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Marvel's New Loki Variant is An Infinity Stone Iron Man

Warning! Spoilers for Avengers: Tech-On #2 by Marvel Comics below

A new Loki variant just got an insane power boost thanks to the remnants of the Infinity Stones, giving the God of Mischief a terrifying new appearance. In Avengers Tech-On #2, the Red Skull was surprised to see the Avengers fight back so formidably in new Iron Man suits after losing their powers. In response, he just made his own custom-built Loki infused with the Infinity Mirror Shards.

Marvel's new Avengers Tech-On series is an absolutely chaotic, action-packed miniseries that tells the tale of Earth's Mightiest Heroes losing their powers after encountering the Red Skull. Despite defeating Thanos and destroying the Infinity Stones, Red Skull managed to obtain the last remaining remnants of the reality-changing gems and create Infinity Mirror Shards out of it. With the shards, Red Skull erased the powers of Marvel heroes across the globe, leading Tony Stark to create new armors for his fellow heroes, which come with tech that replicates their abilities.

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In Avengers Tech-On #2 by Jim Zub, Jeff "Chamba" Cruz, and VC's Travis Lanham, the Avengers use their new armors and powers to thwart the Red Skull in Japan. After zapping the powers away from Marvel's greatest heroes, the villain believes he has the upper hand but ultimately is surprised to see their new armors hold him off. After teleporting away and leaving the Avengers to fight a kaiju-sized version of Venom, Red Skull plans his next attack. In Osaka, Red Skull is told the Avengers are tracking Infinity Mirror Shard energy, which leads him to fight back with his newest creation: A custom-built Loki variant with the power of the Energy of the Infinite.

This version of Loki looks nothing like the original version from the 616-universe. The "Lord of Lies" keeps his trademark helmet and some flourishes from his previous appearance, but the custom-built villain is more monster than man. It appears he got a similar upgrade as the Red Skull did, as he seems far less human than ever before.

It remains to be seen what kind of powers the variant of Loki has. Still, considering the immense powers of the Infinity Mirror Shards, it's highly likely it will be one of the strongest versions of the character ever. The Avengers might believe they can take on Red Skull, but with the new Loki variant powered by remnants of the Infinity Stones by his side, stopping him just got more challenging than ever. Avengers Tech On #2 by Marvel Comics is in comic book stores now.

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