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Married At First Sight: Most Demanding Cast Members On The Show

Plenty of newlyweds have expected more out of their partners throughout the history of Married At First Sight, but certain cast members will always be remembered for their high-maintenance behaviors. One downside to getting married to a stranger is that the Married At First Sight cast members don't have any control over the person they're paired with to spend the rest of their lives. While everyone deserves to get everything they want out of their marriage, there are MAFS stars who have gone down as perhaps being a little too demanding on the show.

Getting married to a stranger is a tense situation that tends to bring out the worst in Married At First Sight's cast members. While these high-maintenance newlyweds aren't as cruel as the cheaters and manipulators typically featured as the reality show's villains, the demanding cast members are some of the most irritating characters to viewers. In recent seasons, plenty of new husbands and wives embarked on short-lived marriages as their spouses weren't able to meet their daunting expectations.

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Alas, having high standards isn't always a weakness for Married At First Sight stars. Sometimes, relationship experts really miss the mark and pair two cast members that just aren't right for one another. In instances like these, the demanding newlyweds don't settle for less than what they believe that they deserve.

Christina Croce was matched with Henry Rodriguez on Married At First Sight season 11. From the start, it was apparent that Christina and Henry were very different people. Where Henry was introverted and soft-spoken, Christina was outgoing and direct. Christina was not afraid of being frank with Henry, which ultimately caused a lot of problems for their relationship. At the Married At First Sight season 11 reunion, an exhausted Henry shared that "This experience for me was just like one hurdle after another." Christina was often angry at Henry for not reaching her expectations, whether it be in his attraction to her or the number of conversations he initiated. Eventually, Christina even blackmailed Henry into meeting her demands as she spread rumors that he was gay. Needless to say, Henry did not meet Christina's expectations and they split on Decision Day.

Meka Jones got married to Michael Watson on Married At First Sight season 10, and while Meka might have been the more critical partner, many fans agree that Michael required some pressing. Meka found it difficult to stay married to Michael because she claimed that he couldn't stop lying to her. In one particularly tense fight, Meka stormed out of the couple's bed and frustratingly confessed that she was done with the relationship. Meka's storming off was incited by Michael not being able to explain how much money he makes. Although it appeared as though Michael was thorough in showing Meka official documents of his income, the wife wasn't satisfied. Meka believed that Michael needed help and cemented that she didn't deserve to be married to someone who lied to her.

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Myrla and Gil had one of the least compatible marriages on Married At First Sight season 13. Myrla has been deemed too demanding to be in a successful relationship. Myrla had a list of requirements for her husband that Pastor Cal didn't see to when finding her a groom. For starters, Myrla noted that she isn't attracted to bald men. Gil is bald and good-looking, but Myrla stated that she needs her husband to have a head of hair. Additionally, Myrla hated having pets, while Gil was the proud owner of a pit bull puppy. For Myrla, it's her or the dog, which is as demanding as it gets for any pet lover. Myrla also explained that it's an immediate dealbreaker to date someone with different ideologies as her, which sparked a political debate on MAFS and received mixed responses from her fellow cast members.

Johnny's marriage to Bao has been a disappointing journey for Married At First Sight season 13 viewers. Fans were rooting for Johnny and Bao to work out as they are both charming and even have a history with each other that goes beyond the show. Unfortunately, Johnny isn't the easiest husband to get along with. Johnny mocked Bao for small things like snoring in her sleep. When Bao explained that she was insecure about her snoring, Johnny wasn't able to sympathize with his wife. Johnny also only saw his side when Bao explained that she didn't want to meet Johnny's rigid shower requirements. Johnny's demonstrated that he's much more committed to his rules than his relationship on Married At First Sight.

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