after him.

4 Sagittarius: Sato

Emotional to a fault, Sagittarians often meet consequences. They can be friendly and can be consumed with the truth, even if it impacts them negatively. Kate’s only encounter with Sato leads to his demise. She discovers his ties to Kijima and demands to know where his boss is.

Sato is consumed with his fear. Fear of Kate as well as Kijima. Even though he knows it will end in his death, he is unable to answer Kate’s questions.

3 Capricorn: Kentaro

Earth signs tend to be grounded and responsible. As a Capricorn, many are motivated by duty and are largely dependable. Ani’s father Kentaro exemplified these qualities as Kijima’s second in command.

Kataro was the guardian to his daughter as well as a loyal brother to Kijima. Kate’s assassination left behind an orphaned girl who had no one else in the world. He was the only caring presence in her life.

2 Aquarius: The Doctor

Aquariuses can be detached from those around them. They look at the grand scheme of things as a concept and are not known for connecting others. However, there were many smart Aquariuses such as Virginia Woolf and James Joyce.

The doctor treating Kate comes in and out of the story quickly. He views Kate as a patient rather than a person. He helps her because he has no other choice. But he gives her the shots she needs to make it through to the end of the film and is smart enough to help her survive.

1 Pisces: Ani

Romantic and fantastical, Pisces tend to be artists. Music is important to them as well as how they view the world. A girl without any boundaries, Ani fits the bill. Ani is loud and has no thought that she does not vocalize.

Even though she initially judged Kate, Ani grew to love her. Once she got to know her, Ani imagined the amazing world that Kate came from. Ani is a dreamer and resourceful. She bonds to Kate because they are similar and she can get out of dangerous situations.

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