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Never Have I Ever: The 10 Best Duos | ScreenRant

While awkward teenage scenarios and overblown high school drama are the driving forces of Never Have I Ever, it's actually the relationships that are at the center of the show. These could be anything as sometimes it's a friendship, sometimes it's a rivalry, and sometimes it's a romance.

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Whatever the case may be, they are the pairings that are the most entertaining or heartfelt on the show. When these characters get together, it often results in the best moments, scenes, and storylines on Never Have I Ever, and fans can't wait to see more from them in potential future seasons.

10 Chris Jackson & Nalini Vishwakumar

A lot of season 1 dealt with Nalini Vishwakumar (Poorna Jagannathan) and her daughter Devi coping with the loss of Mohan, the family patriarch. In season 2, Nalini had her first real shot at moving on from a romantic standpoint when she met fellow dermatologist Chris Jackson (Common).

Their first interactions were fun as Nalini came into things expecting him to be an arrogant jerk. Though he wasn't, she still treated him like he was until he won her over. They ended up having several sweet moments and their date scene that was interrupted by Devi was a highlight. Nalini wasn't quite ready for love, so maybe they'll try again in season 3.

9 Mohan & Nalini Vishwakumar

In terms of pure love, nobody on this series can top Mohan (Sendhil Ramamurthy) and Nalini Vishwakumar. They were married for several years, started a great life together, and had a daughter who they both loved. Alas, Mohan's death ends up being the catalyst for the entire series.

That makes it so there aren't a ton of scenes where Mohan and Nalini get to share the screen. Whenever they do, it's a welcome look into their ups and downs as a couple and it always shines a light on who Nalini is as a person and parent in the present. There just isn't enough of it for them to rank higher.

8 Devi Vishwakumar & Paxton Hall-Yoshida

As soon as the series began, the spotlight shined on the possibility of a relationship between protagonist Devi Vishwakumar (Maitreyi Ramakrishnan) and Paxton Hall-Yoshida (Darren Barnet). She's the outcast at school who always embarrasses herself while he's the extremely attractive guy who she has a huge crush on.

Their eventual friendship includes flirtation that blossoms into an unexpected romance. While that is all interesting to watch, they are kind of toxic for each other. Paxton is ashamed of being seen with her at times and treats her like a friend in public, while Devi cheated on him when they were together, though both learn from these situations.

7 Ben Gross & Aneesa

The arrival of Aneesa (Megan Sun) changed a lot of things for Devi. Her classmates seemed to like Aneesa more, she was cool without trying too hard, and most importantly, Ben Gross (Jaren Lewison) was smitten with her. The two began dating and actually proved to be a pretty enjoyable couple to watch.

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Unlike Devi, who seems to bring out the worst in anyone she romantically gets involved with, Aneesa made Ben happy. They didn't get a ton of development together to really become better characters through the relationship but they still managed to make audiences swoon whenever they were together.

6 Devi Vishwakumar & Dr. Ryan

The death of her father impacted Devi in major ways. From a strained relationship with her mother to being emotionally closed off at times to ending up confined to a wheelchair for a year, Devi was looking for help during that tumultuous time. So, she started seeing a therapist named Dr. Ryan (Niecy Nash).

Although Devi gets back to being able to walk, she continues to see Dr. Ryan throughout both seasons of the show so far. Their interactions are always a highlight because Dr. Ryan is never shy about calling Devi out for her questionable decisions, while also guiding her in the right direction.

5 Devi Vishwakumar & Kamala Nandiwadal

One of the first things to get established in the series is that the awkward Devi doesn't understand what life is like for her cousin Kamala Nandiwadal (Richa Moorjani). Kamala is brilliant and gorgeous, so things come much easier for her, and Devi seems to resent that, driving a wedge between them.

However, Kamala is also one of the sweetest people on the show, so she is always looking out for her little cousin. It makes for some of the most engaging scenes possible and though it isn't a relationship that's as explored as some others, it is always a treat whenever it gets put on display.

4 Eve Hjelms & Fabiola Torres

A season 1 subplot focused on Fabiola Torres (Lee Rodriguez) coming to terms with her sexuality. She knew she was gay but wasn't sure how her mother would react to it. Eventually, she revealed all to a positive reaction and part of it was her blossoming romance with Eve Hjelms (Christina Kartchner).

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Together, they form arguably the show's best couple. Not only are they adorable together but Eve is also very accepting of their differences. While Fabiola might think she's not cool enough or that she doesn't know enough about LGBTQ+ culture, Eve is always there to lend a helping hand and be an excellent girlfriend.

3 Eleanor Wong & Fabiola Torres

It's true that the show's central friendship is actually a trio and not a duo, consisting of Eleanor Wong (Ramona Young), Fabiola, and Devi. That being said, two of the three have a stronger bond together than they do with the third member and the odd girl out here is Devi.

Since Devi is prone to do things that upset her family, friends, and almost everyone in school, it makes sense that Fabiola and Eleanor are often at odds with her. They love her but they seem to share the same ideas and have a tighter relationship with one another due to it. A show with them at the center and no Devi would likely be just as entertaining.

2 Devi & Nalini Vishwakumar

It's always clear that Devi and Mohan had an incredible relationship. She felt like her father was basically the perfect guy and losing him crushed her. Devi's relationship with her mother Nalini was more strained, especially given their differing views on many cultural traditions.

That makes the growth of their relationship so engaging to watch. Devi comes to realize that Mohan's death also devastated Nalini and when she dated Chris, it wasn't because Mohan meant nothing to her. The scene they share near the end of season 2 while watching home videos was one of the sweetest in series history.

1 Ben Gross & Devi Vishwakumar

While Devi pined over Paxton in season 1, she surprisingly formed an intriguing relationship with Ben. For years, the two had been rivals in school and never missed a moment to throw shade at the other. On its own, that was more than enough to make them one of the show's better duos,

Things only got better when they bonded and eventually kissed at the end of season 1. Ben is the guy to make the big romantic gestures for the girl he likes but Devi is still blinded by attraction to Paxton and other things. Seeing them do anything together is when the show is usually at its best.

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