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Marvel Is Fixing Endgame's Biggest Hawkeye Mistake | Screen Rant

Marvel's Hawkeye series on Disney+ is correcting mistakes from Avengers: Endgame. When Thanos snapped his fingers in Avengers: Infinity War, he plunged the universe into chaos. Half of all the living creatures across the cosmos were erased in an instant, leaving the survivors reeling and grief-stricken. Avengers: Endgame revealed Hawkeye's story was particularly tragic, because the Avengers' own family man lost all his loved ones. Bitter and enraged at his fate, Hawkeye became Ronin, seeking out and killing those he believed should have been gone rather than his wife and children.

Sadly, Avengers: Endgame wasted Hawkeye's Ronin story. Although the film established he'd been cutting a bloody swathe through the criminal underworld for years, Black Widow persuaded him to return with far too much ease. Even worse, the rest of the Avengers - including War Machine, who'd seen the kind of murders Clint committed while acting as Ronin - never even looked at him sideways, as though the last five years of Punisher-style vigilantism simply hadn't happened at all. Hawkeye even got something of a "Happily Ever After," with his wife and kids restored to life; even assuming the world had pardoned him for his murders, the Clint Barton who returned should have been a very different man, permanently scarred because of his time as what can only be called a serial killer.

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The first trailer for the Hawkeye Disney+ TV show confirms Marvel is carrying out something of a course-correction on this, forcing Clint Barton to deal with his past as Ronin. It seems he got away with his time as a killer because the world never knew whose face was behind the mask; it's even possible the Avengers pretended Hawkeye was another victim of the Blip, explaining why he'd disappeared for five years. But someone else has suited up as Ronin, and Hawkeye feels responsible because his killing spree has inspired what seems to be a copycat.

It looks as though Hawkeye really will deliver the Ronin story Avengers: Endgame failed at, notably by forcing Clint to examine his legacy. Hawkeye features two legacy heroes from the comics, Kate Bishop and Echo, both of whom seem to have been inspired by different aspects of Hawkeye's identity. The MCU's Hawkeye has long been seen as a mentor figure, but it's normally one he chooses - say, with the Scarlet Witch - rather than one that is forced upon him. Meanwhile, it's interesting that both characters inspired by Clint have a clear future in the MCU; Kate Bishop is the latest of the Young Avengers to enter the cinematic universe, while a spinoff series is in the works for Echo. Hawkeye's complex legacy will clearly continue throughout Phase 4.

Meanwhile, it will be interesting to see how Hawkeye's family is affected by all this. The Hawkeye trailer suggests Clint's superhero world and his family are going to come into conflict, building up to a climax around his desire to be there for them for Christmas, and it's good to see the repercussions of Avengers: Endgame affect him on a personal level. No doubt there will still be a "Happily Ever After" in Hawkeye - but this time it has to be earned.

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