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MCU: 8 Ways Steve Rogers & Tony Stark Are The Best Ship

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has had certain aspects that have made their movies an instant watch, with the pairing of Steve Rogers and Tony Stark among them. While there were several bad decisions Nick Fury made in the MCU, he was bang on target when he brought Iron Man and Captain America to form the Avengers.

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Tony and Steve had a unique relationship at times, in that it can be seen through a romantic lens if fans want to. This has made them a favorite amongst shippers, with the pair dubbed as “Stony” by the fandom. There are more than several reasons why Steve and Tony would have worked as an official couple and it’s always interesting to take a deeper look into their dynamic.

8 They Have A "Will They?/Won't They?" Connection

As it goes with other ships like Steve and Bucky, and Sam and Bucky, Tony and Steve possess a kind of ambiguity regarding how they feel about each other. This is similar to official couples having the “Will they?/Won’t they?” quality, which has them being very close at one point and at odds during other times.

Steve and Tony were seen in conflict during each Avengers movie, but would always reconcile in the end. If they were an official item, this see-saw aspect would have led toward a breaking point where they would confront their feelings and it’s the very thing that attracts shippers toward them.

7 Their Interactions Have The Most Emotions Behind Them

The reason why Tony and Steve’s issues were so charged came down to the emotional depth they had. Tony was extremely hurt when Steve didn’t tell him about his parents’ death partly due to his belief that they were close enough that Steve should have trusted him with the truth.

Their reunion at the start of Avengers: Endgame was similar to how former romantic interests meet, as Steve ran over to hold Tony and assured him that they had lost to Thanos together even if they hadn’t been at the same place. There was never an indifferent moment between the two and the way they made each other feel, be it happy or sad, has always been fascinating to watch.

6 They Are A Perfect Representation Of The Opposites Attract Trope

There have been plenty of characters who have pointed out the times that Iron Man was wrong in the MCU, but Steve always had faith that Tony would do the right thing. Meanwhile, Tony didn’t make these kinds of things clear, as his personality was to mask his feelings with a sardonic attitude.

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This pair was different in each sense of the word but that is what made them so perfect since they brought the aspects that the other was missing. Where Steve was naive, Tony was a realist, and where Steve was a man of faith, Tony was a man of action. They complete each other in many ways and this is why there was always a pull between the two.

5 Their Relationship Progressed With Each Story

The best kinds of romances are those where things are kept fresh with new elements injected with each installment of the story. Steve and Tony’s dynamic was certainly this way, going from reluctant teammates to firm partners and eventually to estranged friends who eventually had their moment of reconciliation. 

There was always something for viewers to be hooked on between these two and the MCU could have made a great love story here. Fans were certainly involved every step of the way as Steve and Tony’s relationship was a work in progress right up until the end.

4 Their Relationship Is Highly Complex With Good And Bad Times

It’s not much fun to follow a couple that is happy all the time and has no challenges to face, especially in a superhero setting. Steve and Tony had a blend of both good and bad moments, with times like Steve admitting he would miss Tony going along with Steve’s anger when Tony didn’t tell him about Ultron.

Their relationship was never meant to remain on even terms due to their contrasting personalities. However, the fact that they still chose to be around each other has led to shippers comparing their complex relationship to romances where the characters decide the bad times are worth it for the many good times that are also there.

3 Their Playful And Teasing Relationship

A good amount of banter is something that can be found in every movie starring Robert Downey Jr. and this was channeled into Tony’s relationship with Steve as well. While the rest of the Avengers were largely amicable, these two usually had something to argue about.

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Tony seemed to like getting Steve’s attention and used his wisecracks to rile Steve up. To his credit, Steve not only took these into stride but loosened up around Tony, such as accepting that he was being too much of a nice guy with the “language” comment that Tony kept teasing him about.

2 They Always Respected Each Other Even If They Were Apart

By the events of Spider-Man: Homecoming and Avengers: Infinity War, Tony and Steve had been estranged for a long time. And yet, Tony told Peter Parker that Steve had taken it easy on him during the airport fight and that showed his respect for Cap.

Similarly, Steve gave tribute to Tony after Thanos’ invasion when Tony was missing, telling Thaddeus Ross that Earth had lost its best defender. It showed that there was still love between the men even if they couldn’t bring themselves up to fully reconcile at the time. In the end, although Steve mourned Tony's death, he respected the latter's decision to sacrifice himself for the universe.

1 Their Reconciliation Was Mature And Like A Real Couple

Movies tend to exaggerate the estrangement between love interests and it doesn’t feel relatable to the real world. Tony and Steve’s was different, as they didn’t require a big action-packed moment to reconcile and became friends again after a heart-to-heart where Tony accepted Steve’s apology.

This makes them a better example of how to hold expectations for a real-life relationship, with the two not engaging in needless drama. It was ultimately the maturity that came with knowing one another that Steve and Tony were reunited and it certainly could be seen as romantic in its own way.

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