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Star Wars: The Mandalorian Characters, Ranked By Bravery

Across two seasons, the characters of Disney's The Mandalorian have proven to be a significant reason for the show's popularity, with the dynamics between the likes of Din and Grogu, the badassery of characters like Boba, and the distinctive personalities of the cast shining. There are many protagonists on the show, most of whom share the critical trait of bravery, something prominent in Star Wars heroes.

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With characters like Fennec Shand, Greef Karga, and even Din himself being on the morally gray side of things for much of the show, there are different types of bravery on display outside of just violent fearlessness.

10 Mythrol

If there is one character who pops up in The Mandalorian on the side of the good guys who can be seen as flat-out cowardly, it is the unidentified Mythrol who fans meet in the show's first episode.

Right off the bat, the Mythrol gets shown to be a bit of a coward, although it is hard to blame him given the circumstances. But, even when he is working with Greef Karga and the heroes, the Mythrol doesn't want anything to do with danger or battle and would love nothing more than to make it back to safety.

9 Grogu

A significant reason that The Mandalorian has gotten so much mainstream attention over the past couple of years is Grogu, one of the most adorable creatures in the pop culture zeitgeist. Despite being just a child, Grogu is not entirely void of courage.

While he does, of course, show some child-like fear throughout the series, the fact that he technically is a child makes it all the more impressive when he takes on the Mudhorn. If Grogu reaches adulthood, there is no doubt his bravery will be in full effect, but his penchant for doing the right thing is already evident.

8 Greef Karga

Greef Karga morphed from a bit of an antagonist to a serious ally on Nevarro for Din Djarin, and he has proven to be an exemplary secondary characrer on The Mandalorian show. Karga does show bravery through the series in his fighting Din and the Mandalorians and infiltrating an Imperial facility. However, in a show filled with fearless mercenaries and bounty hunters, as well as a Jedi threw in, it is hard for Karga's bravery to stand out.

7 Kuill

Kuiil was a fantastic presence in the series' first season, offering some iconic Mandalorian quotes and some sage wisdom and important allyship to Din throughout season 1. Kuiil was no fighter and sought a life of peace away from the one of servitude he had previously known.

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Kuiil's death and the buildup to it were both emotional and courageous, as he desperately tried to get Grogu back to the safety of the Razor Crest. The fact he ventured to Nevarro at all with no payment merely to protect Grogu from Imperial slavery was admirable and a crucial act of courage in the show's first season.

6 Migs Mayfeld

Migs Mayfeld became a fan-favorite over his three appearances in The Mandalorian. While he was unlikable in his first outing, over his two episodes in season 2, fans got to know the character better, and he even showcased a bit of bravery.

Of course, his line of work requires a good baseline of bravery to begin with. Still, when he faces off against his former Imperial superior and shoots him dead in the middle of a crowded Imperial facility, it took some serious gall. It was not the smartest move, but fans loved it. Migs showed no fear in the aftermath, helping Din takedown stormtroopers left, right, and center, and he proved to be a valuable ally.

5 Fennec Shand

Nobody really expected Fennec Shand to return to The Mandalorian after her supposed death in season 1, but fans rejoiced when she did, as she continued to show off her badassery as one of Star Wars TV's best bounty hunters.

The entire profession of being a bounty hunter requires a lot of fearlessness and grit, which Shand has in spades. Her alliance with Boba Fett and the way she takes on stormtroopers is a joy to watch. How the character will be explored in The Book Of Boba Fett is one of the most exciting aspects of the upcoming show, especially after her appearance in The Bad Batch.

4 Carasynthia Dune

While Cara Dune's future remains unclear, there is no doubt about the fearlessness of the former rebel shock trooper. Over two seasons, she never backed down from a fight and even relished the opportunity to take on stormtroopers.

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As a skilled fighter and kickass figure in the show, Cara Dune delivers in the action side of things multiple times. While the loss of her homeworld is touched on, her personal story and the fortitude that comes with it are not as explored as other characters, which is a shame. Though she may come across as somewhat reckless in some instances, there's no denying that Cara Dune is one of the bravest members of The Mandalorian crew.

3 Bo-Katan Kryze

It is hard to look at Bo-Katan Kryze's bravery in the vacuum of just The Mandalorian; ignoring her time in The Clone Wars and Rebels is to ignore crucial context to the character's arc in the series in which she continues to impress fans.

Bo-Katan has had to deal with the loss of her people and planet multiple times, recover from the loss of her sister, and go on a journey to take back the Darksaber—and the right to help her planet along with it. Kryze shows the typical affinity for combat that many Mandalorians seem to have, and she's easily one of the series' most competent combatants.

2 Boba Fett

As soon as The Mandalorian was announced, fans speculated about Boba's place in the show. Season 1 of the series appeared to tease the return of the unmodified clone before season 2 brought him back in a simply terrific manner.

Despite being one of the saga's most iconic characters, Fett often gets criticized for his lack of characterization, but this was fixed in The Mandalorian. Boba Fett is a badass in the show, as he is in all of Star Wars canon; he crawled out of the Sarlacc Pit, traipsed across Tatooine in search of his armor, and then eventually took on stormtroopers and Imperial remnants with Din—all of which displayed the grit, determination, and courage of the bounty hunter in a short space of time.

1 Din Djarin

Typically in Star Wars, the central protagonist is shown to be the bravest. Not only due to the quality of their courageous acts, but also down to the number of times they display such heart. Din Djarin is no different.

It took a lot of bravery for Din to rescue Grogu. Not only did he get on the bad side of the Bounty Hunter's Guild, but also his fellow Mandalorians and the remnants of the Empire, none of which Din backed down from. Mando's continuous protection of Grogu and the determination with which he does so is incredible. Backing down from nobody and nothing, Din only really shows fear when it looks like he will lose his adoptive son.

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