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Peacemaker's Costume Rule Makes Him The Opposite Of Iron Man (Not Cap)

In The Suicide Squad, John Cena's Peacemaker hilariously parodies Captain America, but in some aspects, he's also the opposite of Robert Downey Jr.'s MCU Iron Man. For his 2021 DC movie debut, James Gunn drafted a hand-picked team of relative nobodies (and Harley Quinn) for The Suicide Squad. One of his more noteworthy additions is Peacemaker, enthusiastically portrayed by WWE's John Cena. A highly-trained soldier, Peacemaker is driven by his core principles of patriotism, peace and justice - and he doesn't give a damn who needs to die along the way.

Cena describes his The Suicide Squad character as a "douchey Captain America," and though you can't see the actor, you can see his point. Both are born from old-fashioned American principles of patriotism, and both are renowned for their relentless pursuit of peace and liberty. But whereas Captain America's morality is his compass, Peacemaker's ethical integrity is conspicuous by its absence. While Steve Rogers walks the thin line between serving his country and serving its people, Peacemaker is unconcerned by those finer details, making DC's creation the perfect counter to Captain America.

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Aside from his homicidal attitude toward freedom, John Cena's Peacemaker displays another curious quirk - a staunch reluctance to remove his costume. Boasting the most well-polished helmet in all of comic books, a clip from James Gunn's Peacemaker TV series shows Cena wearing full gear at a diner, much to the amusement of his eating companions. Asked why he's still sporting a helmet and red spandex just to munch down fries, Peacemaker defensively replies, "it's a uniform." Peacemaker's costume is a huge part of who he is. The outfit puts him in the right frame of mind for battle, lets everyone nearby know that a "purveyor of peace" has arrived, and amplifies his natural sense of patriotic righteousness. You could even say that Peacemaker is nothing without his suit...

Tony Stark wasn't always the MCU's best role model, but among his wiser moments Iron Man taught Peter Parker that anyone who needs a suit to be a hero shouldn't be a hero. Evidently, Peacemaker is someone who needs his suit - so hopelessly attached to the "Peacemaker" persona, he won't even remove it for a casual lunch. Even when forced to abandon his bright crimson clothes in The Suicide Squad, Peacemaker still dons the "beacon of freedom" atop his head whenever possible. In this sense, Peacemaker is closer to Anti-Stark than Anti-Cap. Being bigger than your costume is one of Iron Man's greatest lessons, but Peacemaker believes clothes maketh the man, not the other way around.

With his violent patriotism and compulsion to mention liberty at least once every hour (twice on Sundays), Peacemaker will always be closer to a dark Captain America than any other MCU figure. Even so, The Suicide Squad's Peacemaker clearly offends both sides of the Civil War divide, dishonoring and opposing the key values of Steve Rogers and Tony Stark alike. Peacemaker might even highlight how similar Stark and Rogers truly are. The MCU's plucky kid from Brooklyn and its billionaire arms dealer are the antithesis of each other in many areas, but if a single DC character and his toilet seat helmet can betray the values of both men, Captain America and Iron Man can't be too different after all.

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