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King's Bounty 2: How to Get Hero’s Battle Armor (Legendary Item)

King's Bounty 2 takes place in the chaotic Kingdom of Nostria: a world full of political conspiracies and sabotage. At the beginning of the game, players will choose either a warrior, mage, or paladin and begin traversing the land. Explore various areas to gather quests, make dialogue choices, and trigger turn-based combat. As players move through King's Bounty 2, they will come across opportunities to obtain legendary gear.

Players can explore and gather a variety of legendary items in the fantasy world of King's Bounty 2. There are many quests to complete that can lead to the acquisition of diverse legendary armor pieces and weapons. Some legendary items can also be purchased by specific vendors or found as treasure in dungeons. Combining legendary items to complete armor sets can grant players stat bonuses and extra abilities.

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King's Bounty 2 contains many legendary items including weapons, armor pieces, rings, and charms. The Hero's Battle Armor is a legendary armor set made up of 6 pieces. Combining and equipping the set will make the wearer cast a spell at the beginning of a battle. Having all of the pieces also gives stat increases to Leadership, Warfare, Power Morale, and Order Morale. Some of the legendary armor pieces can be purchased, and the others are obtained by completing quests.

There are 6 pieces in the Hero's Battle Armor set: Renald's Helmet, Labien's Shield, the White Flame, Baldwin's Armor, Avialius's Best, and Enialius's Greaves. Half of the armor pieces are found while completing quests, and the other half can be bought from specific King's Bounty 2 vendors. Each piece of armor grants certain stat increases. For example, the White Flame gives +100 Leadership, +2 Warfare, and +1 Power Morale, while Baldwin's Armor has 2% Health, 5% Armor, and +150 Leadership. Each piece has 3 stat increases, and combining the set will cast a spell when combat starts.

The armor set pieces can be found in a few different locations. The White Flame and Labien's Shield can both be purchased at the Floster vendor, and Baldwin's Armor can be purchased from the vendor in Marcella. The Enialius' Greaves armor piece is a reward for completing the Tricked Witch quest with the finesse option. The Missing Treasures quest will award Avialius's Best, and to obtain Renald's Helmet, players must complete the Julian & Rosaline quest and choose to summon Rosaline's soul shards.

Certain items have a randomized drop, so players should save the game before attempting to get a legendary item and reload the game if they don't get the right one. This is only the case for some legendary items, so the Hero's BattleArmor set should be fairly easy to obtain. The item bonuses can help players enhance their tactical strategies and combat encounters. King's Bounty 2 has a large number of legendary items, some that can be combined for set abilities, such as the Hero's Battle Armor.

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King's Bounty 2 is available on Xbox One, Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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