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Money Heist: 10 Best Tokyo Quotes | ScreenRant

Tokyo is undeniably the most polarizing character in the show Money Heist (or La Casa de Papel). Some fans see her as an unnecessary character who causes too much trouble for the gang, while others admire her for her fearlessness and unpredictability.

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Whatever viewers think of her, she’s undoubtedly left her mark on the show through her actions and unforgettable lines. Some of these quotes speak volumes about her character, with the best ones showing how much she has transformed from being a selfish mess into a brave and loyal member of the crew.

10 “In The End, Love Is A Good Reason For Everything To Fall Apart.”

This quote from the third episode of part 3 perfectly sums up Tokyo’s personality on Money Heist. She could have been a more valuable and rational leader if she didn’t let her emotions rule her so often.

Unfortunately, love always seems to complicate things during a heist. This is evident in Stockholm and Denver’s rocky relationship, as well as the Professor and Lisbon’s complicated partnership. The most obvious example, of course, is Tokyo and Rio’s chaotic romance. They’ve put themselves and the entire gang in danger more than once, even causing Rio’s kidnapping through a poorly timed phone call. For Tokyo, however, it’s all worth it in the name of love.

9 “After All, What’s More Human Than The Fight For Survival?”

In the first episode of part 2, nothing is going right. The Professor has seemingly failed and the police have apprehended him, leaving the gang struggling to make some hard decisions. Tokyo’s impatience gets the best of her and she makes a bad suggestion to overthrow Berlin as the leader.

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While most of her choices do come from a desire for survival, they’re still needlessly selfish like in this case. Her past has made it difficult for Tokyo to trust other people with her life, but she does learn to change this and become a better part of the team in later seasons.

8 “Everything Can Go To Hell In Less Than A Second.”

The chaotic start of part 4 is aptly titled “Game Over” and it showed the Professor’s breakdown after thinking Lisbon has been killed, Nairobi’s struggle to survive a gunshot, and a coup d’état by Tokyo. Everything was indeed going to hell, but Tokyo quickly followed up this line by saying that she would do “whatever it takes to survive.”

It’s in these tumultuous moments that Tokyo shows how she’s one of the bravest characters on Money Heist – it's this courage that convinced the Professor to recruit her in the first place. When no one wanted to perform the complicated surgery on Nairobi, she stepped up for her best friend. She may not be perfect, but the team can count on her in their darkest hours.

7 “When You Hit Rock Bottom, You Still Have A Way To Go Until The Abyss.”

Despite vowing to never love anyone again after the tragic loss of her ex-boyfriend, Tokyo was deeply enamored with Rio by the end of part 1. In the eleventh episode, she’s disappointed to learn that he wanted to take the sham plea deal the police were offering.

This quote most likely refers to what was going on between Ángel Rubio and Lisbon at that time, as the former inspector was blaming her partner and accusing him of using drugs. Ángel turns to alcohol to deal with this problem, but this episode was just his rock bottom and it wouldn’t be until the next one that viewers see him fall down the abyss of drunk driving.

6 “There Are Always Happier Days To Remember. And The More F––d Up Things Are, The Happier Those Days Seem To Be.”

In the part 4 episode, “Berlin’s Wedding,” Tokyo is reminded of better days despite being stuck inside the Bank of Spain. With her successful procedure on Nairobi and her brilliant deduction that Lisbon is actually alive, things are starting to look up.

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It’s all an illusion, however, as things are more messed up than they seem to the gang. Things will never be like they were before and the group of wanted robbers can’t turn back. While fans at that time may have thought that this line implied that Tokyo was recalling her time on the island with Rio, viewers now know that she was more likely thinking about her ex-lover, René.

5 “But I Guess That’s Nostalgia, Finding Out Moments From The Past, Even If We Didn’t Realize It At The Time, Were True Happiness.”

One unpopular opinion about Money Heist is that Tokyo isn’t such a bad character, and the later seasons definitely support this statement. In the second episode of part 4, Tokyo’s narration provides the perfect backdrop for Berlin’s fairytale wedding.

She likely wasn’t feeling nostalgic about other people’s love stories, however, as fans who have seen part 5 understand that she had “true happiness” of her own. René’s death was a defining moment for Tokyo who would build walls around herself and run away from her feelings for a long time. She’s overwhelmed by the nostalgia she experiences whenever she’s reminded of the love of her life.

4 “Happiness Is Like Lightning, Blink And You Miss It.”

In the part 3 episode, “A Quick Vacation,” Tokyo has a difficult conversation with Rio, who has just returned to the gang after being tortured for months. Despite Tokyo’s efforts in helping get him back, he explains that he can’t be with her anymore, describing her life as a rollercoaster that he’s tired of riding.

The entire situation comes crashing down on Tokyo who is still feeling guilty about playing a part in Rio’s abduction in the first place. She regrets leaving Rio alone on the island and taking their relationship for granted, but she makes up for it in the end.

3 “Hope Is Kind Of Like Dominos. Once One Falls – The Rest Follow.”

The last episode of part 1 shows the Professor narrowly escaping detection, Stockholm and Denver developing a deeper connection, and of course, the iconic song “Bella Ciao.” It’s not surprising that Tokyo’s most hopeful line was said in the midst of all the celebration.

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There’s not a ton of room for hope during a heist, as the robbers know just how risky the entire situation is. However, when things start going right and everything feels like it’s clicking into place, it’s impossible not to get overconfident and assume that everything will work out “like dominos” falling into one another.

2 “Don’t Be So Sad. Something Ends Today, But Now Is The First Day Of Your Next Life.”

In many ways, the fifth episode of part 5 serves as Tokyo’s redemption, leaving fans with burning questions about volume 2 of Money Heist’s last season. Her unexpected death doesn’t necessarily make up for all of her mistakes, but it does show how much she’s changed.

With the team of armed soldiers closing in, Tokyo holds Rio’s hands through a hole in the floor and assures him that he’ll still have a future without her. It’s a heartbreaking moment that shows how much she loves the young hacker and highlights how she’s willing to give her life for the crew.

1 “A Lot Of People Believe We Only Find One True Love In Our Lives. But What They Don't Realize Is That We Can Have Several Lives.”

The last season of Money Heist features snippets from Tokyo’s past and delves deep into traumatic events that explain her motivations. In the final episode titled “Live Many Lives,” Tokyo’s “resurrection” through the heist, the gang, and Rio is highlighted.

There’s a touching scene that shows how she and Rio first met, with the two dancing and laughing under the stars. For Tokyo, Rio was her shot at a second life after she had lost her first great love. It’s a moving story that makes her death even more painful for fans who have likely grown to like the character by this point in the show.

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