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One Tree Hill Characters Ranked From Least To Most Likely To Survive A Horror Movie

Like most TV programs aimed at teens, One Tree Hill is never devoid of drama. From unhappy family dynamics to nannies kidnapping children, the residents of Tree Hill are no stranger to stressful circumstances. And while some episodes might have borrowed tropes from horror movies, the series never delves into full-on horror.

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If it had, the audience would have found many of the archetypes present in quite a few slasher flicks. The mean girl who meets her end early in the movie, the protective boyfriend willing to sacrifice himself, and the girl next door who manages to outlive everyone, all have places amongst the main characters in One Tree Hill.

10 Rachel

When Rachel joins the series, she's initially a rival to Brooke and doesn't exactly get along with anyone. Rachel is all about stirring up the drama. That's not all she is as the audience gets to know her, but her initial introduction certainly fits the horror movie trope of "The Mean Girl."

Rachel is the kind of character that acts as a shocking death to the rest of the characters in a slasher flick. The audience wouldn't get to know her long before her death was used to kick off the killing spree, leaving the other characters conflicted about the loss.

9 Lucas

Though Lucas begins the series as the main character and the narrative voice driving the show, he doesn't stay that way. He becomes a supporting player in other people's stories. In fact, most of Lucas' best storylines in One Tree Hill actually revolve around Peyton.

Because of that, if the residents of Tree Hill were actually living out a horror movie, Lucas would likely meet his end trying to save Peyton's life. Though he has a lot of other relationships in the series, his with Peyton is the one that drives him. Lucas is the character the audience briefly suspects of being the culprit before realizing just how much he cares -- right in time for him to meet his end.

8 Skills

In another small town like Tree Hill, Skills might have survived the events of a horror movie. Unfortunately, the writers often seem to forget that Skills is one of Lucas' closest friends, or that his unexpected friendship with Peyton in One Tree Hill provides a jumping-off point for a great story. As a result, long stretches of episodes go by with no mention or appearance of him.

His frequent disappearances mean that he's a perfect surprise target for the slasher. While his friends wouldn't realize he was missing until it's too late, the killer would have already taken his life and hidden his body.

7 Millie

A late addition to the series, Millie isn't a part of the original four main characters, which in and of itself makes her seem expendable to the narrative. She is, however, important to Brooke, one of the few characters to stick around for One Tree Hill's entire story.

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The friendship between Millie and Brooke means that the slasher taking Millie out early in the narrative would be a difficult blow for Brooke. It would cement Brooke as one of the final people standing and give emotional weight to the character's death.

6 Julian

Like Millie, Julian is a later addition to the series, and one the audience gets to watch grow. He becomes the love interest that actually sticks by Brooke, a stark contrast to the other men in her life.

Julian is exactly the kind of love interest a horror movie would paint as too perfect for one of its main characters, making the audience just suspicious enough for him to end up sacrificed to the masked killer.

5 Peyton

Though Peyton appears to be the female lead when the series begins, that status shifts to be shared by Hayley and Brooke when Peyton eventually leaves the series. She could very well rank amongst some of the best final girls in horror movies -- especially considering she does actually survive being held captive in her own house.

Peyton, however, is the final girl who is dispensed with by the killer in the sequel. She doesn't make it to the end of the second movie, leaving her friends in shock and in survival mode, as they've learned what to expect.

4 Mouth

When first introduced in One Tree Hill, it's easy to assume that Mouth won't be a major player in the stories, but will simply pop up once in a while as a reminder of Lucas' old life. But that's not the case, as Mouth becomes ingrained in the new group of friends Lucas makes, especially Brooke.

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Mouth is the equivalent of a horror movie's film geek, except here, his area of expertise is sports. But all that knowledge and exposition wouldn't save him in a slasher setting. His tendency to make friends with literally everyone, however, would likely keep him safe through most, if not all, of the first movie, only for him to meet his end in the sequel, much like Peyton.

3 Nathan

Though One Tree Hill is initially Lucas' show, Nathan is essentially the romantic lead. It's Nathan who experiences some of the most growth as he falls for Hayley and becomes more than just the Scott brother with the supposedly easier life. Because it's important for the audience to see that growth play out, he can't lose his life early in a slasher flick.

Nathan gets to grow to become the hero. That doesn't necessarily mean he survives an entire slasher franchise, though. If he loses his life, it's because he makes sure the killer doesn't get to Hayley or their son in one of the sequels.

2 Brooke

Brooke isn't even in the pilot episode of the series, but it's hard to imagine the show without her. She's a fan favorite and plenty of audience members would even argue that Brooke is the real main character of One Tree Hill, as she goes from Mean Girl to Love Interest to Survivor amongst the teen drama's archetypal roles.

Brooke goes through so much in her life (and helps to save Peyton during her hostage situation) that it's impossible to imagine she lets a masked killer, an ancient curse, an alien invasion, or any other horror movie plot stop her from achieving her dreams. Brooke stops at nothing and lets nothing harm her friends either. She's not giving up, and she would be fighting until the end of the franchise.

1 Haley

When One Tree Hill begins, Haley seems like the wisest of Lucas' friends, but she's also incredibly naive when it comes to the popular kids in school. Haley is thrown into a social circle she's not entirely ready for when Lucas starts playing basketball and she starts tutoring Nathan. It rips Haley right out of her comfort zone, and she thrives.

Haley goes through nearly as many hardships as Brooke over the course of the series, as she becomes a teen mom, loses her own mom, and fights to keep her relationships intact. But Haley, like Brooke, wouldn't let any of the plots of a horror movie bring her down. She might have a few moments of lost hope, but she would push through -- especially for her son.

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