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Riverdale Season 6 Starts Production | Screen Rant

Riverdale season 6 has just commenced production, according to showrunner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa. The CW show, which began its meteoric rise almost instantly when it premiered in 2017, is a dark reboot of the Archie comics pitting pals Archie, Veronica, Betty, and Jughead against murderers, gangs, illicit drugs, and much, much more. Season 5 of the series is still airing, having just come back from hiatus on August 11. The finale of this season is currently set to air on October 6.

Season 5 has already made some characteristically bold strides for the show, jumping seven years forward in time after the characters' high school graduation in episode 3. This portion of the season has already included escaped inmates, secret underground palladium, no fewer than two people going missing, the hunt for a freeway killer, and one upcoming episode described as a "standalone mini opera" between Betty and Jughead. Although the season has yet to end, the show is gearing up for an even bigger plotline on the horizon.

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On his Instagram, showrunner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa teased that cameras are now rolling on season 6, sharing exciting new artwork along with the announcement. The artwork, which depicts a tree with colorful blossoms on one side revealing blasted and bare branches on the other as storm clouds gather behind it, highlights the Roman numerals "VI" in the Riverdale logo. Along with the image, Aguirre-Sacasa has teased some major plot details about the direction the new season will be taking with the caption "Forces are gathering for the ultim0iate battle between Good and Evil as the cameras begin to roll on #Riverdale Season Six. But who will stand on which side? And who will live, and who will die? Everything has been a prelude to this." See the post below:

In addition to the caption, Aguirre-Sacasa included a string of emojis. Anyone who thought Riverdale couldn't escalate beyond a chainsaw-wielding Betty was dead wrong. Alongside one image a reader might actually expect from an Archie story (namely a hamburger), it looks like the new season will include a fire, a tornado, an engagement, a presumably illicit deal (most likely between Veronica's father Hiram Lodge and an unknown blonde man), an incident at a theme park, a baby, stolen jewels, and, of course, a death.

Surely fans of the show will be able to piece together more and more about where the next season is going once season 5 concludes. It has already been confirmed that Betty and Archie will deepen their relationship, so perhaps the teased engagement (which you can be certain won't go entirely smoothly) is between them? Also, if there's a big showdown coming, it's likely that Hiram Lodge's new deal will be the cause of it, knowing his ever-chaotic energy. "The ultimate battle between good and evil" is a big promise for a teen series to make, but if any show can reach the grandiose heights that caption requires, it's certainly Riverdale.

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Source: Roberto Aguierre-Sacasa/Instagram

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