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She's All That: 10 Ways It's A Classic | ScreenRant

Now that the Netflix remake He's All That has been out for a little while, the classic '90s movie She's All That is on everyone's radar once again. There are so many reasons to love this story, from the genuine feelings that Laney Boggs and Zack Siler develop for one another to the fun California setting.

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Laney's makeover and Zack's bet that he can make her Prom Queen hooked audiences the first time they saw this movie, and in the years since, She's All That has remained a beloved throwback movie. There are many reasons to praise this teen rom-com, and it will always be popular thanks to its strong storyline and relatable characters.

10 The Movie Paints A Portrait Of The High School Landscape

Like other popular teen movies from the '90sShe's All That shows a picture of high school life that movie and TV fans are familiar with. The cliques, questions of who's popular and who's not, and the overall feeling of pressure and judgement is all here.

Right away, fans get a feeling that life at this California high school isn't easy for someone like Laney, who likes to do her own thing and has never felt a burning desire to be cool. Classic teen movies are known for explaining the social system and who gets to sit where in the cafeteria and this movie is definitely included in that category.

9 Laney And Zack Are Total Opposites

In order for a teen romance to be a classic, it helps if the main characters have nothing in common as this raises the stakes and makes their happy ending even more satisfying because it seems like there's no way they could ever like each other (at least at first).

She's All That has a memorable love story as Laney and Zack come from different worlds and at the beginning of the story, they think that they know exactly what they want out of life. While Laney doesn't care about popularity, Zack thinks that it's all that matters. As the movie goes on, Laney wants to have more of a social life and have more fun, and Zack realizes that being happy is more important than being cool. It's sweet watching these characters teach each other some lessons.

8 There's A Smart Discussion Of Reality TV

When Zack learns that his ex-girlfriend Taylor Vaughn has broken up with him for Brock Hudson, a star of The Real World, this is not only heartbreaking news but also allows the movie to talk about the world of reality television.

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While Taylor is excited to date someone famous at first, she quickly realizes that Brock is conceited and has let his success go to his head. Through this relationship, She's All That examines how regular people can become well-known thanks to this TV genre, and this elevates the movie beyond some other teen fare from this time period.

7 A Secret Bet Is A Classic Teen Movie/Rom Com Element

While some romantic movies have unrealistic tropesShe's All That takes the classic storyline of a bet and runs with it. In this case, it works well, as Zack wants to transform Laney into a popular Prom Queen and she isn't so sure that she wants to go down this road.

Movie fans have seen many characters place bets, but since Laney resists Zack at first and maintains her intelligence and confidence throughout the movie, this allows audiences to root for her. Like all classic bet storylines, Zack falls for Laney almost immediately and is torn between winning his bet and throwing it all away to be with the person he cares about. While the movie does follow a formula, it never feels dull.

6 Laney And Zack Have Ups, Downs, And Obstacles

From Taylor making Laney cry during a beach trip to Laney being unsure if she should go out with Zack, it's safe to say that this couple's path to true love is definitely not smooth or easy.

She's All That will always be a favorite movie because these characters experience many ups and downs throughout, and while a happy ending seems obvious for a teen or adult romantic comedy, Zack and Laney do struggle. Their obstacles feel real and earned, from the judgement of Zack's popular friend group to Laney's own misgivings about dating someone who hangs out with such mean people.

5 Sibling Relationships Are Explored

Between Zack's sister Mac giving Laney a makeover to Zack attempting to be pals with Laney's brother Simon, the movie doesn't shy away from the relationships that the main characters have with their siblings.

This is a welcome and unique part of the teen movie and while the tone can feel a little cheesy at times, as was typical for '90s pop culture, it's relatable to watch Laney and Zack have trouble connecting with their younger brother and sister. It's also sweet to see Mac and Simon realize that Laney and Zack are really cool and fans can see that they wish the couple would get together.

4 The Characters Get Caught Up In The Prom Queen Race

There are many great high school prom movie scenes and for good reason as this dance is such a key part of the high school experience for most. It's not only a reason to dress up and have some fun, but including a prom scene is a way for a movie to create some major drama.

In the case of She's All That, the prom scene makes it a classic and beloved movie, and it's fun watching Zack try to get Laney voted Prom Queen. It's also funny seeing Taylor care so much about winning this title, as it's clear to audiences that she still has many lessons to learn about growing up and being a better person who feels compassion for other people.

3 There's A Storyline About The Pressure To Have Sex

Near the end of the movie, Laney wonders if Zack's friend Dean Sampson, Jr. is the one for her, and they go to prom together. Dean tries to pressure Laney into sleeping with him, but she tells him no.

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Classic teen movies often talk about this same subject and it's especially meaningful that Laney sees that Dean is a jerk, since he's the one who came up with the bet in the first place. It's important that Laney is always able to stand up for herself.

2 Laney Knows Exactly Who She Is

While the focal point of She's All That might be on giving Laney a makeover so she can have hair, clothing, and makeup that others will think is typical and attractive, Laney is an inspiring character who loves herself. The fact that she knows who she is and likes it is one way that the movie still holds up today, and it's why fans can keep coming back to it, even if Zack is totally wrong for believing that Laney needs a new look in the first place.

The movie does feature teen comedy movie tropes like this makeover, but it's still a story that is worth revisiting because Laney is such a compelling character. She's an honest, humble, and intelligent person who is loyal to her boring fast food job but also enjoys performing at an indie, experimental theater.

1 Zack's Declaration Of Love Is Sweet And Geuine

In order for She's All That to feel worthy of nostalgia, Zack needs to seem like he legitimately loves Laney. Thankfully, that's exactly what happens at the end of the movie.

Zack lets Laney know that he truly cares for her and that he knows he made a serious mistake by thinking that she needed a makeover. It's not only funny to see Zack walk across his high school graduation stage without any clothes on, as Laney wants to get back at him in a cheeky way, but it feels like his feelings are genuine. This keeps fans coming back to the movie time and time again.

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