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Money Heist: 10 Most Popular Cast Members, Ranked By Instagram Followers

With Money Heist (or La Casa de Papel) coming to a thrilling end this December, fans are revisiting older episodes, coming up with new theories, and of course, seeing what the stars are up to through their Instagram accounts. The cast of the show is not only popular in Spain, but has gained a global following thanks to the massive success of the series.

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The celebrities' Instagram feeds give fans more insight into their daily lives, interests, and aesthetics outside of the show. It's also fascinating to see their other projects and passions, which often give viewers a better idea of what their favorite cast member's skills and talents are.

10 Darko Perić (4.2M followers)

Darko Perić plays the lovable Helsinki on the show, introduced in the first season as part of the original band of robbers, who went on to infiltrate the Royal Mint of Spain. He's had his ups and downs, with him developing close friendships with both Oslo and Nairobi before tragically losing them in two separate heists.

In Perić's Instagram bio, he describes himself as an "actor and basketball lover," and there are indeed some selfies of him watching games or even playing. Aside from the sport, he also posts a lot of photos of himself in nature – from pictures of stunning mountains to selfies on the beach, Perić has positive captions that convey how happy he is in these locations.

9 Itziar Ituño (5.1M followers)

Itziar Ituño was first introduced as Inspector Raquel Murillo on the show, before realizing that she believed in the gang more than the police (it likely helped that she fell in love with the Professor, too). Today, fans know her by her alias Lisbon and she has become one of the bravest characters on Money Heist, taking charge of the group in the latest season and working closely with Sergio to execute the grand plan.

The self-described "Basque actress in constant training" posts behind-the-scenes photos often, with most of them showing her appreciation for her co-stars. Ituño also has pictures of herself posing on top of mountains, trekking with friends, and having fun on the beach, showing that she enjoys the great outdoors.

8 Najwa Nimri (5.2M followers)

Najwa Nimri portrays the police inspector, Alicia Sierra, who replaced Raquel as the Professor’s main antagonist. Inspector Sierra left fans with some burning questions they hope volume 2 of Money Heist will answer, specifically whether she’s joining or betraying the gang in the final episodes.

While fans wait to see exactly what her unpredictable character does, they can look through Nimri’s feed in the meantime to admire her visually stunning portraits. She posts well-curated photos of herself with perfect lighting setups, stylish outfits, and gorgeous makeup. There are also occasional selfies with the crew, friends, and family.

7 Esther Acebo (6.1M followers)

Esther Acebo masterfully plays the role of secretary turned bank robber through her character, Stockholm. The fan-favorite has grown a lot since the first season, with her character being forced to control hostages and suppress resistance during heists. Despite her violent actions, she’s still one of the kindest members of the gang and is often assigned to attend to injuries.

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Acebo playfully describes herself as a "human person and actress" on her Instagram, with her feed highlighting photos of her traveling and dining with friends and family. Aside from stunning portraits taken in tropical locations, Acebo’s love for animals is also obvious thanks to several pictures of her and her dogs.

6 Pedro Alonso (8.9M followers)

Pedro Alonso portrays Berlin, who is one of the three masterminds behind the detailed plan to rob the Bank of Spain. Berlin is a complex character who proved to be egoistic and narcissistic at times, being needlessly cruel to hostages and antagonizing other members of the crew. However, he did end up sacrificing himself for the gang's success, leaving behind a complicated legacy.

Alonso's Instagram bio proudly reads "the only social network I use is Instagram." His feed is thoughtfully curated to present self-portraits, selfies with friends, and behind-the-scenes pictures. What really stands out are his paintings, which are vibrant and abstract works of art that showcase the actor's artistic talents.

5 Álvaro Morte (11.6M followers)

Álvaro Morte plays the role of the smartest character in Money Heist, the Professor. The criminal mastermind is the gang's leader and is responsible for teaching them every step of the plan, even staying in communication with them from the outside during every heist. He's not perfect, but he definitely tries to cover all of the bases to make sure the authorities never catch up with the skilled robbers.

Morte's bio lists "El Profesor" first among his few featured roles, emphasizing how much he values the character. Aside from behind-the-scenes shots, the actor's feed has several photos of him and his children, as well as scenic views taken during his vacations. He's also outspoken about social issues, highlighting the importance of equality, LGBTQ+ rights, and the importance of healthcare workers.

4 Alba Flores (11.9M followers)

Alba Flores was the talented actor who portrayed one of the most beloved characters on the show, Nairobi. Her tragic backstory, dynamic personality, and overflowing generosity and empathy made her a fan favorite. There was an outcry after her unexpected death in season 4, with viewers being taken aback by the brutal and sudden execution.

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On Instagram, Flores mostly posts about her ongoing projects in the industry, but also uploads important messages about her advocacies. She's an animal rights, gender equality, and climate change activist, and she proudly highlights thought-provoking images about these topics.

3 Miguel Herrán (13.8M followers)

Miguel Herrán's young character, Rio, was the subject of an unpopular opinion about Money Heist recently, particularly on Reddit with some saying the hacker should've died in place of other characters. However, most fans would agree that Rio is easily one of the more likable characters in the gang, in large part thanks to his naivety and positivity.

Herrán's Instagram bio candidly states "When I grow up I want to be a child." His feed shows he knows how to have fun, with tons of happy selfies, pictures showing his passion for vehicles, and group photos showing him and his friends traveling. Herrán is also a dog lover, with several selfies showing off his furry friends.

2 Jaime Lorente López (14.2M followers)

From his iconic laugh to his heartbreaking moments of vulnerability, there are a lot of reasons Jaime Lorente López's portrayal of Denver is unforgettable. First introduced in season 1, Denver has evolved from a reckless and hot-headed thief to a thoughtful and responsible husband and father. He's fiercely protective of the gang and will always put them first, even in the most dangerous situations.

Simply describing himself as an "actor" on his bio, López's Instagram account shows that he enjoys the finer things in life. From driving Maseratis to partying on yachts, he doesn't hesitate to post about his luxurious getaways and glamorous lifestyle. More intimate scenes in his daily life can be spotted on his feed, too, particularly some images of him snuggling with his cat or playing the guitar in his room.

1 Úrsula Corberó (22.8M followers)

The most popular cast member, Úrsula Corberó, also happens to play the role of the most polarizing character on the show, Tokyo. As the Professor's first-ever recruit, Tokyo has been there from the start, serving as both a chaotic voice and a steady anchor holding the crew together. Despite her mistakes in the past, Tokyo has shown she can be selfless and courageous in the face of death if it means saving her friends.

Corberó jokes about her name in her Instagram bio, saying she's an "actress with the name of a witch" – that's where the humor ends, however, as most of her feed is made up of artistic portraits. The actor is a skilled model with a taste for high fashion, with her gorgeous pictures highlighting her beauty and designer clothes. She also occasionally posts about important issues like climate change and gender equality.

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