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Shang-Chi: 8 Details From The Comics The MCU Movie Included

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has become a mainstream phenomenon that has adapted many stories from the source material of Marvel comics. And, Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings has continued the series’ practice of putting a spin on established details and staying true to the original tales.

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The MCU movie saw Shang-Chi confront his father’s attempts to destroy the village of Ta Lo and bringing down the Dweller-in-Darkness, which will seem different to comic book fans. However, there are also plenty of things that are familiar for readers and it’s interesting to see how the MCU managed to retain the core elements while adapting other tidbits to fit the story.

8 Shang-Chi As A Master Of Kung Fu

While there was an abundance of superhero movie tropes in Shang-Chi  (such as a sequence dedicated to the protagonist fighting off mooks by himself), this actually tied into Shang-Chi’s comic book role. In the original comic stories, one of Shang-Chi’s monikers happens to be “Master of Kung Fu.”

In fact, he’s so proficient in this area that he’s taught the likes of Captain America, Spider-Man, and Wolverine, as seen in Secret Avengers #9, The Amazing Spider-Man #664, and Wolverine: First Class #9.

7 Shang-Chi's Antagonistic Relationship With His Sibling

This was adapted partially in Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, with the hero being at odds with his sister. The MCU showed this was a result of Shang-Chi's shocking abandonment of Xialing as a child, which led to her holding a grudge against him.

In the comics, Shang-Chi has multiple siblings, most of them from his father’s side. As a result of turning on his father’s evil ways, daddy dearest sent Shang-Chi’s siblings after him, which has led to many conflicts between them. As was the case in the MCU, Shang-Chi has reconciled with his brothers and sisters over the years.

6 Shang-Chi's Villain Being His Father

The MCU movie created a new villain in Wenwu as Shang-Chi’s father in order to move away from the racist depictions of the character from the comics. However, the general idea behind it was the same.

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In the source material, Shang-Chi was a loyal son until he learned about his father’s baddie status, leading to the two becoming rivals and his father being a recurring foe. The MCU brought a more sympathetic iteration while retaining the fact that Shang-Chi’s father is one of his worst enemies.

5 The Power Of The Ten Rings Having Individual Qualities

Shang-Chi surprisingly didn’t go into much detail about the quality of the titular rings, but enough was shown for it to be clear that the Ten Rings have individual powers. These include things like fire blasts and electric-based attacks, among others.

The comics show the Mandarin in control of the rings and they are put into greater use, although their appearance is different, as they are smaller rings worn on fingers. The overall detail of the rings having specific functions, however, has been employed by the MCU.

4 Shang-Chi's Rigorous Upbringing

Shang-Chi escaped not just from his home, but from China as well in order to get away from his father in the movie. This was after he was raised to be a killer, which was a direct adaptation of the comic book version of the character’s rigorous upbringing.

The intention behind Shang-Chi’s training was changed, as the MCU showed Wenwu wanting vengeance. But the hard-hitting manner of his youth where he was essentially turned into a weapon is the same in both iterations.

3 Shang-Chi's Father Being From Ancient Times

In order to move away from the racist depictions of Shang-Chi’s father, Secret Avengers #8 showed that his real identity was Zheng Zu, an ancient sorcerer that had masqueraded with different identities over the past several centuries.

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The MCU spun this around to depict Wenwu as a man who found the Ten Rings thousands of years ago and was granted immortality as a result. His use of these mystical weapons effectively made him a sorcerer and this connects the comics’ Zheng Zu with MCU’s Wenwu.

2 Razor Fist's Rivalry With Shang-Chi

In an unexpected twist, Razor Fist became one of the most likable characters in Shang-Chi after he decided to aide Ta Lo against the Dweller-in-Darkness. While this was different compared to the comics, Razor Fist was shown to be a thorn in Shang-Chi’s side throughout the movie.

Their antagonism became a rivalry, as Shang-Chi thwarted Razor Fist’s attempts to take him down numerous times, which is a reference to Marvel comics. Here, Razor Fist is one of Shang-Chi’s archenemies, having developed a personal grudge against him over the years for being bested on so many occasions.

1 Shang-Chi's Guilt At Taking A Life

The titular character’s struggles with accepting the responsibility of his actions was one of the best story arcs in Shang-Chi and this was a detail that first showed up in the comics. The issue was Shang-Chi’s guilt at taking a life, which was a result of his father sending him to assassinate.

The comics showed Shang-Chi killing Dr. James Petrie on his father’s orders, only to learn that Petrie wasn’t evil and his father had manipulated him. This caused Shang-Chi to go off on his own, which the MCU adapted, while altering the target to be the killer of Shang-Chi’s mother. However, the resulting guilt was similar in the two versions.

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