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Lucifer Repeats Arrow's Ending With Its Own Series Finale

Warning: The following contains SPOILERS for the series finales of Lucifer and Arrow.

The series finale of Lucifer seems to have taken its ending from Arrow, with both Chloe Decker and Felicity Smoak having to wait for decades before joining the love of their life in the afterlife. Ironically, the reasons for this had much higher stakes in the Arrowverse, where Oliver Queen left his wife and infant daughter behind to join the cosmic being known as the Monitor in saving the Multiverse. Lucifer Morningstar was similarly forced to abandon a pregnant Chloe in order to keep his word and close a time-loop to prevent a paradox.

The final season of Arrow acted as both an introduction to the Crisis on Infinite Earths event that established the new Arrowverse setting of Earth-Prime and a capstone for the series that started it all. Arrow's series finale, "Fadeout," ended with a callback to the season 7 finale where Felicity Smoak, having spent nearly two decades raising her daughter alone, was met by the Monitor, who fulfilled his promise to reunite Felicity and Oliver at the appropriate time. The final scene showed Felicity stepping through a portal and into what appeared to be Moira Queen's old office at Queen Consolidated, which was the first place where Oliver Queen had seen the love of his life. As promised, Oliver was there waiting for her, ready to spend the rest of eternity with her.

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The plot of Lucifer season 6 also centered around family matters and the sudden arrival of an angry young archangel named Rory, who was out to kill Lucifer and ultimately revealed to be Lucifer and Chloe's daughter from the future. This set up a new mystery for the final episodes of Lucifer season 6, as Lucifer tried to get to know the daughter he had reportedly never known, while puzzling out what would ever cause him to abandon the love of his life and his unborn child. The answer came in Lucifer's finale, "Partners 'Til the End," as Lucifer, thinking on recent events and his father saying that "Hell no longer needs a keeper," realized that he was meant to be a healer and help the damned work through their guilt to become worthy of Heaven, rather than becoming God following his father's retirement.

This revelation also caused Rory to realize that Lucifer left Chloe behind because, logically, if he didn't do exactly what Rory said he would, it would destroy the chain of causality that led to his trying to prove her wrong and having his revelation. Before being pulled back to her own time, Rory made Lucifer swear that he wouldn't try to change the future. Reluctantly, Lucifer agreed, and was true to his word as Chloe Decker spent the next two decades keeping the reasons why Lucifer left her a secret. Rory returned to her mother's deathbed at the same point in time her anger caused her to self-actualize and time-travel to the last place and time she knew Lucifer was still on Earth.

Like Mia and Felicity on Arrow, mother and daughter reconciled before Chloe Decker finally passed away. She found herself standing in an infinite white void where she was met by Amenadiel, who had taken over the duties of God instead of Lucifer. As the Monitor guided Felicity into the afterlife, Amenadiel took Chloe to Hell, where Lucifer had set himself up with an office that was identical to the one used by his own therapist, Dr. Linda Martin. The final scene showed Chloe interrupting one of Lucifer's group therapy sessions with a knock on the door, smiling as she saw him for the first time in years, as she told the dumbstruck devil that "I thought you could use a partner."

This is not the only way in which Lucifer season 6 seemed to borrow from the Arrowverse. With a time-traveling daughter seeking to confront the father she never knew, the central story of Lucifer season 6 also resembled the plotline of The Flash season 5. While it seems unlikely that the writers of Lucifer intentionally mimicked the finale of Arrow, it's still amusing to note how many parallels there are between the two shows.

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