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Smallville: 10 Actors Who Played More Than One Character

Eagle-eyed fans might have noticed how certain characters in the CW Smallville look alike. Well, it's definitely not a case of cast members having doppelgangers. Long-running TV shows tend to recycle the cast sometimes, especially former cast members who made a good impression on the producers, as is the case with the Superman origin story.

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Over the course of the 10 seasons, certain actors get to portray more than one character. Some outrightly portray related characters while some portray characters whose subplots are mutually exclusive. Others have been lucky enough to even portray more than two characters, hence staying around for as long as the main characters.

10 Kristin Kreuk

Kreuk's main role on the show is that of Clark Kent's first love, Lana Lang. She also portrays Countess Isobell Theroux from the French village of Castelnau-de-Montmiral and Dex's wife, Louise McCallum.

While Lana Lang is a recurring character in several seasons, Countess Theroux and Louse McCallum only appear in single episodes, hence making it harder for audiences to notice the similarity. Same actors have been used to portray relatives of main characters before, which explains why Kreuk was chosen for Louise McCallum. Dex's wife is said to be the great aunt of Lana Lang. What's even better is that other characters on the show point out just how much Lana resembles Lousie.

9 Connor Stanhope

Stanhope portrays the child versions of Lex Luthor in seasons 7 & 8 as the villain struggles to deal with his abusive father. He also portrays the child version of Conner Kent (LX-15).

Using the same actor to portray a young Conner is justifiable since Conner is a Kryptonian hybrid clone made from Lex Luthor's DNA and Clark's DNA. However, the adult Conner isn't portrayed by either of the actors portraying Clark Kent or Lex Luthor. Instead, it's actor Lucas Stephen Grabeel (who also played Lex in his teenage years, which helps bring the character to life). 

8 Mackenzie Gray

Actor Mackenzie Gray plays Dr. Alistair Kreig, the SynTechnics and LuthorCorp lead scientist who helps transform Victor Stone into Cyborg. He also appears as Lex Luthor (LX-13), a clone version created by Cadmus Labs so that the injured villain can harvest replacement body organs from him.

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Normally, the same actors play the clones of a character, so using a different, and much older actor to play Luthor's clone is an interesting choice. Luckily, events in the series explain why. It's said that there were complications in the cloning process and that's why LX-13 looks older. Interestingly, Mackenzie Gray has appeared in other Superman media too. He is Kryptonian scientist Jax-Ur in Man of Steel and Gregor in Supergirl.

7 Tom Welling

Tom Welling might struggle to shake off the Clark Kent tag since it's a role he played for over 10 years. The actor also appears as another related character on the show—a younger version of Clark Kent's Kryptonian father Jor-El, also known as Joe The Drifter.

Welling doesn't have the same monopoly on Jor-El as he has on Clark Kent. Three different actors play the Kryptonian character at different stages of his life. It's also wise of the producers and writers to use him as Jor-El in only a single episode as this prevents stealing the shine of Julian Sands, who appears as the elderly Jor-El a lot more.

6 David Paetkau

David Paetkau is in the credits from very early in the series. First, he is Smallville Crows football player Trevor Chapell - a character who gets assaulted by the metahuman coach Walter "Walt" Arnold for confessing that he helped him cheat on a Maths test. Paetkau later returned to the series as Metropolis police officer, Daniel "Danny" Turpin, who goes undercover with Clark.

Paetkau's role as Officer Danny is certainly one of the best one-shot DC characters in Smallville as he was one of the few guest characters to be given a well-developed short story, with fans even coming to care about him and his family. The Trevor role is forgettable since many Smallville High School students have appeared on the show, making it impossible for audiences to be invested in each of them.

5 Jesse Hutch

Hutch's first role on the show is that of Smallville High School student Troy Turner, who ends up aging rapidly after he kisses his metahuman girlfriend, Chrissy Parker. He later plays Billy, the boyfriend of another metahuman named Dawn Stiles.

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Through Hutch's characters, the show gets to add more formidable female villains. Hutch has appeared in other Arrowverse shows too. In Arrow, he has a recurring role as Officer Daily while in Batwoman, he plays three different minor characters.

4 Ted Whittall

Ted Whittall is known for his role as Rick Flag. the leader of the show's Suicide Squad. He also has another major role, that of Carter Bowfry, the strategic advisor of one of Smallville's fan-favorite characters, Tess Mercer.

Giving two major roles to the same actor is obviously a bold decision. Some fans might definitely have noticed that it's the same person, given that the roles are introduced within two seasons of each other. The Suicide Squad link stretches out of the show too. In 2016's Suicide Squad, Whittall appears as Admiral Olsen.

3 Jim Shield

Jim first appears on the show as James Gibson, the father of Ryan James, a boy gifted with telepathy. Many seasons later, he shows up as Sylvester Pemberton, aka, the Star-Spangled Kid, a retired member of The Justice Society of America.

James Gibson might be insignificant but Sylvester Pemberton helps usher in the character of Star-Girl that is important in the Arrowverse to date. Jim Shield is also lucky enough to be one of the actors who have been included in other Arrowverse shows too, also playing Keating in Arrow.

2 David Lewis

David Lewis plays Dr. Marcus, a doctor taking care of the linguist Dr. Frederick Walden. He also plays Macy, a jeweler who enjoys kidnapping couples in order to test their feelings.

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Lewis' different roles come six seasons apart. They are minor roles too so it's unlikely that many fans would have noticed that one person was portraying both characters. However. it is his role as Macy that is more memorable as his characters' actions ended up having a major effect on Clark and Lois' relationship as well as future plots.

1 Ron Selmour

Selmour is Connely, a guard at the Belle Reve Sanitarium in season 3 and season 4. He then returns in season 8 as Marcos, an abductor who tries to get a ransom out of Oliver Queen and Tess Mercer.

In both roles, Selmour gives spirited performances, making audiences wish that the storylines of the characters would have been expanded a bit more. Luckily, his Arrowverse credits are vast too. He also has a minor role in Arrow as The Butcher and Xavier on DC's Legends of Tomorrow.

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